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    Quote Originally Posted by George M View Post
    Interesting that the Cubbies were down in the bottom of the ninth, with the bases loaded and a full count - and then we hit a Grand Slam to win it!
    Only the SECOND TIME in the history of baseball that a walk-off grandslam home run has been hit! The first occurred in 1936!

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    To clarify Stanley's statement a bit - it's the first time since 1936 a player has hit a walk-off grand slam with two strikes and his team down 3-0. Alan Trammell of the Tigers (my all-time favorite player) hit a walk-off grand slam with two strikes against the Yankees in 1988 but the score was 6-3.
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    One of these days, I'll have to use the computer to get some of my information! Maybe when I hit my 76th on the 26th...but probably not. One thing is certain: those little grey cells ain't what they used to be (neither is the old grey mare!)!

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    Now that the NFL is in pre-season, I've been driving around and listening to the sports talk shows. Just as I thought, you would think the major league baseball season had "disappeared!" Even with some very exciting wild-card, and pennant chases (Oakland-Seattle, Cubs-Brewers-Cards, Braves-Phils, DBacks-Dodgers-Giants, etc.), callers only want to discuss "All Things NFL!" And now that Sports Betting has been legalized in some states, with more to come, it's "Katie, Bar The Door!" Our former National Pastime has been reduced to a subject of regional interest! Very sad!

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    So the Muts and Phils split a double header yesterday. Our genius analytical manager decides to start his rookie call up in game 1 knowing that might mean having to get into his bullpen. He gets lit up, we make 4 errors and he winds up using two position players who gave up 9 runs between them in a 24-4 loss. This, to me, is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen in baseball.

    It would have made too much sense to start your regular guy in game 1 and use what you needed from the bullpen to secure a win rather than holding your pen in abeyance in case you needed them in the second game. He ran the risk of losing both games.

    Aside from not fielding, having no clue at the plate as hitters, the worst base running in recorded history, poor positioning on shifts etc, how is Gabe Kapler even managing in the game of baseball? They are unwatchable.

    They needed to sign JD Martinez, trade Odontble Herrera and Maikel Francno for used car parts, Kept an outfield on Martinez in right, Aaron Althier in Center and Nick Williams in left and kept a combo of Roman Quinn and Dylan Couzens as their 4th outfielders. By signing Santana, they doomed themselves to a mediocre left fielder in Hoskins.

    They've ruined Althier as a hitter, and doing their damnedest to ruin Hoskins and Kingery. Hoskins is particularly interesting. He entered the big leagues as a hitter who never left the box. He hit what he saw. Now, he leads the league as seeing the most pitches per at bat. But he's an RBI guy...see ball...hit ball. Plus. the idiot manager had him batting second most of the season instead of hitting 4th where he belongs. I am so saddened by the state of the game. It isn't fun anymore. Today's hitters have made the shift a "thing". Hitters should be taught to use the entire field making it impossible to shift. I have to take over the entire operation.
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    I agree with everything you said.

    Our team has potential but they don't hustle, and Gabe has implemented some different type of coaching style...but even though they have been in first place a few times, it just isn't working.

    Happy with the addition of Ramos and Cabrera though...Knapp was absolutely awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dina View Post
    Alan Trammell of the Tigers (my all-time favorite player)
    The Detroit Tigers retired new Hall of Famer Trammell’s number today. His name and number are painted on the wall beyond left field at Comerica Park alongside such greats as Al Kaline, Hank Greenberg, Charlie Gehringer, and Ty Cobb. He played his entire 20 year career for the Tigers. I doubt we’ll ever see a player do that again.
    Id rather regret the things I did than the things I did not do. ~ Francis Albert Sinatra

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    Carl Yastrzemski spent all 23 of his illustrious seasons with the Red Sox, but he was earlier, retiring in '83. Times indeed have changed.

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    The Yankee-Red Sox ALDS should be very exciting. I expect the games to be close and hard-fought. The Sox will be favorites, but if Chris Sale's fastball has lost some velocity, don't be surprised to see the Bombers move on!

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    This is a very interesting story about an infamous rendition of The Star Spangled Banner at the 1968 World Series. I would bet certain people would react the same way today.
    Id rather regret the things I did than the things I did not do. ~ Francis Albert Sinatra

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    After careful consideration...I just can't give the Cy Young Award to a pitcher with a 10-9 record; don't care what the analytics show. Maybe of the Metropolitans had won the World Series! Even with three "Cys," the great Max Scherzer should have gotten his 4th -- 17 wins, a 2. something E.R.A., and 300+ K's! I'll take those numbers anytime! That's just my two cents!