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Thread: Nancy's Recordings Song Index

  1. Cuando Calienta El Sol

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    Straight from the Lady herself! Thank you, Darling. That version is so hypnotic.

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    It is one my favorites from the album:

    California Girl.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Nancy's Songs

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    I suppose the compilations are a good place to start, but believe me they don't even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to Nancy's body of work -- and as you can tell the body is quite extensive. What you see here is what has been released and doesn't count forthcoming unreleased tracks.

    If you do get a compilation, I recommend that you purchase The Essential Nancy Sinatra. Check that out here. The tracks on the collection were personally chosen by Nancy and they represent a large part of career up to the release of her 2004 self titled critical triumph, Nancy Sinatra. Nancy offers a short commentary on each track as well.

    One of the best things about The Essential NS is that it's not your typical hits collection where it's just a chronilogical representation of chart hits and nothing else. With Nancy the hits are great, but the treasure often is the album tracks that the label neglected at the time. Just look at the wild success of "Bang Bang" almost 40 years after it was originally released. There are chart hits here to be sure, but if it were just chart hits there would be room for little else. So The Essential NS is a collection of chart hits, fan favorites and unreleased material. I highly reccommend it.

    If you decide to dig deeper, I suggest you start with; Boots (because it's the album that started it all), Nancy in London, Nancy - Twelve Ways, The Nancy & Lee Trilogy (Nancy & Lee, Nancy & Lee Again and Nancy & Lee 3), Woman, One More Time, Sheet Music and Nancy Sinatra. Hell, just get them all. You won't be sorry!
    You know, I must thank you. When I first joined the Forum I was totally unaware of Nancy's discography and you were kind enough to post it to me or direct it to me. Since then, I've picked up Sheet Music, Boots, the essential NANCY SINATRA, Nancy Sinatra,greatest hits, Nancy in London and several others. So thank you, I didn't realize the scope of her talent just from my 60's Boots memory. Mel.

  5. While I do appreciate your support, Melvin, I must tell you that you are spending money on the same songs over and over with the compilations. If you are really interested in my music try California Girl or Nancy Sinatra or Country My Way... albums like those are much more interesting.

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    Thanks Nancy.

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    Mel, i sure agree with NANCY.

    You should try COUNTRY MY WAY 1967, NANCY& LEE 1968,

    Thes are just some of her GREAT ALBUMS. This lady can REALLY SING into your heart

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    Thanks guys.

  9. I forgot that Mel B. posted in this thread.

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    I am so sorry if this question was already asked before not to bother you with it Nancy how about a complete CD's, DVD's movies release in one box set with bonus materials,interviews....? I think that would be fantastic with an international tour,concerts, talk show appearances...

    (I understand on the other hand that a tour and perhaps even a complete album release would might be to expensive and I did read that you said Nancy in the past that the music industry is not liable any more but can you please tell me and I am almost sure that all other fans of you would like to know did a complete album release as a subject,project ever came up?

    Thank you very much for your response!)
    We who visit this great site of yours would certainly like to purchase it I am 100% sure of it!

  11. You are very kind, István, and I do appreciate your words and kind thoughts. You are correct when you say the music business is not the same anymore, so I'm quite certain a complete collection of my music will never happen.

    The closest we came to that was with the Bear Family Box Set idea that didn't work out. They only wanted my '60s recordings so it was far from complete.

    As far as touring goes that depends on the success or failure of the recordings. Promoting an album is always a good idea but the album has to be something you can hold in your hands and not merely a download.

  12. New addition to Nancy's Song Index: 'Kaleidoscope" with Rod McKuen

    See: —> LOVE'S BEEN GOOD TO ME (The Songs of Rod McKuen) 2017


  13. "Kaleidoscope"

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Boston View Post
    New addition to Nancy's Song Index: 'Kaleidoscope" with Rod McKuen

    See: —> LOVE'S BEEN GOOD TO ME (The Songs of Rod McKuen) 2017
    —> Ace Records' description:

    "From folk anthems to movie themes and French chanson ballads, 25 songs from one of the great pop culture icons of his time, including three previously unissued tracks."

    I believe "Kaleidoscope" is one of those previously unissued tracks. Here are some comments from 2010 in a Siriusly Sinatra thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Leigh Ann View Post
    Playing Favorites with Rod McKuen

    7. Come with Me - Rod McKuen with Nancy Sinatra
    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    The actual title of this song is Kaleidoscope. The first three words are "Come with me..." so I guess that's where the confusion lies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    Kaleidoscope. I think I remember this from The Kraft Music Hall, is it on a cd anywhere?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    Not that I know of. Rod had to ask me for it and Dan had to transfer it from the video tape and send it to Sirius.
    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post

    I'm sitting at work listening to this song with tears in my eyes. Remembering a time. Many people have asked me why my huge attraction to Nancy's music, it is more than a casual relationship with an artist and her music, it goes deeper. It is so personal, so emotional that I can never put it into words. Either I don't understand it myself or the feelings her music evoke in me are too personal for words.

    Today I was taken back to a time when Nancy was queen and I was a clunky, shy, unpopular teen seeking shelter in the music that spoke to me.

    Thank you Leigh Ann for calling this to my attention, thank you Nancy for providing the audio to Rod.

    And Nancy, thank you for the music.