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Thread: The future of swing, how do people our age help!

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    The future of swing, how do people our age help!

    I have been reading in detail a lot of posts in this teen section and one of the most common things I find talking to people face to face and in this forum, is that people feel as though they live in the wrong generation because they like Frank Sinatra. As you will see in one of my replies in a thread I in fact feel the complete opposite.

    Now I can only assume that those who think that they were born in the wrong time frame also do not broadcast the fact that they enjoy listening to the works of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy and other swing artists.

    The purpose of this forum is to keep the Sinatra flame burning and everyone here of course supports this, therefore I would like to challenge anyone/ everyone to spread this kind of music! Not to be embarrassed.

    I would like to ask YOU which method YOU think is best to keep the swing genre going.

    Personally I feel the best way to do this is to listen to modern day artists of the swing/ jazz genre as well as listening to the classics. Investing in Buble, Melody Gardot, Diana Panton etc means that the industry will recognise there is a demand for this genre; which there is.

    I am a singer of swing/ jazz and you can find my site here:

    Again what do you think? How should our generation ensure the future of this genre of music?

    All the best,

    Without A Song

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    Jack, Vegas is out there...

    ...with tons of musicians, both employed and unemployed. Speak to people about putting together a group of musicians (whether a good-sized band or a rhythm section); Get someone to write a collection of charts; Keep 'hitting & hounding' the lounge bookers over and over, until someone says those magic words, "Stop it, already, YOU'RE HIRED!"

    If you keep singing these immortal songs, and target the appropriate venues, you never know...

    Good Luck & Keep Singing & Swinging!

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    Thanks for making a reply and for your encouraging words!

    I think you are correct regarding getting someone to write some charts/ songs, its important that some news songs come out as well (perhaps this is parts of Buble's success?
    Without A Song

  4. The reason you aren't getting a lot of replies is this is a teens room and we don't have many teens here anymore. If you really want to do something for FS, why not ask some of your friends to join the SFF.

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    Vegas isn't Vegas anymore. As late as 1985 there were 350 musicians working every night on the strip. Today, that number is down to about 35. Entertainers are using piped in music or digitized crap. What a shame.
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  6. Jack, that is quite an elaborate Youtube channel. I like the background graphic. Very imaginative, yet tasteful in its subtle black and white grey contrast.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    The reason you aren't getting a lot of replies is this is a teens room and we don't have many teens here anymore. If you really want to do something for FS, why not ask some of your friends to join the SFF.
    I repeat myself.

  8. +1, also you can try to find some swing bands in your area and attend their concerts and performances. Swing isn't just FS, there are others bands out there. Great Britain has a version of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, look them up!
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    Thats dreadful! I never knew there were so few, I performer called Cheryl Cole lives near me and she earns 80,000 per minute whilst performing live, but she does not actually perform...she mimes.

    This I think is where the industry has gone wrong, building an image on very little talent...the opposite to Sinatra, Dean, Sammy, Torme'

    Thanks...your opinion means a lot!

    Duly noted, I will certainly pass on this forum address to some of my musical friends. I think that the future of swing and the future of sinatra are intertwined and therefore think this forum is a great way to help both sides!

    I d. will...I currently sing with the Paul Sykes Big Band, who are one of the bes tin the south east of england. And there is the national youth jazz orchestra, its not so much creating the general demand for swing but shifting this demand so it comes from a younger audience too
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    Gonzalo (or anybody else for that matter),

    Do you know whether Michelle Le Grand or others like him still compose new songs?
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    I am a huge fan of Michel Legrand. There really hasn't been much new out of him since the late 90s. I think he's just enjoying life right now.
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    Whoops. Didn't realize what forum this thread was in. Sorry about that. But golly did I feel young again for a moment!
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    Yeah he is great...oh mentioned above another way to get younger people listening is to have some new songs...I wonder who arranged Bubles new stuff?
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