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Thread: the "Diamond" jubilee world tour

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    Question the "Diamond" jubilee world tour

    i wonder, why was that tour called "diamond" jubilee tour? i have seen it called "golden" jubilee which would have been fitting for 50 years in the business. but what is "diamond" referring to? is it 75 years? or was it a fault? (he was 75 in 1990 when the tour was launched).

    thanks for any info.
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    You are correct. The reason it was called "Diamond" was because the tour coincided with Frank's 75th birthay. Any 75th aniversary is referred to as 'diamond'. I hear that the tour was quite good. They even had commemorative sweat shirts for the concert. I got to see the shirts and they were pretty neat. It showed 3 pictures of Frank. One at 25, one at 50 and one at 75. It's yet another concert of his that I missed (I attended a university at the time and was too poor to go). Hopefully, it will turn up on video some day.

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    thanks joey.

    i think the diamond jubilee tour has to be the best documented of sinatras whole career. there were many tv broadcasts abroad, i have seen the german show myself on tv around new years day 1991/92. and it started with his birthday special at the meadowlands, so let's hope the best of the tour will come out on video some time.

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    oh, in germany, a diamond jubilee (e.g. for marriages) is 60 years. that is why i still had thet question unanswered.
    so, again:
    was this a fault, or is it different in the united states?
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    Yes Joey, I agree, it would be brilliant if some of Sinatra's 1990-91 world tour concerts were released on video.
    ...said Duncan

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    Yes I saw a Sinatra concert on GERMAN TV in late 1991.

    My Dad taped it over there with a HIFI VCR and then made me a nice copy on audio tape. Sounds good.

    I will sell you copies for $999.99 plus $9999.99 for S&H....jus kidding

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    Steffen & Dunc:

    It's probably just different in the USA (although I always took it for granted to be a global term). Sinatra concerts broadcast live on television. Yet another reason I love Europe! The thing that really excites me is the fact that if they were taped in the last decade, the sound and video quality must be extraordinary. Hopefully, we'll see it soon.



    PS I'm glad you guys had such a good time at Liza's concert.