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Thread: Latest purchase?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by carole View Post
    I have an Echo Dot hooked up to speakers. Have the Sirius app. Listen to Sirius 71 most of the day. Isn't the sound fantastic?
    Really nice, yes.

    I do like the "whole house" advantage of the micro-transmitter, but I suppose I could always hook the Echo up to it, too.

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    I decided to give Hello Bello diapers a try. So far so good. They feel like cloth and they're not as thick as regular diapers, yet it is supposed to absorb 50x its weight. The prints are cute too. I have sleepy sloth and engine revvers.

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    I have discovered Kate Spade's line Frances Valentine and it is like the line was made just for me. They have the most darling little bags and penny loafers. I may have to make myself a dangerous birthday purchase for next week. The look book is very pretty!

  4. I just purchased another air fryer. Taking the BELLA back. Between credit, sale and Kohl's cash the new air fryer is free.
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  5. Chairs and a table for the garden and a BBQ
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  6. I bought a "smokeless grill" for my little kitchen because I'm not permitted to BBQ on the terrace. This building restricts fire and flame of any sort, only electrical appliances. I've got to get OUT OF HERE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    I bought a "smokeless grill" for my little kitchen because I'm not permitted to BBQ on the terrace. This building restricts fire and flame of any sort, only electrical appliances. I've got to get OUT OF HERE!
    Yeah, that's standard if the terrace is wood or something flammable (or the smoke could bother neighbors). Probably a good rule, but damn! I WANT GRILLED MEAT!

    Good idea to get out of there and go where there's a brick or tile patio.

    -- Ed

  8. I collect different editions of Jane Eyre and found a lovely edition at a library sale yesterday for only $1!!
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    One of my most favourite things is my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, it’s a hot chocolate maker, it makes the best hot chocolate, no coffee shop now can beat it!

    A real treat.
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    Promise not to laugh? California oranges. My mouth sings 'Stranger in Paradise'

    Picturing Nancy with her "smokeless grill" (grrrr - I gotta get outta here!) and Tina praising about her chocolat velvitiser. Well indulge me in a paen to "God's Candy" -- oranges in all their species from California.

    Life is good – and getting better!

    My musical sister Andrea just shared a news item about Native American farmers preserving from extinction traditional species of corn. It got me thinking about one more way in which life keeps getting better.

    The variety at our little neighborhood food stores when we were kids, compared to today – at Wal-Mart. Around here, they have the best produce in the city. I take names of the helpful staff and go on line to mention them while applying to win that 1,000 dollar gift card. Three of them stopped me – on sight – to thank me. I got them a gold star and employee of the month. Anyway, as per those ancient species of corn that originated in this hemisphere:

    "When we were little, in the 1950's" I just recalled to my favorite sister, " we had corn-on-the-cob, picked minutes earlier from farmer's fields (sooner you boil it the less starchy it is). We didn't know better – it was tough -- compared to what arrived on our tables in the 60's: "Golden Bantam" corn! Wow! But not nearly so good, in comparison with what came next -- "Peaches & Cream" – Oh my! How could corn get better?

    Well it did! Last summer or the summer before I tasted a new corn that is beyond anything, in taste and tenderness, than any corn I've ever tasted! Sweeter than ever and oh-so-tender. Which is to say we might not actually LIKE the oldest species of corn in North America -- not for human consumption, at least.

    Same with oranges. All the best species (that we get here in Winnipeg) ALL of them, are from California:

    The largest most perfect Navel oranges (still the gold standard) are available at a good price -- including a new species of Navel with pink flesh (no hint of grapefruit, and milder flavor, less intense than a classic Navel).

    Also from California -- I picked up today -- the largest Blood Oranges I've ever seen. Oh yes, and another favorite -- the brightest red shiny ones, with what I call a nipple on the top -- you know the ones. Fantastic flavor. Best of all the tiny, shiny baby oranges -- again, only from California. Those little ones with a cutie name I can't recall – are my all-time favorite: they make all other tangerine type oranges almost unpleasant in comparison.

    I call it God's candy. And effortless to peel -- and easy for little girls to segment perfectly without spraying juice. “Charlotte ate three while you were outside,” said her Mom Eriko, my youngest son Ben's Japanese-born wife. Charlotte and her seven year old brother will inhale plate loads of fresh fruit – and turn down chocolate. Imagine.

    Life is good. As I tell the grand kids, this is the best time in human history to be alive. Don't let any sourpuss tell you differently. At this moment, Sinatra is singing my favorite Carolyn Leigh song -- YOUNG AT HEART followed at YouTube by the best duet on STRANGER IN PARADISE a song I loved in the 1950's and haven't heard since! -- Tony and the Italian opera star that shares a first name with my sister, singing in my favorite country. Where their oranges aren't very good. Compared to . . . but this is where I came in.
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    I was contemplating a trip west in August, but my latest purchase will delay that until November. Excited, but pretty sure I need my head examined. You only live one... or twice, so it seems.

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    An older couple who lived a few houses down the street from me have their house up for sale and today was their estate sale. I got a couple of months worth of reading material and some great music - all for $3.25!

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    The Tony / Dave Brubeck album is amazing, you’ll love it Dina.
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    I can vouch for Flyboys. It'll both tear you up and make you proud. You'll run the gamut of emotions. Hard to put down.
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  15. Dina, Manhattan Tower is a treasure! Good for you.

  16. I just bought a Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.

    I really don't play that kind of music, but sometimes a heavy sound is good for effect, an example is the lead guitarist Karen Carpenter hired to jazz up her song "I'll say goodbye to love", which is actually just based upon two pentatonic scales, for the most part.
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  17. This...

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    We have one too Brigitte...We call it our “Love Hut”....xo
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  19. I purchased a few summer tops at Hautelook is Nordstrom's online store. Anything you purchase on Hautelook (cosmetics and intimates excluded) can be returned to any Rack or Nordstrom's. Mail, too.
    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

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    Did the same Carole...Tunic tops...
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