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Thread: Happy St George's Day

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    Happy St George's Day

    A Happy St. George's Day to all the English out there.
    Why it's not a National Holiday I will never know. Our Scottish born Prime minister is flying the ST. George flag from the roof top of 10 Downing St London today Wow!

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    Talking St. George, By George...

    I love your thinking here, Lorraine. A great day for dragon slayers.
    When You're Here, It's Family

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    Yes St. Gij, do you know any dragons? (careful this could get you into trouble)

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    Angry No Dragons Need Apply.....

    I only hang with sweet folk like yourself, Lorraine.
    When You're Here, It's Family

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    There is a website which is campaigning for this day to be honoured a bank or public holiday.

    Fly the flag...Happy St. George's Day Everyone..

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    Happy St Georges day from me too. George you are a sweet talker
    Frank Forever

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    Happy St. George's Day to all our forum members in England!
    "Could start for the corner... turn up in Spain... why try to change me now..."

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    Hey Georgie boy like Maureen says you are a 'Sweet Talker'

    Tina, that's an excellent Flag and yes I've seen the campaign, who knows maybe one day we will celebrate it like the Irish do on St. Patricks day.
    Allen thanks from across the pond

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    Happy St. George's Day!

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    happy st georges day

    lost in the stars

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    I am totally confused? something to do with George Lyons?

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    To all our forum

    members in England--A very Happy St. George Day!!
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    There are not many of us Lee but thank you
    Frank Forever

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    St George´s Day.

    Believe or not, it´s holiday here in Rio.
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    Quote Originally Posted by S V PELUZIO JR View Post
    Believe or not, it´s holiday here in Rio.
    Well that doesn't surprise me Sebastiao, enjoy your day

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    Talking St. George

    Peter Allen had it right, when his baby smiled at him, he went to Rio.
    When You're Here, It's Family

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    Happy St. George's Day to Everybody !

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    I prefer St. Swithins Day meeself.
    The enemy of truth is distortion.

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    Happy St. George's Day, everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voice1 View Post
    I prefer St. Swithins Day meeself.
    Yes Rick but the old saying is if it rains on St. Swithins Day then it will for 40 days. July last year it did and then there were floods.

    There is a weather-rhyme that is well known throughout the British Isles since Elizabethan times:

    'St Swithin’s Day, if it does rain
    Full forty days, it will remain
    St Swithin’s Day, if it be fair
    For forty days, t'will rain no more.'

    St. George's day came and went and you wouldn't have noticed, the only time you ever see the St. George's flag nowadays is at an England football match and we won't even be seeing much of them in the next year or so will we???