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Thread: Frank Sinatra : Album Of The Month Club Index

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    The Album Of The Month

    The Sinatra Family Forum Album Of The Month threads are taking a short break until the spring.

    I hope to be able to bring these more informal Album discussion threads back in April/May, but would like to present them in a more "holistic" fashion, with the discussed works (whether they be studio albums, concerts or even TV/Film performances) having more relationship to the month in which they're discussed, whether that be a release date, a recording and/or filming period or perhaps relevance of the work's overall concept and feel.

    In order for this to be a worthwhile endeavour then I really need a list of forum contributors and suggested works to rely and plan a series arc of threads.

    With this in mind I'd like to ask all members who are interested, new and not so new, to get in touch via PM to submit both themselves and suggestions of what elements of the Sinatra canon they'd like to discuss so I can begin planning the return of this regular series.


    (and for those unfamiliar with earlier discussions and what sort of things we're looking for, here's the linked index reproduced from Bob's initial post in this thread.....some great threads here.)

    1. (09/2007) September Of My Years
    2. (10/2007) Moonlight Sinatra
    3. (11/2007) It Might As Well Be Swing
    4. (12/2007) The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas
    5. (01/2008) Songs For Young Lovers / Swing Easy
    6. (02/2008) Strangers In The Night
    7. (03/2008) I Remember Tommy
    8. (04/2008) Francis A. & Edward K.
    9. (05/2008) Ol' Blue Eyes Is Back
    10. (06/2008) Ring-A-Ding Ding!
    11. (07/2008) Sinatra '65
    12. (08/2008) Nice ‛n’ Easy
    13. (09/2008) All Alone
    14. (10/2008) Cycles
    15. (11/2008) Everything Happens To Me
    16. (12/2008) In The Wee Small Hours
    17. (01/2009) The Concert Sinatra
    18. (02/2009) Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim
    19. (03/2009) Trilogy: Past, Present, Future
    20. (04/2009) She Shot Me Down
    21. (05/2009) Sinatra & Strings
    22. (06/2009) Live At The Meadowlands
    23. (07/2009) Watertown
    24. (08/2009) A Man And His Music: TV Special
    25. (09/2009) The Voice Of Frank Sinatra
    26. (10/2009) No One Cares
    27. (11/2009) Point Of No Return
    28. (12/2009) Sinatra & Company
    29. (01/2010) Sinatra Sings Great Songs From Great Britain
    30. (02/2010) Songs For Swingin' Lovers!
    31. (03/2010) A Man Alone
    32. (04/2010) Swing Along With Me
    33. (05/2010) Sinatra and Swingin' Brass
    34. (06/2010) Concert For The Americas
    35. (07/2010) Sinatra's Sinatra
    36. (09/2010) Close To You
    37. (10/2010) Sinatra At The Sands
    38. (11/2010) Come Fly With Me
    39. (12/2010) A Man And His Music + Ella + Jobim

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    Though there has been some interest in submitting future thread ideas once this series returns, it would be nice if we could involve one of the many newer members we've accrued so far this year into this long running forum project. Please leave your interest either here or in a PM and I'll get back to you, thanks.

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    Given we seem to have many new erudite members I though now may be the ideal time to request submissions for the new series of Albums of the Month.

    Just visit the index at the start of this thread to link to previous discussions and get an idea of the kind of thing we're looking for.

    If you think you'd like to take on the Album (or perhaps a DVD or even one of Frank's movies?) of the month for August (or maybe even July!) then please contact me or one of the other mods via PM with your suggested LP for discussion (please limit your choice to works NOT discussed before)

    Look forward to any responses from members new or not so new.

  4. Good idea, Sir Smarty.

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    and a brand new Album of the Month thread should be in the shops by next week.

    remember too we're always looking for new submissions so drop me a line if you're interested.

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    our three most recent contributions to the series linked below.

    anyone who'd like to emulate Nick and Allen and put forward ideas for future Album Of The Month posts is more than welcome to contact me to arrange their entry into the series.

  7. Question For Marty !

    Marty, scusami ma io non ho capito bene.

    Per favore potrsti spiegare a me in modo semplice ( google traduttore ) quale questa tua idea?

    Scusami ancora, non colpa tua ma non vorrei sbagliare nelle traduzioni.

    Grazie, Marty !

    Marty, I'm sorry but I did not understand.

    Please explain to me potrsti easily (google translator) what is this your idea?

    I'm sorry again, is not your fault but I would not make mistakes in the translations.

    Thank you, Marty!

  8. Since we're coming up on December I'm wondering why A Jolly Christmas isn't on the list of albums of the month.

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    Because Christmas music shouldn't be played until the day after Thanksgiving!

    I almost busted it out today, Nancy, because I was in that kind of mood... but just couldn't do it. I found a copy of the Patti Page Christmas album a few weeks ago in the used CD shop. I've been jonesing to play that one too but just can't bring myself to. do. it.
    Tutti a tavola a mangiare!

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    Giving this a bump..

    I always found the "Album Of The Month Club" an enjoyable and informative feature, and it gave everyone an opportunity to contribute.
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

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    if there's still an interest among the membership for these threads please feel free to let me know and perhaps we can rekindle the idea for March.

  12. I'd love that, Sir Martin.

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    I'd like that Marty and did a couple of the albums in the old days, they just never seemed to be popular threads which is a shame as it is about the music after all. Possibly expanding it to be Sinatra family rather than just Frank Sr? Albeit may need to be moved but would bring a range of tastes in.

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    as Dina contacted me with a definite choice for March, I think it fair to allow her to kick start the return of the feature.

    I for one look forward to the new Frank Sinatra : Album of the Month thread on Wednesday

    Everybody else get your thinking caps on for April
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Looking forward to your choice Dina.

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    our newest contribution to this series linked below is now open for discussion (it's been quite a break,oh how the time flies).

    please feel free to enjoy March's selection and perhaps consider suggesting a future thread.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow