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  1. Frank Sinatra Story in Neo Magazine

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    What a great story. He had a good heart.
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    Great story. One of the many selfless acts by Mr.S we've heard over the years that never gets printed in most articles you read about him. It doesn't sell papers and magazines I guess. He was a good man and I'm sure it was recognized when he met St. Peter at The Gate.

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    This story give us simply another look into why Frank Sinatra was one of a kind. In the article shown above, he adds to Carmela, "I'll send more money, and keep everything under wraps." Those of us who have followed Sinatra all of our lives not only have heard, and then related, literally thousands of stories like this one, but we know people who were actually involved when Sinatra worked some of his "non-musical magic."

    A good friend of ours, the late Dr. Guiffre, told us of a hospital bill "Paid in Full," here (locally) at St. Luke's hospital. The family involved had a young son who was ill. They didn't have much financially and their bills were mounting at an incredible rate. Frank Sinatra didn't know the family personally, but became aware of their plight from a local newscast while he was in town for a few nights of concerts at the Spectrum. Our friend the Doc said the family went into complete shock when told that they owed nothing for their child's hospitalization. The family insisted that they needed to thank someone. The hospital instructed them that one of the conditions of the payment was that the donor wished to remain completely unknown. Only the surgeons involved and the hospital's Billing Department Manager knew that the silent donor was Frank Sinatra.

    At the time of occurrences such as these, if you wanted to "tick Frank off," just betray his confidence. He wanted his generosity, and his other touching and courageous acts to remain secretive. That's precisely why, during a television tribute for Variety Clubs, Richard Burton called Frank, "Mr. Anonymous." They'll never be another like him! God Bless Him! His heart was a big as he was. Many of his acts of charity were never disclosed ! He wished no accolades, or fanfare associated with himself. Unlike other stars, instead of wanting such publicity, Frank Sinatra shunned it. A rarity indeed and some real insight into the kind of individual he was!
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  5. The more I read, the more I learn, the more in awe I am of this amazing man.
    Thank you for sharing this, Nancy.
    Patrick McNeal

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    That was so touching. I actually teared up. This is the real Frank Sinatra.
    George B.