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    Frankie's Music

    I've been thinking lately, and I figured that it would be a very nice sentiment if all of Frankie's music was put in one place. It's a shame that a man with a voice and mind like his has everything he's ever recorded scattered all over the place. Hell, he isn't even properly credited for the Pat Longo tracks or Wedding Vows In Vegas on digital. Some of his stuff is only on SoundCloud, YouTube, Etc., and thats not mentioning the music of his that was ONLY released on non-remastered vinyl, such as Spice and Young Love For Sale. He deserves to have a full discography put together and released on multiple formats. I feel like paying him this respect would be the perfect thing to do for a birthday of his.
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  2. Thanks, Landon. You're preaching to the choir around here.

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    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography (for the intentions of this thread)

    Young Love For Sale (LP, 1965)
    Side A:
    Love For Sale
    A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
    Too Close For Comfort
    'S Wonderful
    Falling In Love With You
    Side B:
    I Got The Sun In The Morning
    I Only Have Eyes For You
    I Don't Know Why
    From This Moment On
    Who Cares?
    Who Can I Turn To
    In The Still Of The Night

    Too Close For Comfort/You Were Meant For Me (Single, 1965)

    Building With A Steeple/I've Been Lookin' (Single, 1967)

    Shadows On A Foggy Day/Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me (Single, 1967)

    Quando Tanti Soldi Avrò/E' Questa La Mia Vita (Single, 1967)

    Nothing Is More Important Than Love/I Want To Hear It From You (Single, 1968)

    The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas (LP, 1969)
    The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas (With the Sinatra family)
    Some Children See Him
    The Bells Of Christmas (With the Sinatra family)
    The 12 Days Of Christmas (With the Sinatra family)
    I Wouldn't Trade Christmas (With the Sinatra family)

    Spice (LP, 1971)
    Side A:
    The Windmills Of Your Mind
    Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life
    Fun To Be Fooled
    Everybody's Talkin'
    Believe In Me
    The Trolley Song
    Black Night
    Side B:
    Love Is Here To Stay
    So Many Stars
    Black Coffee
    We've Only Just Begun

    Happy Together/Walkin' My Baby Back Home(With Dora Hall, presumably 1972)

    Frank Sinatra Jr. Arranged And Conducted By Nelson Riddle ‎– His Way! (LP, 1972)
    Side A:
    The Fool Who Dared To Dream
    What Were You Thinking
    This Way, Mary
    Music For Across The Way
    It's Too Late
    Side B:
    Life Is What You Make It
    Hello Forever
    Now Is The Time
    The Summer Knows
    Have A Nice Day

    Calendar Girl /Seagull (LP, 1973)

    It's Alright (LP, 1977)
    Side A:
    It's Alright
    31 Summers & Too Many Falls
    The Misters In Her Life
    Lovin' You Gets Better All The Time
    Don't Blame Her
    Side B:
    Three Time Loser
    We Can't Even Let Each Other Down
    Cry A Little
    The Best I Ever Had
    Seeing You Again

    You'll Never Know/Colors of My Life ( Single, 1982)

    Pat Longo And His Super Big Band Featuring Frank Sinatra Jr. ‎– Billy May For President (LP, 1983)
    Songs Featuring Frankie:
    Fortune In Dreams
    Great Times
    Sweet And Lovely
    Midnight Sun

    What Up, Dog? (LP, CD, Cassette, 1988)
    Wedding Vows In Vegas

    My Foolish Heart (With Frank Sinatra) (Previously unreleased, 1988)

    Gumby (CD, 1989)
    The Gumby Heart Song (Original TV Theme)

    Duets II (LP, CD Cassette, 1994)
    My Kind Of Town (With Frank Sinatra)

    As I Remember It (CD, 1996)
    Night And Day
    Old Devil Moon
    French Foreign Legion
    Fairy Tale
    The Lonesome Road
    Three Coins In The Fountain
    Can I Steal A Little Love?
    Spring Is Here
    The Second Time Around
    Star Dust (Verse Only)
    Ol' Man River
    (On The) Street Of Dreams
    The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
    Don't Ever Go Away

    A Trumpeter's Prayer (CD, 1998)
    I Only Want Some
    The Way She Makes Me Feel

    Theme From Family Guy (Previously Unreased, 2001) -Explicit

    United States Of Avex Artists (CD, 2001)

    Songs Of Sinatra (CD, Digital, 2005)
    The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else (With Steve Tyrell)

    That Face! (CD, Digital, 2006)
    That Face
    I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
    Feeling Good
    I Was A Fool To Let You Go
    Girl Talk (With Steve Tyrell)
    Cry Me A River
    What A Difference A Day Make
    You'll Never Know
    Softly As In A Morning SUnrise
    Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye
    Walking Happy
    The People That You Never Get To Love
    And I Love You So (Bonus Track)

    When We Swing (Family Guy) (2006, Previously Unreleased) -Explicit

    Ladies (CD, Digital, 2012)
    Nancy (With Walt Johnson and Ron Feuer)

    Home Suite Home (CD, Digital, 2015)
    I've Been Around (With Tierney Sutton)

    FOOTNOTE: I did not include any singles that were redundant (Ex. Spice/Black Night) because those tracks were already listed. I also did not include the full track listings on albums Frankie was featured on, only the tracks he appears on. It is also worth noting that the entirety of As I Remember It isn't listed because I tried my best to create a full list of his songs. While many of his spoken word tracks on said album were beautifully stated with equally beautiful underscores, I refrained from including them because of the nature of this thread. Lastly, the Family Guy songs are marked explicit because they contain lyrics that I wouldn't want heard around a child. With that in mind, they are both still very strong and interesting additions to this list.
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  4. Landon, thanks for that.

    I might suggest that Frank Sinatra Jr. Recordings is a more suitable room for this thread. I presume you've seen these?

    —> Frank Sinatra, Jr. Complete discography
    —> More of Frankie's Recordings

    You may find a few additions and corrections in those.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Landon Beeson View Post
    The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas (LP, 1968)
    Some Children See Him
    The Bells Of Christmas (With the Sinatra family)
    The 12 Days Of Christmas (With the Sinatra family)
    It's been established that this LP was issued in 1969, although the recordings were made in 1968 and "I Wouldn't Trade Christmas" (which includes FS Jr. but is missing from the above) was first released on a '68 single.



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    Thanks for the help, Bob! I'll fix that right away.
    Just a kid from a small town nobody's ever heard of.