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Thread: Science Is Back

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    I just read an excellent article by David Gergen (who served under Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 41 and Clinton) on how Mr. Obama is planning to bring science back after 8 long years:
    For at least half a century, America has been the world’s premier nation for scientific and technological research. Remaining at the cutting edge is not only important for the advancement of knowledge, but it is also critical – absolutely critical — for the creation of high-powered jobs and meeting the challenges of global warming.
    I'm much more optimistic now than I have been in 8 years. I just hope it pans out. Our future depends on it.

    "The candle flame gutters. Its little pool of light trembles. Darkness gathers. The demons begin to stir." -- Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

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    Thanks for the link, Mike.

    It seems like true science in the US has been on the downslide for a long time, but never more than the past eight years with Bush Jr. at the helm. The attitudes and policies of the past administration have been so ludicrous that they would be laughable if not so destructive to this nation's future.

    I still remember the pride I felt pursuing a career in science and technology following the policies set by JFK. Hopefully, Mr. Obama will turn things around once again.

  3. Now, I'm excited!

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    Mike, It is about time!
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    Well, I never cared for science in school, but I hope it only helps our country.
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    Two different things, Robert. This is truly exciting.
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  7. Cuz' will have a cow. This may drive her to shove her head even further up her other end.
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    Lynn Guest
    I know enough unemployed engineers to fill a few labs.

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    Great article. David is such a smart man.

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    Thanks. Here's hoping that President Obama remembers what got him where he is, and that he tries to keep true to his word. Exciting times are coming, and let's all hope that "Happy Days Are Here Again" will ring through the streets with the original message. His task is Herculean, to say the least.
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    Good post, Joe.

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    Remember, Bush believes dinosaurs roamed the earth 6000 years ago (When it was created)

    I do hope the repair mission to Hubble goes on as planed (after having been postponed once already)

    As for Obama's renewed commitment to science, do you think it might one day result in some kind of way to disable those invasive digital pop ups the networks so blatantly barrage us with?

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    It's amazing how the new Administration (read: President Obama)
    has created an almost tangible upswing in the National Psyche.
    It's nice to experience optimism again.
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  14. Indeed, George.