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Thread: Doris Day

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    Doris Day

    One of my very most admired stars is Doris Day, after Frank, of course!

    This evening Abe flipped toTCM and found "The Opposite Sex", filmed in 1956 w/June Allyson. I swear one of these songs June was supposedly singing (and for the life of me cannot remember the title) was dupped by Doris. I was in the kitchen when she was singing this, and I immediately said "That Doris, not June Allyson".

    Remember reading in "Sinatra in Hollywood" that many, many of these songs movie songs were lip-sinked. I swear this was Doris, but of course there were no credits following.

    Anyone out there know or at least where I could go to find out? Really didn't think Doris did lip-sinking w/o credit, but certainly could be. No one else sang or phrased like she did (once again, except for Frank). That's why "You. My Love", the duet between Frank and Doris in "Young at Heart" should have been released as a single or at least on a remasted CD. My hunble opinion, of course! Wishes do come true, they say!

    Danke schoen for your help!

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    Exclamation On Lip Syncing

    Hey Mary Todd:

    First up - I'm not super-savvy about movie-making and such; but I believe the process of having either the actual actor or a "real", better singer overdub the songs in musical movies has been going on practically since the beginning. Many/most actors and actresses can't sing - at least not good enough for such purposes - and it was and is common to overdub.

    Besides the relative singing ability of the actors, this is necessary because in those production numbers in which there is much dancing around and supporting backup figures and even much cutting and splicing of camera angles and such, it is not possible to position a microphone to capture the singing accurately, and there is much breathing and grunting and stomping which results from all the movement and dancing.

    The best example I can think of right off hand is the movie "West Side Story". Natalie Wood was not a particularly good singer, and all those great songs by Maria were overdubbed by another singer who, I believe, was NEVER credited, either in the movie crawl or on the resulting soundtrack albums.

    If the actual actor does it, I believe it is just called looping. The process is shown very well in another Natalie Wood movie: "Inside Daisy Clover" - in which the title character goes into a booth and the "loop" of film containing the song is played before her and she is to sing the song, matching the lip movements on the film, onto a new soundtrack to be placed on the fim replacing the original.

    We have here, you know, a SUPER expert on this! Nancy made several movies, one of which was a musical with Elvis ("Speedway"), and there is a big musical production number at the end which must have employed this process. Nancy's TV special, "Movin' With Nancy" was also made this way. There could not possibly have been, for example, a microphone with her in that open Thunderbird zipping up the Pasadena Freeway; the roaring and traffic noise would have drowned out her golden voice.

    Maybe when she gets back from Hawaii and settles in and has a moment, she'll tell us a little about this.

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    Yes, Bobby, your're absolutely correct on the one she did w/Harry James. But it was the second one that didn't even sound ANYTHING like her voice at all, no how, no way! I still swear it was Doris! I just wish I could find out, for really no reason, if it were so. Stirctly curriousity!

    Yes, what I saw of the movie was lame. We shut it down and went out to a fine Mexican dinner so really didn't continue to see how really bad it was! But. . . . .still say it was Doris on the second tune -- June just didn't even hold a candle to her voice, and this recording, whatever name it was, sounded like a bell - like Doris!

    Well, guess I got my point accross, albeit incorrect!

    Sleep well!

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    Opposite Sex

    Hi Mary,

    June Allyson has three songs in this MGM musical: "Jungle Red" and "Young Man With A Horn" (both done with Harry James and Orchestra), plus "A Perfect Love" (done solo, orchestration Skip Martin).

    Never struck me that it could actually be Doris... but I will relisten. Haven't watched it for a very long time. Besides, I think going to that Mexican dinner was a very good idea. It's really quite a dull movie, culminating in Joan Collins'
    "Da Banana" song. No highlight in the MGM catalogue IMO.

    As Mike has already said, lip-synching to another singer's vocals was quite common. E.g., when Sinatra teams up to sing with Kim Novak in "Pal Joey", he is actually doing a duet with Trudy Erwin who dubbed the vocal for Novak. Rita Hayworth's singing was done by Jo Anne Greer.


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    June Allyson

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    Danke, Bernard

    A Perfect Love. . . . . .that was the song.

    I was listening from the kitchen, w/o seeing the film, and there was NO WAY that June Allison, with her sexy, low, horsey voice could sound that good! Now I've been wrong before (heaven forbid, not many times), but I swear that this was sung by Doris. Just play it and go into another room. The range, and tonal quality, was nothing like June.

    Now I could be wrong (!!!), but I'll go to my grave saying this was Doris, not June!

    Appreciate your great comments. You are so all-knowing - love to receive your comments to my very stupid questions. I know all about Rita & Kim's "voice-overs", and it was done throughout many of the Hollywood movies, much to my distain. Never-the-less, prove to me that it was Doris and not June! You will be forever be in my debt!

    Sleep well,

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    Hi, Bernard!

    Do you know what happened to June Allyson? I haven't heard nothing about her for many years!

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    June Allyson 2002

    I think June Allyson's last screen appearance (so far) was her part in co-hosting "That's Entertainment Part 3" in 1994. After 1959, she only did two more movies in the 70s.

    She is 85 years now and as it seems, she's alive and kicking! This past June she joined Margaret O'Brien and Mickey Rooney at the big Judy Garland Festival in Grand Rapids/Michigan, that was to celebrate dear Judy's 80th birthday.

    Here's a shot of June Allyson at the Judyfest 2002. Swell, isn't it.


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    Hope I look half that good at 85 as June Allyson! She looks 60 if not younger! Love to see a recent photo of Doris--bet she looks great as well!

    Bernard, love reading your replies. You're so very knowledgeable about everything! Danke for passing on your knowledge to all of us!

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    Hi, Bernarh!

    Thanks for answering my question.
    She looks beautiful at 85! Hope when I get there I could have a look like that!

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Smile Doris Day We Love You !!!!

    LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME OR LET ME BE LONELY !!!!!!..........We LOVE YOU, YOU CUTE ADORABLE EVERYONE'S ALL-AMERICAN FAVORITE BLOND !!!!!...All those movies and WHAT A SINGER !!! GOD SHE WAS SOMETHING SPECIAL !!!!!! She had a smile and a happy cute face you would die for !!!!

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    A superb singer, she has that ability that Sinatra has. She has the vocal talent, and the ability the convey emotion through her phrasing.
    ...said Duncan

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    Exclamation Doris Day Is Eighty!!!!

    Absolutely impossible!!! She'll celebrate her 80th birthday April 3, along w/Marlon Brando. Him I can forget, sorry!

    Doris had a voice like a bell, and was a true movie star for more than twenty years. Just wish she and Mr. S. made more recordings together. Plus a good German girl as well!!!

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Day (my alter-ego!) Hope I look as good as you do at eighty! And keep up the wonderful work you are doing for the homeless animals with the "Doris Day Animal League!"

    Congratulations, Laurie. . . .she'll always be Laurie Tuttle to me!

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    Now you are talking, a true Hollywood great. 80 years young too.

    Happy Birthday Doris Mary Ann Kappelhof
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    She was a terrific big band singer before she became a big movie star.

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    Talking Happy Birthday, Doris...

    The lady had a great career, "Happy Birthday, Doris.....Joe..

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    Smile Happy Birthday

    Miss Doris Day is 80 years of age. WOW! Have a wonderful birthday.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

  18. Happy Birthday Doris!

    One of my all-time favorite movies is Love Me or Leave Me with Doris Day and Jimmy Cagney. Great story, great music.
    Nancy Ann
    No more lives - no more dollars.

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    WoW! how about that! I was listening to "Kay sera" on my computer when I saw this thread. hehe..

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    Congratulations to Doris Day!

    Have a wonderful birthday!
    She's a wonderful singer and actress. I saw many of her films, like Love me or Leave me, Pillow Talk and so on.
    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.