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Thread: Frankie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Blackburn View Post
    On her program today NFF #448 the "Valentine's Day Special" Nancy included six songs by her brother. But not this one -- THE TROUBLE WITH HELLO IS GOODBYE. The lovely tune by one of my musical heroes, Best Song Academy Award winner, pianist Dave Grusin; the lyric by the inimitable Marilyn & Alan ("Nice 'N' Easy") Bergman. Wait till you see the slide show this one. Tears of joy.
    I caught all those Frankie tunes...broke my heart, but I was still happy to hear them. Thanks, Nancy.

  2. I understand, Jude. It's very difficult for me to program these shows.

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    Remembering Frankie and thinking of you Nancy. Love to Tina as well.

    Photo: Richard Corkery
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    Nancy and Tina,

    You can't have everything... where would you put it?

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    thinking of Frankie today. hugs to Nancy and Tina.

    Sicilian pride forever

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    Yes...thinking of You today Frankie

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    Also thinking of Frankie today... sending love to you, Nancy, and Tina.
    "I know some things, I believe in a thousand things, and I'm curious about a million more."

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    You are missed, Frankie. Thinking of you, Nancy and Family.
    When You're Here, It's Family

  9. Thank you all so much for your messages. Thinking back the most difficult moment of that day was when I had to tell our mother that he was gone.

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    Hard to believe it's been three years already. You are missed, m'man.
    Pack a small bag....

  11. That's a lovely photo of Frankie and Nancy His memory and legacy live on and on.

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    Such a beautiful photo. ♥️
    Gone from our sight but never our memories ,
    Gone from our touch but never our hearts.
    Who knows where the road will lead us

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    Another sad day to remember.
    Sending love to you, Nancy.
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    What a hard thing for you,to tell your Mom

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    Still sorely missed. Always will be, I guess.
    Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum

  16. Frankie...Such a phenomenal talent, a great mind...and something not mentioned enough: His word was gold! Anything that he ever told me he would do always happened at the precise moment as promised, on schedule,and letter perfect! He was a brilliant radio guest for me over the years and a thoughtful friend to have. The first giant floral displays that I saw at my Dad's funeral 21 years ago and later at my wedding (soon to be 14 years ago!) were from Frankie. He was that way! My fondest memories of him are our casual conversations over the years that ranged far and wide on any topic under the sun. He was so well versed on so many things...He was a musical genius who could bring the house down with a song...a great Renaissance man gone far too soon. We'll always hold his wonderful legacy of music and so much more very close and dear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonnieC View Post
    ...a great Renaissance man gone far too soon.
    The perfect description.
    Pack a small bag....

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    There was a late-night radio show Frankie did in LA - I couldn't get it in my neck of the woods - but he played some of them for me when I visited - is there any way to acquire those and air them occasionally? He had guest artists do readings, he'd play quiet jazz as the night would wind down - just delicious and so thoughtful...I'd love for those to be available. <3

  19. Sorry, Jude, but I've lost track of them. I believe they were called "Radiance."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    Sorry, Jude, but I've lost track of them. I believe they were called "Radiance."
    Yes - that's them...might the radio station have them archived? Thanks...