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Thread: Baseball for 2017 

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    As Frank said "Start spreading the news" Unbelievable game. My heart goes out to the Indians, but my heart is with the Yankees. God, I love the postseason even more than the regular season! On the way to Houston. Let's go Yankees!

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    Is it too much to hope for a Yankees/Dodgers World Series, so the Yankees can win #28 against the faithless deserters?

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    Robert -- your sentiments and world series hopes were echoed by virtually everyone with whom I spoke yesterday at the Springfield JCC! I also think FOX or whoever is broadcasting this year's world series is praying for a Yankee-Dodger confrontation! I'm finding that my hopes & thoughts for someone who's never yet won a ws to know the thrill of what it feels to win it, is falling on deaf ears! That's OK! I've always felt this way, and I'm never going to change my philosophy. And that goes for the NFL and NBA! I could care less when fans say, "it's better for the "game" if the Yankees, Patriots, Cowboys, Celtics, and Lakers are playing for their sport's championship! The only team for which I root is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I hope they win the Super Bowl every year; they've won six of them. If, however, they don't win, I'd be very happy if the Eagles, Cards, Jags, Chargers, Falcons, Vikings, Browns, Lions, etc., could emerge victorious!

    I'm rooting for Houston to win tonight, and then one additional game, so long-suffering Houston fans can relish the "thrill of ultimate victory!" But that's just me!

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    My "minor" error...

    Obviously, if the Astros beat the Yankees, they would still have to defeat the winner of the Dodgers-Cubs National League series, in order to win the World Series! First things first!

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    In case you missed the details of the bottom of the ninth walk-off win by the Dodgers over the Cubbies in game 2... Justin Turner is the most dangerous hitter in major league baseball. Wow.
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    That Yankees game last night was exciting. Love Aaron Judge
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    Yankees down 4-0. Judge hits home run to start the comeback. Yankees win 6-4! What a game! Houston we have a problem. Go Yanks!

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