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Thread: Playing Favorites on Sirius

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    Richard Knows His Stuff

    Richard Carpenter's "Playing Favorites" was a marvelous hour -- insightful, intelligent, respectful. He certainly knows his "FS," and he beautifully pays tribute to other great singers: Monro, Cole, Como, Lee, Mercer, and his late sister.

    I never tire of hearing "Gal in Calico," and the Mercer style. It was so effortless. If you've never heard the Mercer-Bobby Darin "Two of a Kind" album, you're missing something special.

    Kudos to Richard Carpenter for a lovely hour!

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    From the Siriusly Sinatra web page:

    Playing Favorites with Alan & Marilyn Bergman
    Mon 3/23 6:00 pm ET

    This week, songwriters Alan and Marilyn Bergman, who had eleven of their compositions recorded by Frank Sinatra, play those songs and tell us the story behind each one. In addition, they pick a few others of their favorite Sinatra recordings that they didn’t write. (1 hr)

    Rebroadcast: Thurs 3/26 9:00 am ET; Sat 3/28 12:00 pm ET

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    This is turning out to be a fantastic show with Alan and Marilyn.
    I love their stories too. I am glad it's an hour and not half an hour.

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    Playing Favorites - Show #62

    Show #62 — Marilyn & Alan Bergman: March 23–28, 2009

    1. Sleep Warm - Capitol 1958 *
    2. Nice 'N' Easy - Capitol 1960 *
    3. How Do You Keep The Music Playing? - Reprise 1984 *
    4. Ol' MacDonald - Capitol 1960 *
    5. Christmas Mem'ries - Reprise 1975 *
    6. Love Looks So Well On You - Capitol 1959 *
    7. The Summer Knows - Reprise 1974 *
    8. Sentimental Baby - Capitol 1960 *
    9. Barbra Streisand – What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? *
    10. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life? - Reprise 1974 *
    11. L.A. Is My Lady - Reprise 1984 *
    12. Michael Feinstein – The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye *
    13. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning - Capitol 1955
    14. Summer Me, Winter Me - Reprise 1979 *

      * Lyrics by Marilyn Keith Bergman and Alan Bergman

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    Playing Favorites Hosts

    So glad everyone enjoyed Richard Carpenter's show. That will mean a lot to him. As you can tell, he takes the music VERY seriously....excuse me....Siriusly.

    Some of you have commented on how certain hosts have more stories to share than others and you are correct. We never know until we start recording how compelling they will be.

    Some of the Leon Russell coming soon....don't have a lot of stories to share...but they agree to do the show because they really love the artists and songs.

    So...on we go.

    Listen for Leon...and Shirley Jones over the next few weeks....along with the Tom Brokaw show, for those who missed or loved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersey Lou View Post
    Listen for Leon...and Shirley Jones over the next few weeks....along with the Tom Brokaw show, for those who missed or loved it.
    Lou, What's the correct date for the Tom Brokaw show? The website is listing both Shirley Jones and Brokaw for next week (3/30 to 4/4).

    (Also: The listed time for The Chairman's Hour rebroadcast on Mondays is still wrong, many months since it changed after the XM merger. It should be Noon, not 2 pm ET.)

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    I'm sitting here listening for the second time to the Bergman's show. Great stuff, direct from the people who wrote the songs and were there when Frank sang them. If you've missed it so far this week, try to listen on Saturday. Highly recommended.

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    I agree, Bob! I'm listening now also. This is amazing getting to hear the songwriters talk about their music. Siriusly Sinatra has such great programs.

    Marilyn said "writing for Sinatra is like writing a custom made suit." What a thrill it must have been to have had their songs recorded by him. They are terrific songwriters.
    Leigh Ann

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    Web corrections

    Thanks for the keen eye. I hadn't noticed the Shirley Jones faux pas.
    Brokaw on 3/30.....Leon Russell on 4/6.....Shirley Jones on 4/13

    I called the web team and they are fixing it right away.

    I've mentioned the CH Monday time in meetings and I thought they'd fixed it. I just sent them an e-mail to do it immediately.

    Thanks for taking care!

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    The Best One Yet

    Listening to The Bergmans was "heaven on earth." I was even doubly thrilled because I had suggested them as guest hosts in one of my posts.

    Just think: these are the creators who have given us such amazing lyrics as "...what a lucky pillow..." -- "north, and south, and east, and west of your life..." and "we're on the road to romance, that's safe to say..." My G-d!!
    Major props to Jersey Lou and all involved for a most memorable "Playing Favorites."

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    From the Siriusly Sinatra web page:

    Playing Favorites with Tom Brokaw
    Mon 3/30 6:00 pm ET

    This week, hear a rebroadcast of Tom Brokaw playing his favorite Frank Sinatra songs. (1 hr)

    Rebroadcast: Thurs 4/2 9:00 am ET; Sat 4/4 12:00 pm ET
    Next week's program is a repeat of Show #26 from Mar. 17–22, 2008.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S V PELUZIO JR View Post
    Do you know if we will have Tom Brokaw again at Sirius? Any reprise? Unfortunately i lost his show.
    Another chance this week, SV. Starts in 20 minutes...

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    Next Week

    From the Siriusly Sinatra web page:

    Playing Favorites with Leon Russell
    Mon 4/6 6:00 pm ET

    This week, rock and roll legend Leon Russell drops in to spin some standards by Frank, Bobby Darin, Nina Simone along with cuts from his own catalog of recordings. Did you know Leon played piano on sessions for both Frank and Nancy in the 1960’s? (1 hr)

    Rebroadcast: Thurs 4/9 9:00 am ET; Sat 4/11 12:00 pm ET

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    Playing Favorites - Show #63

    Show #63 — Leon Russell: April 6–11, 2009

    1. Strangers In The Night - Reprise 1966
    2. Nina Simone – I Loves You, Porgy
    3. Leon Russell – The Very Thought Of You
    4. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) - Capitol 1958
    5. Angel Eyes - Capitol 1958
    6. Bobby Darin – 18 Yellow Roses
    7. Wayne Newton – Danke Schoen
    8. Nice Work If You Can Get It (with Count Basie Orchestra) - Reprise 1962
    9. Julie London – Cry Me A River
    10. Ella Fitzgerald – 'Round Midnight
    11. Michael Bublé – A Song For You (feat. Chris Botti, trumpet) [written by Leon Russell]
    12. That's Life - Reprise 1966

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    Did you know Leon played piano on sessions for both Frank and Nancy in the 1960’s?
    I don't know about Nancy, but Leon is credited with playing on three of Frank's songs.

    I won't spoil it just yet, but it makes for a nice quiz question...

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    No takers? Not even Rick?

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    Final chance to hear Tom Brokaw's show today at noon Eastern.

    Leon Russell next week. There's still a quiz question on the flloor:

    Name the Frank Sinatra song(s) on which Leon Russell recorded.

    There's no dinner prize—just fame and glory. If no one ventures a guess before Monday's show, I'll reveal what I believe to be the correct answer. It will be interesting to see if bearded rock legend Leon agrees or remembers.

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    Brokaw: A Class Act

    Just listened to Tom Brokaw and, as always, he was a real mensch. I had the good fortune to meet a bunch of the news greats, while working for ABC, CBS & Westinghouse Broadcasting. I'll drop a few names -- Murrow, Cronkite, Reasoner, Bradley, Walters, Wallace, & Edwards. I never met Brokaw, but he always impressed me as first class.

    A close friend, John Horn, who was the radio-tv critic for the NY Herald Tribune, and Murrow's field producer (he was the lucky person who HAD to be in the guests' residences when the show was on the air) on "Person To Person" used to take me to lunch at The Players Club. Unlike today's connotation having to do with a gambling casino, The Players Club had been founded by Edwin Booth, John Wilkes' brother, as a "refuge" for journalists, writers & artists. I spent many afternoons there in the 60's, and it was wonderful to "stargaze" at many of my literary heroes & heroines.

    Would that some of today's "news" people had Murrow & Brokaw's class!

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    Leon Russell answer

    No bites, so here goes:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Name the Frank Sinatra song(s) on which Leon Russell recorded.
    You won't find this easily in any discography because—before he grew long hair and a longer beard, and changed his name—once clean-cut Leon Russell was known as "Russell Bridges" (birth name: Claude Russell Bridges). He has piano credits on three Frank Sinatra recordings:

    1. "Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day)"
    2. "When Somebody Loves You"
    3. "Forget Domani"

    The first two songs were recorded on April 14, 1965; the third song, on May 6, 1965. For both Reprise sessions held at United Recording, the orchestra was conducted by Donnie Lanier—without Sinatra's usual session musicians. Arranger Ernie Freeman is also listed on piano at both sessions, as is Sinatra's pianist Bill Miller at the first session. (The first session was shared with Keely Smith, and overlapped another FS album session with Gordon Jenkins in a separate studio room. Apparently, FS switched studios for a half-hour to record those two Ernie Freeman singles.)

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    Leon is really put on a great show! Really having a great time listening, he has some good stories.