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Thread: Frank Sinatra: Album of The Month #15 (Nov 2008) "Everything Happens To Me"

  1. Frank Sinatra: Album of The Month #15 (Nov 2008) "Everything Happens To Me"

    I am honored to have been chosen to present November’s Album of The Month.

    Everything Happens To Me

    It’s funny that I chose this album because I hadn’t been feeling particularly moody or melancholy at the time, but that was before my world turned topsy-turvy a few days later. This past month has been the rockiest month that my four-year relationship with Nick has ever gone through. I have had to draw from reserves of strength, faith and tenacity I didn’t even know I had, and of course, Mr. Sinatra is always there with a song to suit the occasion.

    Every song on this album was hand-picked by Mr. Sinatra himself and these songs represent, I believe, the brightest and darkest moments of his life. As I am going through a dark moment in my own life, I can relate to many of these songs.

    The track listing is as follows:

    1. Medley: The Gal That Got Away/It Never Entered My Mind
    2. Everything Happens To Me
    3. Once Upon a Time
    4. Summer Wind
    5. Once I Loved (O Amor Em Paz)
    6. If I Had You
    7. What Are You Doing the Rest Of Your Life?
    8. The Second Time Around
    9. I Hadn't Anyone 'Till You
    10. Come Rain or Come Shine
    11. More Than You Know
    12. If You Go Away
    13. Yesterday
    14. Drinking Again
    15. I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her
    16. How Insensitive (Insensatez)
    17. Didn't We
    18. All My Tomorrows
    19. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)

    This album was originally released on February 6, 1996. All of the songs were recorded in London, England and Hollywood, Los Angeles between December 21, 1960 and April 8, 1981.

    The liner notes are written by Mr. Sinatra, Tina Sinatra and Paul Clemens. I think the most telling comments in the notes that reflect the spirit of this album were penned by Mr. Sinatra himself: “These are songs of the soul. These are my songs.”

    Indeed, they are his songs.

    More even than that, they are our songs. We’ve all been there, right? So in love with life we thought we’d pop, only to have the world crashing down on us?

    As I said, this album has been a close companion this past month, although as time passes, I embrace the lighter songs as opposed to the darker tracks…

    Below is my brief opinion of some of my favorite tracks from this album:

    The title song, “Everything Happens To Me,” Mr. Sinatra’s darker rendition from 1981, could have been my theme song at the beginning of October. It sure did seem like “everything” was happening to me. My relationship was going through a rocky period, I found myself alone for the first time in my life, I lost my job, bills were piling up, my car was giving me problems… “What next?” I thought. Although, listening to this track, I can’t help but feel lucky that I’m not quite as bad off as the guy in the song

    “If I Had You” is a melancholy but beautiful song, another one I can relate to. I’ve never believed that I needed someone to be happy, but really, who wants to go through life alone? Things always seem so much more bearable when you “have someone.” When you are in love, you are inspired. You feel you can do things that you never would have believed possible. “There is nothing I couldn’t do, if I had you.” This track conveys that feeling perfectly.

    “If You Go Away” is so heart-breaking and probably the one song that can bring tears to my eyes in an instant. “If you go away on this summer day, then you might as well take the sun away…” I have felt this exact feeling many times over the past month. “But if you stay, I’ll make you a day like no day has been or will be again...” I get the feeling that the singer is trying to convince his lover that though things are tough, if she stays, he will promise her the world. It’s a very desperate song and that feeling of desperation hits you, whether you’re falling in love or falling out of love.

    “All My Tomorrows” is probably my absolute favorite track on this album. It is still a song of longing, but it is also a song of promise and hope. “Right now, it may not seem like spring at all. We’re drifting and the laughs are few. But I’ve got rainbows planned for tomorrow and all my tomorrows belong to you…” The singer is basically saying, “I cannot promise a Cadillac-smooth ride to the top, just that I will get us there. Keep believing in me and in us.”

    All of the songs on this album are amazing, and they all tell a story – Mr. Sinatra’s story, yes, but ours, too. That's why I chose this album.

    What song tells your story?

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    Excellent choice, Kate.

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    Frank's Recordings thread for reference: Everything Happens To Me (1996)

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    This is a wonderful choice, Kate, and it's one which does not receive the attention it deserves. It is all the more special because the songs were selected and sequenced by Frank Sinatra himself, and it has the feel of an original concept album. This is probably the finest collection of Reprise material ever released in the CD age.

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    Terrific choice, Kate - as Bob stated, this is a magnificent compilation - 12 years later, I still save it for special times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    ....It is all the more special because the songs were selected and sequenced by Frank Sinatra himself, and it has the feel of an original concept album. This is probably the finest collection of Reprise material ever released in the CD age.

    Kate, thank you for the lovely introduction to this album.

    Everything Happens To Me, Although, listening to this track, I can’t help but feel lucky that I’m not quite as bad off as the guy in the song ” LOL, sad but true!

    If You Go Away…. It’s a very desperate song and that feeling of desperation hits you, whether you’re falling in love or falling out of love.”……….or no where near love.

    Can't wait to get my stereo hooked up so I can revisit this lovely album and share my thoughts/feeling with you. This is a CD I purchased after reading the rave reviews on this site.

    Is this the last CD that

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    Kate, my favorite Compilation FS album! Thanks for choosing this beautiful Masterpiece. I will never stop listening to this album.

    Click here for more memories of this great album!

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    Nothing really new to add. No other compilation on Reprise equals it. Wonderful songs and performances from earlier Reprise albums plus the title song which is on no other CD as far as I know except the 20 CD box. All sequenced beautifully.

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    Fantastic choice, Kate! This is a special CD because all the tracks were selected by Frank and it's a great collection of songs!
    "Could start for the corner... turn up in Spain... why try to change me now..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gail View Post
    Is this the last CD that "sequenced"?
    I believe it's the only one. (Except possibly for the four discs which were included in the deluxe edition of Nancy's book?) Other than the Duets albums, FS never recorded specifically for compact disc, so this is the closest thing we have to an original CD "concept" album.

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    Cover Painting

    The cover painting by artist Paul Clemens is one which I believe hung on Frank Sinatra's own living room wall. It may also be seen in Nancy's book entry for the year 1964 (full page 184 in the print version, facing the chapter leading to Frank's retirement in 1971).

    The following quote by Paul Clemens appears in Nancy's book and the CD liner notes:
    "A portrait is often a revelation to the painter as well as to the sitter. When I finished Frank's portrait, I found I had painted a man withdrawn into himself, thinking private thoughts. It is not a face of an extrovert; that face appears when the music and the fun start and he bares himself in song . . . never all of himself, but enough to captivate several generations and still remain an enigma to them and, perhaps, himself."
    (Coincidentally, another quote by Clemens, who was a close friend of Ava Gardner, just appeared in the Today in FS History thread entry for November 1952.)

    [Added] From the thread Franks Best Portrait:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    The finest portrait of Dad is not for sale. It was painted by Paul Clemens. I'd love to have it myself.
    And from the thread Frank Painting:
    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    << I love the painting used for the cover of Everything Happens To Me >>

    That was by the brilliant portrait artist, Paul Clemens and was a gift to Dad from Ava. [...] Paul Clemens passed on years ago.
    And from the post Some History on the Remarkable Portrait:
    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Blackburn View Post
    On the day Frank Sinatra was laid to rest, daughter Tina relates (in her book "My Father's Daughter") a poignant scene in which the above portrait plays an important role: "At the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills . . . .(with pianist) Bill Miller and (guitarist) Al Viola playing 'In the Wee Small Hours' from inside the chapel . . . we took our seats in the front pews just a few feet from Dad. The Paul Clemens portrait sat on an easel to the right of the altar. It was strange to see Dad before us with that lonely, faraway look. [...]

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    My favorite cover painting on any FS album hands down! I wish I could have a full portrait of that on my wall too. Paul Clemens is a genius to capture that.

    All the recordings on this album have very special meanings to me. They each represent a certain part of my life with all great memories.

    Kate, your comments and reflections on this album are superb!

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    Kate, Thanks for a Wonderful Choice

    Frank Sinatra: Album of The Month #15 (Nov 2008) "Everything Happens To Me" is my absolute favorite compilation. It is never far from my listening areas. I have one for home, one for the car, and a copy on my MP3. It always soothes me and puts me in a reflective mood. And I always have the cover out and visible as I listen. It is one of my favorite paintings.

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    Great choice! A very meditative compilation. It really puts you in a reflective mood. I'm not always a fan of compilations, but this one is excellent.

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    Thanks Kate! What a beautiful album. This compilation is great the songs are so moving and the title track is one of the saddest songs I ever heard. Frank sang many versions of this song but this one really tears at my heart the most.

    Lovely, lovely album.

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    Great Collection

    First off, thanks for choosing this as the Album of the Month. This was one of those compilations that I never actually put together to listen to all of the tracks in the appropriate order. However, this thread encouraged me to -finally- create a playlist with the songs in the proper order.

    I've spent some time listening to this in the proper order, and it is fantastic. When looking at it as a concept album, it may not work, at least on it's face - there are a number of different moods present, vastly different orchestrations and styles, etc. But then you listen and experience the music, and there can be little doubt that it does work!

    By my count, the tracks here come from 11 different albums, plus 3 tracks that were't originally included on any concept album (at least as originally issued). My Way leads the way with 4 tracks, and two tracks come from the original Jobim set, and another two come from Sinatra and Strings.

    But then, this monday morning quarterback never lost a game...

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    I do love this particular, I am currently enthralled with Didn't We. Frank sings this torch song as well as any he ever did. And the song's orchestration is perfect. I love to sing this song with just a guitar at our club gigs. Great theater....Frank was so great at painting that picture....the unrequited lover. He was everyman.
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    Bumping for Tina Sinatra's Father's Day Special, today on Siriusly Sinatra, with repeats during the week as Playing Favorites - Show #68.

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    This is such an outstanding compilation. It feels like the perfect album for autumn and for inward-looking autumnal moods. The tracks flow so perfectly together and it was obviously put together with a great deal of care. It's easy to remember Sinatra's uptempo songs powered by crashing brass. But this CD is a testimony to his incredible sensitivity as a singer, with these introspective, highly reflective songs done so beautifully. This record is so deeply felt and sensitive, it's like the work of one of the great singer-songwriters.

    The first four tracks are some of the most stunningly powerful statements a singer could make. First the great Rodgers/Hart, Gershwin/Arlen medley. Then, the incredibly tender and sad rendition of Everything Happens To Me, with Sinatra's voice so incredibly effective at expressing a deep down melancholy that sums up a lifetime of sadness. And then Once Upon a Time, one of my favorite songs of all, such a beautiful melody, so haunting and unforgettable, just as the singer is haunted by lost love. Summer Wind flows like a fine short story, beginning as a lilting, carefree walk on the beach, ending starkly in sorrow and regret.

    Then more wonders -- If I Had You, Drinking Again, All My Tomorrows. Yesterday is one of the few renditions of a Beatles song that truly succeeds in remaking it into something beautiful, but a different, sadder, more thoughtful kind of beauty than the original. I love the idea of Sinatra choosing these songs himself, and as the liner notes say, skipping over the most obvious choices from the Reprise years to choose the deeply reflective, soulful songs.

    It's autumn and I'm playing Everything Happens to Me, and those other great autumnal song cycles, September of My Years, and the beautifully nostalgic Point of No Return, an underrated masterpiece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Bumping for Tina Sinatra's Father's Day Special, today on Siriusly Sinatra
    And again today.