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Thread: Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

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    Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

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    Thumbs up Amoeba

    I'll be there, but of course you already knew that.

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    nancy is back

    you should be so lucky to see our nancy on stage.
    please nancy visit also your fans here in europe. i will come.
    the best for you girl

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    Thumbs up Susan and Richard!

    I hope you guys have a terrific time! I just wish I could be out there also!!! You are both so lucky to be going!


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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Wow! I wish I could be there too!

    Enjoy that fabulous opportunity, Susan and Richard!

    Please take photographs and share!

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    Thumbs up Have Fun

    Enjoy!..............Luv, June...
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    yes pleeease make some photos and share them with us

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear Susan,

    Did Ya'll get to meet Nancy?

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    Hey everyone. Last night was really fun. Nancy's new Cd is awesome, and she sounded sooooooooo good. Yes, Elizabeth, we got to meet her, (me for the second time ). Susan, my friend and I loveeeeeee our bracelets! THANK YOU so much Nancy!!!!!!!

    Hollywood is an interesting place, and last night was a REALLY interesting night! But, I can get into that later.

    Thanks again Susan....and NANCY!

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear Jamie, Susan, Ace, MikeinLA, and Richard,

    WOW! That's Fantastic! You Guys must be feeling on top of the World right now! I know I would be.

    "I'm So High, I Swear I Could Fly!"

    Can You tell us about the bracelets? Did You take photographs? Did Nancy autograph Your CDs?

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear Susan,

    That is absolutely fantastic! I don't blame You for also wanting the "huge foam core picture of the cover of California Girl". Who needs a plane? I think I would have floated home on the foam and a huge high.

    And, the bracelets....Oh, Susan and Jamie, How I would treasure them my whole life, along with the memories, photographs, autographs, and most of all, Nancy's Friendship!

  12. Susan, Jamie, Ace & Mike, I would have loved to have made it to Amoeba on Sunset. If I'd have realized about it sooner, I could have worked in a fly-out. Richard, congratulations - you did it. Are you coming up to New York at the end of the month?

    Nancy will be at the Bottom Line, 15 West Fourth Street in the Village (212) 228-6300. I'm going to try to make it.

    Then on June 28th, she'll be at Tower in S.F. just across the street from where my "Oakland Hills" picture in Member Photos was taken, my former rent-control apt. of 19 years - directly across from the other corner of the Tower intersection, 16th & Market. So if I miss New York, I could merge purposes in S.F. with dropping in on old neighbors.

    Mike3750 may know the area - where Nancy will be at Tower on Market, just 20 years ago, used to be the Finnila's Sauna. I used to launder the linens there at that time.
    ......pick yourself up...... ......dust yourself off...... ......start all over again...... (my e-mail)

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    MikeinLA Guest

    Thumbs up Face of an Angel, Voice of Gold

    Good friends: It just doesn't get any better than this!

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    Elizabeth, see those bracelets on Nancy? Nancy gave my friend and I a pink one. Mine's a little lighter in color than hers, but they're both soooo pretty. My friend complimented her on them and she gave her one, then she gave me one.

    When I came up to her, she was just like, "How are you doing tonight?" and I said "Fine, how are you..." then I opened my Cd and showed her a picture of her and I from 2 1/2 years ago. I said something like, "I've actually met you before," then she looked at me, and paused for a few seconds and said "It's Jamie!" Then she called Susan over, and yah...

    My friend and I kinda just talked with her, and we took a pic. and she signed our stuff and that's it.

    - - - - - -

    Now, Susan, do you REALLY want me to get into my night? Let's just start by saying that there were a lot of middle-age men who like to apparantly talk A LOT to girls my age....


    Sorry if I don't respond to this w/in a few days, I'm going to Vegas tomorrow morning.

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    MikeinLA Guest

    Cool Lightning's Girl?

    People - this girl IS lightning!

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear MikeinLA, Jamie, and Susan,

    Thank You All for sharing!


    Those are fabulous photographs of Nancy. I can tell You had great seats! People have always told me that I'm an excellent photographer, however, when I photographed A.J., she was standing in front of a lit Christmas Tree, and I had to stand in front of other People, which is rude, so I took the photographs in a hurry to accomodate them. When I photographed Hoboken, the weather was dark and raining, except for the day I headed Home, when the sun peeked at me once or twice, so I ran back and took additional pictures. Anyway, I am very happy that You got to see, hear, and photograph "Her Nancyness" in all her splendid loveliness.

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear Jamie,

    It's like You read my mind! When I looked at MikeinLA's photographs of Nancy, I noticed the bracelets she was wearing, and I thought, those are the bracelets! I am so happy You got to meet Nancy--again! And that she gave You and Your Friend bracelets that she not only made, but wore!

    Bill Moynihan has written to me and he is very nice.

    Have a wonderful trip to Vegas!

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    Talking Amoeba Music.....Y'all Come!

    Dear Susan,

    That's a funny story!

    I would be tempted to say the Lady was not with The Program. Maybe she thought she was at the Orange Bowl or something! So, she walked away with some Vitamin C instead of a CD!

    Maybe she's a Board Member of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! That explains it! Now I finally understand the oversite!

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    Unhappy Down and Out in L.A...

    Gee, it must be rough for you all there...Nancy live all over the place...Frank jr just a short clip away...strolling into Tower and just picking up CA Girl & "in Hollywood" Box Set...

    MANY, MANY thanx to all who've posted current events - Mike: GREAT pix!!!

    I'd like to say: "It's almost like being there!!!"

    But it's not. It's actually NOTHING like being there.

    Well...maybe next year...

  20. I'm sorry Rick. We have tried to come to Australia a couple of times but the
    promoters who have approached us just can't seem to pull it together well
    enough to make it work financially. Airfares, hotels and perdiems for the band
    and staff are so costly. The salaries have to be greater because the musicians
    are taken away from their regular gigs. Since I don't have the stature of a Cher
    or a Madonna, I can't get the ticket prices they ask and so the promoters have
    to be very careful about where they book me. I have no way of knowing if they
    are even telling me about the best places to play. My show is Rock and Roll,
    without gimmicks and big production, lighting effects or lines of dancers. It belongs
    in rock clubs and they don't pay much. It's a real sticky wicket.

    The second problem has been the amount of time. They have tried to jam the
    shows (one-nighters) into two or three weeks with no nights off. With all the
    flying and driving, there would be no time to wash my hair!!! What's a girl to do?

    Australia is a big country. New Zealand was included in one of the tours as well.
    I really want to come there because I know the fans would come to the shows.
    It's a pity we can't make this work.

    I'm afraid that without a successful album, I don't have a prayer of moving around
    as I'd like. My other dreams are to perform in Japan, England, Germany, Brazil and

    Like you said, "Maybe next year." If we can manage to get the "Nancy and Lee For
    the Record" collection released on a big label, perhaps we can put a real tour together.