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Thread: Where are all the bees gone ?

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    Where are all the bees gone ?

    Where are all the bees gone?

    Lorraine was asking this in Brigitte's picture thread.

    This is a very serious subject. In California about 60 % of the bees disappeared, in Texas 70 %. In Europe it's a little less than that.

    A university in Germany is trying to find out since months about the cause without any result. They call it CCD ,,Colony Collapse Disorder‘‘. They are also testing wild bees if they are able to do the job instead.

    Between 80 and 90 % of all fruits need the bees and many other plants like clover etc.

    There is a famous quote from Albert Einstein(my translation):

    "When the bee disappears, man will disappear 4 years later"

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    Pleased you have mentioned it Anton, they were also practically absent from this part of the world, as well in many parts the US, they are responsible for the pollination of so many flowers and vegetables, we have a garden with rosemary lavender etc, I counted only 3 or 4 bees this last summer, many theories abound here from OGM crops to pesticides, yet they have suddenly appeared in numbers in big city gardens such as Paris and Lyon

  3. This is a strange turnaround. About a score ago, they were terrified of killer bees migrating north from tropical climates. Could it be that some of our illustrious governments over-reacted to this one too?
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    Thanks Anton for your PM and for enlightening me on this subject. I had no idea it was as serious as all that. Now you have mentioned this I actually didn't see that many this year in my garden. Oh how sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton View Post
    This is a very serious subject.
    Ein bißchen Bee schadet nie.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    They're all out back around my oregano plants. Tons of 'em.
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    I think they're in Bob's bonnet.
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    Bee Movee

    Cell phones, global warming, a virus(s) and even paranormal activity
    have all been scrutinized to answer this vexing scenario.
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    Quote Originally Posted by voice1 View Post
    I think they're in Bob's bonnet.
    Now that was a good one.
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    It will take more than that, Mark.....
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    < even paranormal activity >

    The bees are gone. Great! Last time I was stung by one, I ended up in the hospital.
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  12. This has been a mystery for science for a year or so now. My uncle in Texas had ten plus hives for his company "Bees Good Honey." In a short time, 6 hives died out and that has been the same story all over the world.

    The problem is bad for honey production, but the real threat is to agriculture and reduced pollination.

    One theory is that some kind of mite has invaded the hives and is killing the larva and that is coupled with a virus killing the adults. This results in the collapse of the hive.

    One bright spot involves the Africanized "killer" bees. These seem to be immune to the problem, but their species can not survive cold temperatures. However, as they migrate north and integrate with other bee populations, their offspring can withstand the cold and seem to have the immunity traits.

    Another strange development is the appearance of colonies in urban areas. Hives in the country are empty, but within cities, bee colonies are appearing inside the walls of buildings and homes. I can only speculate that the bees appearing in the cities are the hybrid breed looking for warmer spots to colonize and the domestic breeds that remain in the hive boxes out in the country are simply dying out.

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  13. I asked a schoolteacher about this tonight, and she blames the phenomenon on a pesticide pronounced neoonicotoid. Not sure of the spelling. She says it affects the ground for years to come and will also wipe out ladybugs and praying mantises.

    Where have all the honeybees gone? When will they ever learn?
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    Very, very sad

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    << Where are all the bees gone ? >>

    They've .....buzzed off!

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    I heard Bush & Cheney have something to do with it. Their keeping the honey all to themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Potts View Post
    I heard Bush & Cheney have something to do with it. Their keeping the honey all to themselves.
    Bloody B's

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    I saw Bee Movie with my grandson. The movie explained it all. Quit reading if you want to see the film.

    The short explanation is that the bees went to court to sue the companies who were profiting from their honey production. The bees won, got all their honey back from the store shelves, quit production of new honey, quit leaving the hives to gather nector and help pollinate flowers, screwed up the balance of nature and the world went to hell. Simple as that. But yes, it ended happily.

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    Thanks, Jeff - I owe you $7.50 (senior prices)
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    George, that's 22.50 if you get a candy bar and a bag of popcorn. For 50 cents more you can get the large popcorn and a two wheeler to roll the go#%amn thing into the theater.