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Thread: NFF SHOW #474 - Week of August 11, 2019 

  1. NFF SHOW #474 - Week of August 11, 2019

    Nancy for Frank
    Starring Nancy Sinatra
    Week of August 11, 2019
    Show 474


    1. Opening: Without A Song (FS – Reprise)

    2. Be Careful, It’s My Heart (FS - Reprise)
    3. My Foolish Heart (FS - Reprise)

    4. Corazon [Heart] (Peggy Lee)
    5. There Goes My Heart (Nat Cole)
    6. Look To Your Heart (FS - Capitol)
    7. Only Trust Your Heart (Diana Krall)
    8. Dear Heart (FS - Reprise)

    9. This Heart Of Mine (Joanie Sommers)
    10. Heart Of Mine (FS In Hollywood)
    11. Solamente Una Vez (You Belong To My Heart) (Nat Cole)

    12. Cold, Cold Heart (Tony Bennett)
    13. Young At Heart (FS - Capitol)
    14. You’re A Sweetheart (FS In Hollywood)

    15. All Of A Sudden [My Heart Sings] (Polly Bergen)

    16. Help Yourself To My Heart (FS - Columbia)
    17. With A Song In My Heart (FS - Radio)
    18. Haunted Heart (FS - Radio)

    19. The Song’s Gotta Come From The Ht. (FS & Jimmy Durante)
    20. Two Hearts Are Better Than One (FS - Radio)
    21. Bop! Goes My Heart (FS - Columbia)

    22. An Affair Of The Heart (Margaret Whiting)
    23. My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Marilyn Monroe)
    24. Hard-Hearted Hannah (Nancy Sinatra)
    25. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Ht. (Rosemary Clooney & Duke Ellington)

    26. Some Of Your Sweetness (Got Into My Heart) (FS & Tommy Dorsey)
    27. You’re Part Of My Heart (FS & Tommy Dorsey)
    28. I’ve Lost My Heart Again (FS & Tommy Dorsey)

    29. I Left My Heart In San Francisco (FS - Reprise)
    30. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Linda Ronstadt)
    31. You Won’t Be Satisfied Until You Break My Heart (Doris Day)
    32. Take These Chains From My Heart (Ray Charles)
    33. The Beat Of My Heart (Tony Bennett)
    34. Gumby Heart Song (Frank Sinatra Jr.)

    35. From The Bottom Of My Heart (FS & Harry James)
    36. Be Careful, It’s My Heart (FS - Radio)

    37. My Heart Tells Me (FS - Radio)
    38. My Heart Stood Still (FS - Radio 1943)

    39. Zing! Went The String Of My Heart (FS - Reprise)
    40. Two Hearts, Two Kisses (FS - Capitol)

    41. Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Jackie De Shannon)
    42. I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Eddy Arnold)

    43. Curse Of An Aching Heart (FS - Reprise)
    44. Somewhere In Your Heart (FS - Reprise)

    45. Watermelon Heart (Perez Prado & Rosemary Clooney)
    46. What Will I Tell My Hert (Dinah Washington)
    47. Rain In My Heart (FS - Reprise)

    48. I’ll Never Smile Again (FS - Capitol)
    49. Good Morning Heartache (Billie Holiday)
    50. None But The Lonely Heart (FS - Capitol)
    51. Spring Is Here (FS - Capitol)
    52. I’ll Follow My Secret Heart (FS - Reprise)

    53. Nobody’s Heart (Doris Day & Andre Previn)
    54. I Have But One Heart (FS - Columbia)
    55. My Heart (Doris Day)
    56. My Heart Stood Still (FS - Reprise)

    57. Closing: Put Your Dreams Away (FS – Capitol)
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  2. Thanks, Chuckles.

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    Wow, I never knew that there were so many GAS songs with heart!
    "I yam what I yam."

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    An extravagance of riches!

    Can't wait to hear this show all the way through. Not for the first time, I looked at the track listing and thought, Forget what I've said before: THIS is my all-time favorite NFF, including as it does, so many favorites I've celebrated here over the years. My favorite Sinatra recording by my favorite composer Dick Rodgers, MY HEART STOOD STILL -- the Reprise (1963) version -- as show closer. And an earlier version of same, from Frank's radio days!

    38. My Heart Stood Still (FS - Radio 1943)

    Nancy's 'The Vamp of Savannah' song (popularized by Ray Charles!)

    24. Hard-Hearted Hannah (Nancy Sinatra)

    Tony's early No. 1 million-seller -- composed by Hank Williams (who never enjoyed a bigger royalty payout -- and who telephoned Tony one day to deadpan: "Hey, Tony . . . why you ruin my song?")

    12. Cold, Cold Heart (Tony Bennett)

    Just yesterday, Stanley and I were agreeing that "Heart" (Corazon) from Damn Yankees never had a better presentation than Peggy's "Afro-Cuban beat" take for her "Broadway ala Lee" album:

    4. Corazon [Heart] (Peggy Lee)

    Two back-to-back favorites that warm my heart -- that I haven't heard in decades!

    41. Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Jackie De Shannon)
    42. I’ll Hold You In My Heart (Eddy Arnold)

    For these and umpteen other reasons . . . Yes, I'll say it again! "My favorite NFF" (till next week?) Oh heck, just one more:

    I'm crazy about Joanie Sommers -- still with us, but who quit show business to raise a family. Some of her versions of songs are my absolute favorites, including this one:

    9. This Heart Of Mine (Joanie Sommers)

    Just as an aside, I had to Google to remind myself who wrote this one: My second favorite composer, Harry (Salvatore Guaragna) Warren. [The Wiki entry is as endearing "as a dance by Fred Astaire"]


    "This Heart of Mine" is a 1944 song. This music standard was written by composer Harry Warren and lyricist Arthur Freed to be featured in the musical film score Ziegfeld Follies. This song is introduced by Fred Astaire who danced with Lucille Bremer in a lavish and romantic dance. In the same film, Esther Williams swam in a water ballet to a softer, instrumental version of the song.

    "Astaire plays a con artist hoping to steal some jewelry. He dances with a larger lady but soon he eyes the beautiful Lucille Bremer and cuts in to dance with her. They proceed to dance out in the terrace where they dance around steps and moving walkways. It ends with the end of the ball and Astaire stealing Lucille's bracelet while kissing her. She then proceeds to give him her necklace. They separate and Astaire ponders if he'd allowed his chance for real love get away. He looks back and she runs into his arms."

    Thanks, Nancy and Chuck for this gem of a show!
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    Lost a bet yesterday.We were driving back from The Berkshires, listening to NFF474. I wasn't being an "intelligent tushie," I just thought that my reasoning was "sound."

    After Joanie Sommers' wonderful ballad version of "This Heart of Mine," I stated to our full carload, "I bet that Nancy & The Chuckster follow Joanie with Johnny Mathis' equally wonderful UPTEMPO version of the song, and it's natural that they will probably be followed by Frank's superb take on "Heart of Mine," the love theme from "Advise and Consent," one of my all-time favorite films! Shows you, to paraphrase Phil Springer & Carolyn Leigh's terrific tune -- and Frank Loesser and Hoagy Carmichael similarly titled song -- "How Little I Know!"

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    Nobody's Heart -- my favorite version, yours too?

    Appreciated your post, Stanley -- especially the reference to maybe my favorite Carolyn Leigh song recorded definitively by Frank: (How Little it Matters) How Little We Know.

    Listening again to this day's replay of NFF -- and cherished the opening track of the closing segment (my favorite). Doris Day and Andre Previn – NOBODY'S HEART – from a wonderful studio recording, 57 years ago. They made it to old age and left us earlier this year, at their homes at opposite ends of the country: Doris, age 97, in Carmel Village California; Andre in NYC late February, age 89. One of the very best vocal/piano accompaniment albums EVER. Thanks for including this one, Chuck and Nancy.

    Yes, forever my favorite rendition of Rodgers & Hart's “Nobody's Heart” (a song from their 1942 Broadway show "By Jupiter" -- still too obscure to have its own Wikipedia entry). Can't imagine a better rendition!

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    The replay just ended. Just before the show closer (my single favorite Sinatra recording "My Heart Stood Still") Nancy included MY HEART by her friend Doris Day. "Don't forget to say a prayer for our troops who are in harm's way," says Nancy before the final words of love addressed to her Dad and brother, Frank Jr. "Sleep warm."

    About that song, "My Heart" a lovely, late-in-life recording by Doris -- Wikipedia informs that it was title track for her first album "in 47 years."


    My Heart is the 29th and final studio album by Doris Day, released on September 5, 2011.[1][2] On September 11, 2011 the album entered the UK chart at number nine, making Doris Day, at age 89, the oldest artist to score a UK Top 10 with an album featuring new material.[3]

    Eight of the songs are new releases, with three of them (including the title track) written by Day's son Terry Melcher, and Bruce Johnston.
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    THIS HEART OF MINE -- Joanie Sommers / Neal Hefti

    Around the time the great Neal Hefti got to arrange the Basie Band for our favorite singer, he was working with maybe my "other favorite living singer" -- Joanie Sommers. An approved version (my all-time favorite studio rendition). Thanks again, Nancy & Chuck! This orchestration by Neal may have perked up our favorite singer's ears, to say: "Who IS this arranger?" Quietly brilliant, as Quincy would say.
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