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Thread: Brasil, Jobim, Rio de Janeiro, Garota de Ipanema, Copacabana etc... etc...

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    Bom domingo, com Frank, para todos.
    Preparem-se para o inverno. Será frio !!!

    S V Peluzio Jr

  2. Puxa que imagem bonita, Junior

    Por falar em frio, aqui tá um dos dias mais frios e úmidos destes últimos tempos

    Mas vendo o Frank , a gente já tem um privilégio de aquecimento extra!!

    Ele é demais mesmo!!

    Um grande abraço a todos vocês from gelada Curitiba town...
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

  3. Hello marvelous people here in the site

    I am very sad today

    Then, also has come to my mind how difficult, tough is living in this world without Frank Sinatra, his voice,, charisma.

    Only tears and sadness that´s how I feel today

    Excuse me, I also just came here, an tought to myself how much is hard living without the Chairman of the Board.

    The world is loosing its glamour, happiness everyday.


    A nice weekend to all of you.

    From the bottom of the world
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

  4. Only tears and sadness that´s how I feel today
    I'm so sorry you're sad, Paolo. Keep breathing and be grateful to be alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paolo View Post
    I am very sad today
    Hello, my friend !
    Please call or add me to your whatsapp.
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    S V Peluzio Jr

  6. Thanks so much for your nice presence here Dear Nancy (thanks for Your advice), bigtom Tom 55, Brigitte, George lyons, June , Lourdes, Rhodalle, S.V. Junior.

    12 , December is unforgettable for many millions of people , fans around the world, specially in Brazil as well.

    Congratulations Mr. Chairman of the Board, thanks for the legacy of your great, masterpiece work, joy, and happinnes you brouth and left to millions of people, always, and no doubt, forever.

    Mr. Frank, since on your day that you came to earth, congratulations for your effort, ideal, splendidous work, an excellent wife Mrs Nancy Sr., and adorable children. Forever masterpieces... because you were a man that worked very hard ,with seriously, and always with honesty, during facing the difficulties of life.

    I´m very proud of you!
    Also for the exccellent work from Sinatra´s Family.

    That optmistic smile, blue eyes,.... always helping people... a man who knew very well what he wanted. Congratullations to the biggest example of life of the word. A prodigious spirit, a unique.

    A big hug to all, and thanks a lot you for your kindness wit me.
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    I too miss Frank very much. Happy Birthday, Frank, wherever you are.
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    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Feliz Ano Novo !
    Happy New Year !

    S V Peluzio Jr

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    Rio de Janeiro

    Today, my city Rio de Janeiro, completes 452 years old. Congratulations, Rio!

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

  10. It's good to see you, Lourdie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    It's good to see you, Lourdie.
    Thanks, Nancy. Love you.
    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Hello guys!!
    I loved this picture that Rio's City Government posted today.

    S V Peluzio Jr

  13. Hello all sweeyt people in here

    Rio de Janeiro is esplendious, like the song that has Willian Holden and Jeniffer Jones featuring in that classic film:

    and COPACABANA is the little princess of the seas.

    A marvelous place, really!!

    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    Amigo Paolo, how are you doing ? É muito bom ter notícias suas !!! Saudades de ouvi-lo ao piano também.
    Receba o meu abraço.
    S V Peluzio Jr

  15. Hello all marvelous friends in Frank´s Family

    Good Afternoon!!

    It´s always a pleasure to be here and see that flame burning in the front page

    I´d like to share you something that happenned to me yesterday after midday, if you please dig to..

    was going to the clinical place where my wife is hospitalized, then I took the principal street, while I stopped the car, with the window opened, at the red signal , in a big car traffic...

    I was listening , as always, to Frank´s melodies, and that moment it was *** APRIL IN PARIS*** running in my pendrive car, and in that part that The Chaiman enhances that passage **no one can ever REPRIIIIIISEEEEE .... Then a man, in a sudden in the middle of the jamtraffic leaned at my car, and started to sing along with Frank

    the man sang togheter with Frank... ***REPRIIIIIIIIIISEEEEEEE....****

    He told me he never expected that wonderful songs were sung yet, only Frank Sinatra can do this magic, he said

    A perfect stranger named Mr. Abner, that came unexpectaly and surprise everybody downtown
    A surreal event, no doubt
    Um grande beijo a todos aqui Mrs. Nancy Sr. and Nancy daughter, to Cristina , well... to all your kin. Health an Peace.

    Um grande abração a você Lourdes,Peluzio Jr, Keith, Rhoda Rose, Rhodalee, dominique15 and all splendid people here.

    A big transoceanical kiss to all of you in sunny California, Europe, an all over this big wordenful world!!
    Come Rain or Come Shine.....

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    Lourdie e Paolo, vocês já assistiram Sérgio Mendes? Eu sempre quis vê-lo. Pois ele está aqui no Rio, na Blue Note Jazz. Mas o valor do ingresso? R$1.900,00 (US$580). Muito caro, infelizmente.
    Nancy, Sérgio is here and will sing tomorrow night.

    S V Peluzio Jr

  17. I love that man.

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    I saw him many years ago, but today the price is too high.
    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Sergio´s show at Blue Note Rio' Facebook:
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    Yesterday I went to see the show of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole 'music