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Thread: Playing Favorites on Sirius

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    Playing Favorites - Show #18

    Show #18 — Tita Cahn (paying tribute to her late husband, Sammy Cahn)
    Jan. 7–12, 2008

    1. I Like To Lead When I Dance
    2. Some Other Time
    3. FS & Dean Martin – We're Glad That We're Italians (parody to tune of 'You Ought To Be In Pictures')
    4. The Most Beautiful Man In The World (parody tribute to Cary Grant)
    5. Nancy (With The Laughing Face)
    6. Sammy Cahn – All The Way (with narrative)
    7. All The Way
    8. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
    9. Only The Lonely
    10. To Love And Be Loved
    11. It Gets Lonely Early
    12. Sammy Cahn – (Love Is) The Tender Trap (with narrative)
    13. Ring-A-Ding Ding
    14. Come Blow Your Horn
    15. Sammy Cahn – Come Fly With Me (with narrative)
    16. [ September Of My Years (live) ]
    17. [ My Kind Of Town (live) ]

    [ Songs in brackets were not introduced or referenced by Tita Cahn. ]

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    I hope people are listening to Tita Cahn's program. Some wonderful rarities you probably won't ever hear elsewhere, plus a heartwarming dedication to Mrs. Nancy Sinatra, Sr.

  3. Darn! I finally got to the radio around track 12.

    Excellent show from what I heard, though!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    It will be repeated, Kate. Thursday at 3 pm ET and Saturday at Noon ET.

  5. Thanks for the reminder, Bob!

    Dinner ran a little late!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    "We're Glad That We're Italians"

    This parody duet by Frank and Dean (to the tune of "You Ought To Be In Pictures") comes from the SHARE Boomtown charity program at the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood, May 14, 1959. I hope the copyright police will not mind if I share my attempt at a transcription of the lyrics:


    F: Now I hope that you don't think I'm chauvinistic
    D: I'm with him, whatever that means
    F: Here's a song that's completely altruistic
    D: I'm still with him, whatever that means
    F: We've one thing in common, win or lose
    D: Win or lose
    D: With apologies to the Irish and the Jews
    F: And all them Jews!

    Chorus (duet):

    We're glad that we're Italian
    Authentic Abruzzini
    D: I own that lodge called "Vino's"
    F: And I've a hunk of "Puccini"

    For us each night's a thriller
    Chianti flowing free
    D: I thought you owned the Villa
    F: I still repeat: "Puc-ci-ni"

    D: I think of food, Chinese food,
    That's strictly for Yanks
    Food Asian, Caucasian,
    That's for Sadie Banks.
    (F: Sadie Banks?)

    D: Will someone pass a scallion?
    Which way is Sicily?
    We're glad that we're Italian
    But yes, sirree!

    We're glad that we're Italian
    That we're two singin' wops
    (F: Don't get racial, Charlie)
    You'll find us out each evening
    Cruising those expresso shops

    F: Linguini sends me reeling
    F: Will someone pass the cheese?
    D: I like mine mozzarelli
    F: Sprinkle mine with anchovies

    We're both of the soil
    D: For olive oil
    We always will yearn
    F: Each dish is rare
    D: But, Frank, I swear
    (F: What?)
    D: I'm getting heartburn
    (F: You want a tum?)

    Don't take back our medallions
    Or sing in harmony
    We're glad that we're Italians
    Yes, sirree!

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    Thanks for the lyrics, Bob.

    I also came in late during the broadcast. I'll be sure to catch a replay.
    "Could start for the corner... turn up in Spain... why try to change me now..."

  8. Haha! YES! I love the lyrics to that song! Now I really can't wait to catch the repeat!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    We interrupt this program thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by SinatraIsLove View Post
    Thanks for the reminder, Bob!
    Someone needs to do it. The only way of knowing about this program is from the Sirius web site. Unfortunately, for the past several weeks, they've removed the listing of the current week's guest host immediately following the first (Monday) broadcast.

    Although there will be two more shows later this week, Tita Cahn's name has already been removed today (Tuesday). The same thing happened with Frankie Valli's show last week, including absolutely no mention of the extra repeat on New Year's Eve. There have been similar lapses lately with regard to the other special programs, Nancy for Frank and The Chairman's Hour.

    When Playing Favorites first begain airing last September, there was no publicity whatsoever, until I started asking (and complaining ). Then, for a short time, the Sirius 75 program staff started paying attention. The shows were listed in the "Upcoming Highlights" and even included a thumbnail photo of the week's guest host. (The online photos stopped, but I've continued including them in my posts here. It usually takes about 15 seconds of effort to find a photo on the web and crop it to the required proportions.)

    [Stepping up on soapbox...]

    Sirius does almost ZERO promotion for this channel and its special programming. They have a free platform in their web page, and they don't even take advantage of that. As a regular dedicated listener, I've seen so many instances of negligence or incompetence or just plain don't-give-a-damn lack of attention to details, that I've refrained from continuing to mention these for fear of discouraging new listeners.

    I'm sorry to bring this up again, but I guess it's been building over time. I can't understand why someone at Sirius can't invest a modicum of effort to better promote this channel. This is, after all, the SINATRA channel! I love it, but I know it could be so much better.

    [End of rant. ]

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    P.S. Of course, not one hour after leaving that message (and a voicemail telephone complaint), Sirius has just added Dionne Warwick's photo for her upcoming program NEXT week.

    However, all mention of Tita Cahn's show THIS week is gone. I again urge everyone who missed it to listen to the replay Thursday (3 pm ET) or Saturday (Noon ET). It's a wonderful program which deserves to be announced more prominently.

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    Kudos to Bob in Boston

    Thanks for the heads-up, Bob. Always enjoy your recommendations! Thanks too for taking the time to transcribe that marvelous parody -- "We're Glad to be Italians!" As for your "rant," you put it so well, and speak for the rest of us. Hope Siriusly Sinatra takes note!

    Thanks in advance for all your hard work in 2008, Bob.

    Mark B-of-the-frozen-north

  12. I agree, Bob. I wish there was more advertising of the channel and the shows themselves.

    I just posted a blog of my own about it, and I hope to encourage all of my friends/family to look into Siriusly Sinatra as well.

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    Great rant, Bob! And so true.

    There is nothing like Siriusly Sinatra 75 anywhere except Sirius and they ought to be highlighting Nancy For Frank, The Chairman's Hour and the names associated with Playing Favorites in every ad and brochure.
    David B.

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    I can remember Frank and Dionne Warwick hosting "Solid Gold" together a long time ago! Of course "We're Glad That We're Italians "Bob. Joe

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    Thumbs up Praise where due

    After my recent rant, a pleasant coincidence: Sirius 75 and next week's Playing Favorites program are featured prominently at the top of the current SIRIUS Music Weekly email newsletter (January 10–January 16 edition).

    Each week, you can hear a different celebrity play their favorite songs from Frank Sinatra and other singers of the Great American Songbook on the Siriusly Sinatra program Playing Favorites. This week, one of the great voices of our time, Dionne Warwick, graces the DJ booth. Also on Siriusly Sinatra: tune in for Nancy For Frank, Nancy Sinatra's weekly show, and The Chairman's Hour, a show "hosted" by Frank Sinatra himself, using archival recordings. It's the perfect channel for long-time Frank fans and those who are new to Ol' Blue Eyes alike.
    I wish they hadn't swept Tita Cahn under the rug so quickly (her first repeat is on today), because I daresay her show offers more than Dionne Warwick's will next week. Still, the above is very nice to see for a change!

  16. I'm listening to Tita Cahn's replay and I loved being able to hear "We're Glad to Be Italians!"

    The tribute to Cary Grant was wonderful as well, "The Most Beautiful Man In The World."

    I think my favorite part so far, though, is Tita's tribute to Nancy Sr. Tita sure is a sweet woman. I just want to hug her!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    Just half way through the Latest Playing favorites with Mrs Cahn.
    THese are the great ones. Hearing rarites and personel stories about Frank is wonderful.

    the story about "all the way" is dynamite. and the parody of glad were Italiians is marvelous but I especially enjoyed the sinatra tribute to Cary Grant. Mr Cahn's new lyrics to the Most beautiful man in the world is touching. Where was that song performed? Was it at a AFI tribute to Mr Grant circa early 1970's. I wonder what Mr Grants reaction was?

    this show and all the special sirius sinatra shows keep getting better.
    We have been blessed by so many unreleased songs . thanks to Sirius and thanks to the Sinatra Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimsully View Post
    I especially enjoyed the sinatra tribute to Cary Grant. Mr Cahn's new lyrics to the Most beautiful man in the world is touching. Where was that song performed?
    I believe that was a Friars Club roast at which Cary Grant received the "Man of the Year" Award, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC, May 16, 1982. In attendance were Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee, Joe Williams, Sammy Cahn, Gregory Peck, Rick Little, George Burns, Charlie Callas, and many more. FS was the MC.

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    Thanks bob, I knew it was later on his Mr Sinatra's career. It was a nice song. I may have been confused because I knew MR Sinatra hosted a few AFI awards and thought Mr Grant recieved one- but he did not. I just looked on the AFI wesite. The award he presented to Mr Grant was at the Academy awards.
    I was thinking of the parody of " the Gentleman is a champ"- but that was to Orson wells at the AFI tribute. Did Sammy Cahn do the lyrics for this parody

    Well its a marvelous tribute to Mr Grant

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    "The Most Beautiful Man In The World"

    Frank Sinatra introduces Cary Grant at the Friar's Club "Man of the Year" dinner, May 16, 1982. Lyrics by Sammy Cahn:

    The most beautiful guy in the world
    Isn't me, no!
    Isn't Di-no!
    But as we know,
    It's the man that we honor tonight.

    The most talented man in the world...
    Not John Gielgud,
    Tho' he's real good,
    Would he feel good
    With a Friar to his left, and a Friar to his right?

    Charming and unique,
    Handsome as a Greek.
    Ladies in his plots
    They still have lots of lingering hots!

    The most wonderful man in the world
    Counting tall men,
    Counting small men,
    Counting all men,
    Counting legends the rest of us try to supplant
    Is the one and only wonderful Cary Grant.

    Kindly will you all
    Lift your alcohol?
    Join me in a toast
    To the man who's the ultimate most.

    The most fabulous man in the world,
    Keep your heroes,
    They're all zeros.
    Name some heroes,
    Who's the actor who makes guys and gals rave and rant?
    He's the one and only wonderful . . .

    Ladies and gentlemen: Mr. Cary Grant!