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Thread: Listed below are some of the charities Frank Sinatra supported:

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    Thumbs up Listed below are some of the charities Frank Sinatra supported:

    The Memorial Sloane-Kettering Center, St Jude Hospital, International Red Cross, Variety Clubs International, Desert Hospital, The Hebrew University, The Atlantic City Medical Center, and The Society of Singers, Share, Waif, Jewish Welfare Fund, The State of Isreal, ACLU, Italian American Anti-Defemation League, SCLC, NAACP, March of Dimes, National Society For the Prevention of Cruelty To Children, Cedars Sinai Hospital, Prevention of Blindness, Easter Seals, United Cerebral Palsey, Muscular Dystrofy Association, Neighbors of Watts, Nos Ostros, Villa Scalabrini, Boys Town, St, Dismas House, Eisenhower Medical Center, B'nai B'rith, City of Hope, Reiss-Davis Clinic, Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Red Cross, Cabrini Medical Center, Mental Health, Child Abuse Foun dation, Dubenoff Center, St, John's Hospital, Myasthenia Gravis Foundation, Musician's Unions, The Barbara's Sinatra Children's Center, Jules Styne Eye Institute, Loyola Marymount University, USC, UCLA, Duke University's Children's Hospital. Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation, American and International Heart Associations, Foster Grandparent's Plan, Marian Medical Mission-and many many more........... Rest in Peace Sweet Prince......Never Forgotten.....Mayor Bloomberg remember, The Great Powers, and Influences......
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    SINATRA, the philanthropist..

    It is rumored that Frank Sinatra gifted a billion dollars over his life time through gifts, charity performances, etc.

    I believe it, too.

    What's more impressive is he did it without boast or aggrandizement.

    He was one of the century's most prolific humanitarians.

    Thanks for the list, June.


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    bumping up!!
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Thumbs up

    A Prince of a Man...........................The likes of which we will never see again.......................
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Smile What we are here for

    Yes, I agree June, and for one fsn, that's what this site is all about. He is always in my heart and memories as are the people he helped along the way.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Thumbs up Beautiful, June - thanks!

    "By their works shall ye know them."

    When Nancy was promoting "My Father", a reporter asked her what FS didn't want in the book. She answered that it was his charity work. The heart and soul of generosity...

    I don't want to believe we'll never see his likes again, but the years ARE slipping away and the Frank Sinatra void sadly remains unfilled, does'nt it?

    A Prince of a Man indeed.

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    Thumbs up Rick, you're right

    Unfortunately, I don't think we will see the likes of him again. Fortunately, we have a rich body of work to remind us of just how special he was.


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    Talking Frank was a true humanitarian and a very wonderful person!

    Hello to all,

    What a list, June! Some very worthy causes and organizations that are dedicated to helping people. I'm not surprised at the length of the list. Frank was a real human being! Very genuine and warm and generous. Such a humanitarian. Unselfishly giving of himself. It's people like Frank who make this world wonderful!

    P.S. Bobbysoxer, your idea of giving something to the Sinatra School of the Arts is a wonderful way to pay respect and show gratitude to the vocalist we all adore so much!

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    June, thanks for compiling and posting that list - it gives an idea of how many charities and good-works Sinatra supported quietly but steadily over the years. It is indeed very important to remember this today, and to keep in mind whenever we make donations that such donations could be combined to our love for Sinatra music, hence could be made for those charity spots he supported while still around.

    A "dream castle" of mine would be to witness the inauguration of a pay-per-download-Sinatra site where perhaps all the tracks still buried in the vaults, the alt takes etc etc, even "really new concerts" etc, could be available for fans while all the $$$ coming in from the downloaders would go to some of Frank's favorite charities. That would really be something, and in my opinion, it would enhance an essential part of Sinatra's legacy while keeping the flame music-wise at the same time.


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    The Frank Sinatra Foundation

    To continue his legacy...........Frank Sinatra Foundation C/O Nathan Golden, 9100 Wilshire Blvd, # 455E, Beverly Hills, CA. 90212-3420...........................
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Bernhard and June


    You offer a most interesting proposal! Any enhancement to Frank's legacy would be absolutely wonderful, I think!


    Thanks so much for providing the address for the Frank Sinatra Foundation! And thanks again for compiling the list of charities where Frank made donations!! Again, Frank was such a humanitarian with a heart of pure gold!!

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    Smile Bobby,

    The Frank Sinatra Foundation Is "The Charitable Legacy of Mr. Anonymous"......The information I posted above was posted by the Sinatra Family.......Just a reminder.......
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    The Central Park Jogger told Katy Couric last night that she received a box of roses from Sinatra when she was in the hospital in 1989.

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    Thumbs up The Frank Sinatra Foundation

    is Keeping the Flame........Donations keep the flame burning......Bobby, Your generous heart and caring thoughts for Francis Albert is valuable.....This was part of the old Sinatra Family Album
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Response to Ron - roses for the Central Park Jogger


    I had no idea that the Central Park Jogger received a box of beautiful roses from Frank when she was in the hospital. That is a terribly thoughtful gesture. Frank had a heart of pure gold. He was warm, enormously kind, and there seemed to be no end to his generosity. What an exceptional person he was! I have the very, very deepest admiration for Frank. Thank you very much, Ron, for mentioning this. It is very thoughtful of you to do so. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and I hope you have a very nice day tomorrow!

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    Always in my heart....

    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Quite an extraordinary, amazing and very touching feat that shows the true man,not the public image!
    I suppose this thread touches me more deeply than any other regarding Frank,his music and his life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by June View Post
    A Prince of a Man...........................The likes of which we will never see again.......................
    So true and nicely said, June.
    let the music play as long as there's a song to sing

  19. Thanks, June.
    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

    My favorite song.