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Thread: Hello to All

  1. Hello to All

    Here i will say that simple word. And me being an international on here i say hello to all!

    Also :

    (German, Dutch)

    (Danish, Sweedish)

    gan dag







    kwa heri




    selamat pagi
    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    hello, hola.

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    Post Servus, Grazie und Hallo !!

    you speak quite a few languages, adam

    Hallo an alle deutschsprachigen Fans und Grsse an sterreich und die Schweiz! (Klingt wie 'Wetten Dass...?').
    SINATRA : " Standing Room Only " ... new LIVE box 2018

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    silfver Guest

    No terve terve!

    Thanks Adam for remembering little Finland!

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    Al, amigos !

    Sou Lourdes do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, uma das cidades mais lindas do mundo! As belas praias, como Ipanema, o Corcovado, o Po de Acar, o Maracan, e outros lindos lugares e tambm a cidade de Antonio Carlos Jobim. Espero que um dia Nancy venha ao Brasil para conhecer esta cidade que seu pai conheceu.

    Um beijo para todos.


    Hello, friends!

    I'm Lourdes from Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautifuls cities of the world! The beautifuls beaches, like Ipanema, Corcovado, the Sugar Loaf, Macaran Stadium and another beautifuls ones and the city of Antonio Carlos Jobim, too. Hope someday Nancy came to Brasil to know the city that her father knew.

    A kiss for everybody.
    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Unhappy When was this added?

    Time to increase my Geritol. I just noticed this forum.

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    Andreas S Guest

    Hallo aus Deutschalnd!

    Hallo aus Deutschland!
    Viele Gre an alle anderen Sinatra Fans!

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    you have said it all adam.

  9. Adam, you've wasted so much horizontal space with your long vertical column, aggravated by two or three returns between entries. To those reading this, my directing this toward "Adam" is really for effect only to illustrate a point. The originator of this thread is very busy with other things now six years down the line.
    ......pick yourself up...... ......dust yourself off...... ......start all over again...... (my e-mail)

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    How about some Polish?

    Czesc - Hello

    Jak sie macie? - How are you?

    Kocham Sinatre - I Love Sinatra


    Almost Like Being In Love

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    Smile Adam & Family,

    Shalom to you and yours!!
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Ciao a tutti!
    Put your dreams away for another day...

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    Meu hovercraft est cheio de enguias

    Loosely translated means: my hovercraft is full of eels.

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    Is there anyone here from South Africa?

    My skeertuig is vol palings.

    It means the same as in my previous post but it's in Afrikaans.

  15. H2OUNTS?

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    To all our Hindi friends

    merī ṃḍarāne vālī nāv sarpamīnoṁ se bharī hai

    Here's hoping your hovercraft does not suffer the same fate as mine.