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Thread: Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All

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    Ah that's good Bob, I did take your advice and order through Amazon the other day, so at the mo, I'm looking forward to this collection and "A Voice On Air"
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Boston View Post
    Bargain Alert: —> Best Buy has the Deluxe edition for $39.99 with free shipping.
    Today, —> dropped its price to match (from $62.98 to $39.99)!

    After all the weeks this has been listed at a very high price, why do they wait until five days before release to attract pre-orders? If they'd acted sooner, Amazon would have had my business, but I switched to Best Buy yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob in Boston View Post
    Today, —> dropped its price to match (from $62.98 to $39.99)!
    Yeah, I noticed that and decided it was too much of a bargain to wait for Santa to bring it. Just pre-ordered from Amazon. I also used the discount code at ImportCDs for A Voice on Air. We'll see which one gets here first...

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    Per the booklet tracks 2 & 3 of the Retirement Concert CD are not complete due to the power outage. CD mastered by Larry Walsh.

    I won't ask my usual question. I'll just make an observation. I've found it's true what they say. It is quite the top.

  5. Oh, c'mon, ask the question.

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    Don't tell me Ron was first....

  7. ....again.

    One wonders how many store owners he bribed this time?

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    And what with.
    Still, excellent skills Ron, and I for one can't wait for this concert (even though I'm going to have to!).

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    Look on the bright side chaps we still have something to look forward to
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

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    An insert in the Deluxe box talks of many upcoming DVD releases I assume also from Eagle-Rock...including "The Timex Specials"...the beat goes on.

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    I've heard that there are many more planned releases through 2016. Both video and audio. As a younger fan, I'm glad that some of the older performances and TV specials have been released so that I can see the performances as well as hear them. It's a fun time to be a Sinatra fan......

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    The Sinatra estate has done an exemplary job at the intangible...preserving Mr. Sinatra's memory and art, and at the tangible...the multitude of products. Just look at the CDs, the boxed sets (CD and DVD), the concerts, shows, this documentary, the Sirius channel and shows, etc. And it has been dignified.

    The Crosby family and fans have done some great stuff, but the Sinatra estate has set the bar pretty high.

    Even with all the above, this box, I think, will be my favorite, as I loved that documentary, love the concert, and more.

  13. Thanks for that, Doug. It's been a bit of a rough road.

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    Any news regarding the Uris Theater performances with Count Basie and Ella?


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    I'm going to have to echo Ronald's review above. I got mine this afternoon and while I haven't watched it yet, the packaging is beautiful. I'm looking forward to watching everything tomorrow and getting a closer look. I did however want to look through the booklet and such. To echo Doug as well, I can honesty say every Sinatra box set I have ever purchased has been a pleasure aesthetically as well as the great music contained within. I am so happy I found this forum and joined up to be in the know. I Can't wait for A Voice On Air to arrive tomorrow......

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    Got the box set today. Tonight I'll start with the Retirement Concert DVD!
    "How long I been on ...?"

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    The Deluxe Box Set is fantastic. I love the documentary, so I'm going to order the BluRay as well. I like the cover of the 'Retirement Concert'. There was no track information or cover art available on iTunes when I've tried to import the CD. Still looking for the cover art...
    "How long I been on ...?"

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    I'm just watching the DVD of the "Retirement Concert" can I at least claim to be the first UK female member? Unless Jules, Mo, Karyn, Rosy, Lorraine....
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

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    BestBuy finally delivered my set earlier today. It looks very nice from outside the shrink-wrap. That's the only view I'll have until Dec. 25, as I ordered it as a gift to me from a loved one frustrated by my seeming lack of material needs (a by-product of my study of the Stoics, perhaps). I'm glad I stuck with BestBuy even though Amazon finally dropped to meet them. BestBuy needs the business. How long is that Cronkite interview anyway? Does it justify an entire DVD?

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    The Cronkite interview is the Frank Sinatra CBS Special that Johnny Carson made reference to on the Bonus DVD of the Rat Pack Live and Swingin set from the benefit they did in St. Louis. It's an interesting snap shot into the 1960s for someone like myself who was not yet born. I rather enjoyed it yesterday.....