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Thread: A.J. Lambert's Sirius Show

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    A.J. Lambert's Sirius Show

    (This program was mentioned earlier in another thread, but now that it's official, I thought it deserves a thread of its own.)

    From the SIRIUS Backstage Forum:

    AJ Lambert, Granddaughter of Frank Sinatra, to Host New Show on SIRIUS

    AJ Lambert, daughter of Nancy Sinatra and granddaughter of Frank Sinatra, will host her own monthly show on the SIRIUS and Sinatra family produced Siriusly Sinatra channel.

    AJ, a musician, will play her favorite recordings from Frank Sinatra’s catalog as well as contemporary music from her own eclectic collection. “If I could sit down and play records for my grandfather, these would be songs I’d share with him.” AJ said about the music listeners will hear on her show.

    During the show, AJ will also share stories about her legendary family from the perspective of a third generation Sinatra. AJ on SIRIUS 75 debuts this week.

    Listen in on Siriusly Sinatra channel 75, Friday, March 21, 10 pm to 12 am ET

    (Rebroadcast - Saturday, March 22 at 10 pm to 12 am ET)
    From the Siriusly Sinatra web page:

    A.J. Lambert on Siriusly Sinatra

    Frank's granddaughter A.J. Lambert is hosting a monthly show on Siriusly Sinatra; on every episode, she’ll play some of her favorites by Frank as well as contemporary music from her eclectic music collection.

    Show Index
    1. 03/2008 – Show #1
    2. 04/2008 – Show #2
    3. 05/2008 – Show #3
    4. 06/2008 – Show #4
    5. 07/2008 – Show #5
    6. 08/2008 – Show #6
    7. 09/2008 – Show #7
    8. 10/2008 – Show #8
    9. 11/2008 – Show #9
    10. 12/2008 – Show #10
    11. 01/2009 – Show #11
    12. 02/2009 – Show #12
    13. 03/2009 – Show #13
    14. 04/2009 – Show #14
    15. 05/2009 – Show #15
    16. 06/2009 – Show #16
    17. 07/2009 – Show #17
      08/2009 – Repeat : Show #6
    18. 09/2009 – Show #18
    19. 10/2009 – Show #19
    20. 11/2009 – Show #20
    21. 12/2009 – Show #21
    22. 01/2010 – Show #22
    23. 02/2010 – Show #23
    24. 03/2010 – Show #24

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    Show #1

    These are the tracks for the inaugural two-hour program which aired the past two weekends:
    1. Frank Sinatra – The Brooklyn Bridge [film outtake] (Frank Sinatra In Hollywood)
    2. Nancy Sinatra – Burnin' Down The Spark (Nancy Sinatra)
    3. Augusto Alguero – Laugh Laugh (Sensacional Soul)
    4. April March – Chick Habit (Paris In April)
    5. Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (Greatest Hits)
    6. Built To Spill – Else (Keep It Like A Secret)
    7. Bobby Darin – Dream Lover [live] (Dream Lover: The Concert Collection)
    8. Apostle Of Hustle – Sleepwalking Ballad (Folkloric Feel)
    9. Frank Sinatra – If You Are But A Dream (Frank Sinatra In Hollywood)
    10. Aretha Franklin – I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) (I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You)
    11. Cat Power (Chan Marshall) – (Theme From) New York, New York (Jukebox)
    12. Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (Very Best Of Bobby Womack)
    13. Antonio Carlos Jobim – Dax Rides (A Trip To Brazil, Vol. 3: Back To Bossa)
    14. Astrud Gilberto – On My Mind (Talkin' Verve)
    15. Billy Bragg & Wilco – Secret Of The Sea (Mermaid Avenue Vol. II)
    16. Bat For Lashes – What's A Girl To Do?
    17. Frank Sinatra & Louis Armstrong – Ad Lib Blues (Frank Sinatra In Hollywood)
    18. Elvis Costello & Bill Frisell – Baby Plays Around [live] (Deep Dead Blue)
    19. Ella Fitzgerald – I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Sings The Duke Ellington Songbook)
    20. Charlie Rich – Who Will The Next Fool Be? (Feel Like Going Home: The Essential Charlie Rich)
    21. Blur – To The End (Parklife)
    22. The Beatles – Till There Was You [live] (Anthology 1)
    23. Frank Sinatra – Someone To Watch Over Me (Nice 'N' Easy [bonus])
    24. Aztec Camera – Do I Love You? (Red Hot + Blue: A Tribute to Cole Porter [Red Hot AIDS Benefit Series])
    25. Björk – Who Is It? (Medúlla)
    26. Brian Wilson – Still I Dream Of It (Good Vibrations: Thirty Years Of The Beach Boys)
    27. A.J. Lambert – Remember [by Elton John & Bernie Taupin] (demo)
    28. Looker – Born In The Desert
    29. The Red Romance – One Shot
    30. Ambulance Ltd. – Ophelia (LP)
    31. The Band with Emmylou Harris – Evangeline (The Last Waltz: Soundtrack)
    32. Elmer Bernstein & His Orchestra – Van Der Luydens (The Age Of Innocence: Soundtrack)
    33. Aphex Twin – Girl/Boy Song
    34. Frank Sinatra – Pennies From Heaven (Sinatra–Basie)

    P.S. I can't promise to supply set lists for every show, but I hope I got all the song (and album) titles correct for this first one. (Songs without album titles are only available as singles or EPs, I believe.) Much of the music was new to these ears.

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    I must say that I enjoyed AJ's show immensely. Eclectic is certainly the appropriate descriptor, but there was something here for every taste—even some new music that a diehard Frank Sinatra and jazz fan found enjoyable.

    I especially liked Cat Power's (rap?, hip-hop?) version of "Theme from New York, New York"—which coincidentally I had only just recently heard while dining in a local restaurant—and AJ's rendition of the Elton John song "Remember"—which was written for and recorded by FS in 1978, but never released.

    Great job, AJ! I'm looking forward to the next edition.

  4. Ten thumbs up AJ! GREAT show!
    xoxoxo Chuck

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    Great work Bob but an even better selection from A.J. I concure Chuck, thumbs up all around.

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    Thumbs up

    That sounds like a terrific show !

    Great choices AJ

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    What the song listing fails to convey is the wonderful commentary by AJ between tracks. The same thing applies to Nancy's show. One really needs to hear these programs to fully appreciate them, but I hope the listings are helpful to those with Sirius subscriptions, since the track titles are NOT displayed during the programs. (Also for those who want to "listen" vicariously. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    I hope the listings are helpful to those with Sirius subscriptions, since the track titles are NOT displayed during the programs. (Also for those who want to "listen" vicariously. )
    I always find them helpful, especially for getting info about the radio airchecks and the songs by other artists on Nancy's show and The Chairman's Hour. Thanks, Bob!
    "Could start for the corner... turn up in Spain... why try to change me now..."

  9. I haven't been able to listen in on AJ's show, but I hope to the next time she's on.

    Thanks for the lists, Bob! You're the best!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    From the Siriusly Sinatra web page:

    Third Generation with A.J. Lambert
    Fri 4/11 10:00 pm ET

    Join Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter A.J. Lambert as she presents some of her favorite recordings by Frank, along with some of her favorte music by other artists, including The Beach Boys, Jackson Browne and Fleetwood Mac. She’ll even play a song from her own catalog of recordings! This month’s Third Generation with A.J. Lambert….only on Siriusly Sinatra.

    Rebroadcast: Tues., Apr. 15th @ 10 pm -12 am ET.

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    A.J.'s program has a catchy new title—Third Generation with A.J. Lambert—and different show times from the debut broadcasts.

    I wonder if that 10:00 am time for the first airing is correct. Isn't that a little early for a Friday morning?

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    10 AM would be a great time for me to listen, I hope it's not a typeo.

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    Wonderful -- I will tune in. Congrats to A.J.

    And there used to be a ballpark right here.

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    Bob, this whole thing drives me insane. I can easily access other U.S radio stations and am very happy to pay for them over the internet but why oh why can't I get this particular station over the internet?
    I am missing out on such good listening

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    You CAN get Sirius over the Internet, Lorraine!

    As has been repeated many times, we have several Forum members who are listening from outside North America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donnah View Post
    10 AM would be a great time for me to listen, I hope it's not a typeo.
    Sorry, Donna, but it WAS a typo. It's been changed on the Sirius website to 10 pm ET.

    (As I expected, 7 am on the West Coast would have been too early.)

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    I caught the first part of this... I really hate that the VDT isn't functional, showing what songs are being played. I understand why, but it's bothersome. Anyway, anyone have the playlist yet? I'm not sure if it was the first or second song, but I kinda recognized the band, but not, and it's driving me nuts... even DogStar isn't displaying anything (think that might be tied win with the VDT).

    Anyway... it was on just before Frank sang 'Chicago'... At least I think it was Chicago... I listened to so much Frank today that that song is going through my head.
    Tutti a tavola a mangiare!

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    I'll post the complete song list tomorrow, Mark, when I have a chance to listen to the recording.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    I'm not sure if it was the first or second song, but I kinda recognized the band, but not, and it's driving me nuts... even DogStar isn't displaying anything (think that might be tied in with the VDT).
    The song you're asking about is "Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)" by Steely Dan, from the album Can't Buy A Thrill.

    DogStar's listings come directly from the displayed captions. They use a modified satellite radio receiver that captures the received data via a serial output to a computer. If you can't see it on your radio, you won't see it at DogStar.

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    Wow. Thanks, Bob. I'd never heard that tune before... must be a real early one for them... assuming that was Donald Fagan doing the lead. Like I said, I recognized his voice but couldn't put my finger on it.

    Thanks again... and for the DogStar info.
    Tutti a tavola a mangiare!