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Thread: Reissue of "My Father's Daughter"

  1. Reissue of "My Father's Daughter"

    Tina's wonderful book will be reissued soon. Stay tuned ...

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    It's a "must read"!
    You can't have everything... where would you put it?

  3. I enjoyed Tina's book via my kindle. Is this edition revised or is it the same?
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  4. The reissue cover image states, "With a new foreword and afterword."

    Websites have been listing a November 17th release date:

    Simon & Schuster > My Father's Daughter | Book by Tina Sinatra, Jeff Coplon | Official Publisher Page > My Father's Daughter: A Memoir (Paperback November 17, 2015)

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  5. Thanks, as usual, Bob.
    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

    My favorite song.

  6. This is good news! My copy is very well read, it would be nice to have one in pristine condition to keep.

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    I know what one of my November reads will be!

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    Well if you haven't read it before Dominique be sure to have a box of tissues handy. I've read it many times and it never fails to bring a tear. A very well written book, and I imagine quite difficult for Tina to write at times. Marvellous photos too.

    I can guarantee you won't want to put it down.
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    Terrific, tough at times, read.


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    Fantastic book, that will bring tears to the most hardened person. I Love it and it brought me to tears.

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    You cannot read this book and not cry. It will hit you right in the "feels".
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    It is a really good book and a very hard read. The ability to make your reader feel your pain is the mark of a great author. If you have not read the book it is a must read.

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    Just in time for the Holidays! My sister will love it (even if she has read the 1st edition).

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    A wonderful and indispensable book.
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    I'll be sure to wait for this reissue

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    A wonderful moving book that deserves to be re-issued. Bravo !
    George B.

  17. Released today.


  18. The new chapter (Afterword: "What Would Frank Do?") made the duplicate purchase worthwhile. It brought tears to my eyes.

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    I have been reading the reissue on the morning train for the past week and today it made me cry. I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been for her to write it. A beautifully written book that I think will make everyone think about their own parent more. I certainly became more appreciative of my father and enormously thankful.

  20. Robert Osborne talks about Tina's book on TCM last year:

    Source: YouTube

    More from Mr. Osborne linked from this post: > TCM "Star of the Month" comments by Robert Osborne