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    HALLELUJAH! While doing my walk around the block, I spotted Mr. UPS (Dave) getting into his truck. He stopped at the corner for another delivery, and I "pounced!" "You better have my "Standing Room Only 2018" package in that truck or I'm removing the air from all of your tires," I "threatened!" It helps that Dave has a great sense of humor! "It's finally here, Stosh, you don't have to threaten me anymore, thank G-d!" I've played it thru twice, and, since Eunice hosts mah jongg tomorrow, the girls will have to "twist my arm" to get me to play it for them! Somehow, I'll give in!

  2. The Dallas concert (disc #3) contains When Joanna Loved Me. I had never heard Frank sing this song before. Probably will become one of my favorites.
    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

    My favorite song.

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    Eunice..."Mah Jongg"...It's a wonderful world!
    When You're Smilin!

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    F.X.--You ARE a character...a very nice one! Have you eaten at Victor's? We had a fabulous experience -- great food & opera-singing waiters and waitresses -- a few weeks ago! Take care & be well!

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    Frank's Dallas performance of the great Bernstein-Comden-Green song , "Lonely Town" is extraordinary! His "character" may not have sung it in the show, but there should have been a way for MGM to have Frank sing it in the wouldn't have detracted one iota from Gene's "starring" role -- if Frank could have "I Fall In Love Too Easily" in "Anchors Aweigh," he could easily have, and deserved to have "Lonely Town" for "On The Town!" The "big ballad" for the great singer! MGM really missed the boat on this one!

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    I have Stanley......your posts always are genuine as is your love for your glad everything is going well for you!
    When You're Smilin!

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    Thanks, F.X. You've made my day! Keep "Smilin!

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    “The Tea Break” monologue on “The Sands” recording tickles me every time I hear it, I’m sure I was laughing out loud at the gym yesterday whilst I was listening to the album through my blue tooth ear buds.
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post


    Deluxe 3CD and Digital Collection Presents
    Rare/Unreleased Complete Concerts from Three Decades

    Box Set on Amazon
    Digital Collection on Amazon
    Box Set on Amazon UK
    Digital Collection on Amazon UK
    Digital Collection on iTunes

    Los Angeles – March 16, 2018 – In an unparalleled entertainment career spanning seven decades, Frank Sinatra became a timeless, indelible cultural icon for the world. His live performances are legendary, imbued with an innate warmth and ease unmatched by any other performer, then or now. A stellar new collection, Frank Sinatra - Standing Room Only, presents three captivating rare and previously unreleased Sinatra concerts from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s. Available now for preorder in deluxe 3CD and digital formats, Standing Room Only will be released worldwide on May 4 by Capitol/UMe and Frank Sinatra Enterprises.

    Starting today, "Fly Me To The Moon," recorded live at The Sands, Las Vegas in 1966, is available for streaming and for immediate download with digital preorder. Preorder Frank Sinatra – Standing Room Only:

    “I get an audience involved, personally involved, in a song, because I’m involved myself.
    It’s not something I do deliberately. I can’t help myself.”
    – Frank Sinatra

    Sinatra’s acclaimed concerts always sold out, leaving many fans clamoring to try to score a spot to stand behind the seats or along a wall with a rare and coveted “standing room only” ticket to the big show. Being in the room for Sinatra’s performances of “Come Fly With Me,” “My Way,” “You Make Me Feel So Young,” “The Lady Is A Tramp,” “The Theme From ‘New York, New York’,” and so many more of his iconic songs was a thrilling experience for anyone who had the opportunity.

    Standing Room Only presents three remarkable complete concerts from three decades of Sinatra’s career: his January 28, 1966 second show with Count Basie at The Sands, Las Vegas (previously unreleased on CD); his October 7, 1974 concert at Philadelphia’s Spectrum arena (previously unreleased); and his October 24, 1987 concert at Dallas’ Reunion Arena (previously unreleased in its entirety). The collection’s audio is newly remixed by Larry Walsh at NBCUniversal Audio and mastered by Seth Foster at Universal Mastering Studios. The deluxe 3CD package includes a 30-page booklet with liner notes plus several rare and never-before-published photos.


    CD 1: The Sands, Las Vegas - January 28, 1966 (2nd show)
    1. Come Fly With Me
    2. I've Got A Crush On You
    3. I've Got You Under My Skin
    4. The September Of My Years
    5. Street Of Dreams
    6. Angel Eyes
    7. Fly Me To The Moon
    8. “The Tea Break” (Monologue)
    9. You Make Me Feel So Young
    10. The Shadow Of Your Smile
    11. Luck Be A Lady
    12. It Was A Very Good Year
    13. Where Or When
    14. My Kind Of Town
    15. A Few Last Words (Monologue)
    16. My Kind Of Town (Reprise)

    CD 2: The Spectrum, Philadelphia - October 7, 1974
    1. Overture
    2. The Lady Is A Tramp
    3. I Get A Kick Out Of You
    4. Let Me Try Again
    5. My Kind Of Town
    6. Welcome
    7. Ol’ Man River
    8. Monologue
    9. I Get Along Without You Very Well
    10. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
    11. “The Tea Break” (Monologue)
    12. Send In The Clowns
    13. If
    14. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    15. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
    16. My Way
    17. Bows: My Way

    CD 3: Reunion Arena, Dallas - October 24, 1987
    1. Overture / Introduction
    2. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    3. What Now My Love
    4. My Heart Stood Still
    5. Moonlight In Vermont
    6. Summer Wind
    7. You Will Be My Music
    8. More Than You Know
    9. Mack The Knife
    10. Monologue
    11. What's New?
    12. Bewitched
    13. Angel Eyes
    14. If
    15. When Joanna Loved Me
    16. For Once In My Life
    17. Lonely Town
    18. Theme From "New York, New York"
    19. Bows: Theme From "New York, New York"
    20. Where Or When
    21. My Way
    22. Maybe This Time
    23. The Lady Is A Tramp
    24. Bows: You Are There
    The Philadelphia Spectrum CD remains in my work bag every day, which means I am playing it a couple of times each week.

    I just noted (from Facebook) that yesterday was the 44th anniversary of that concert.

    I love the Intro/Overture (and I usually don't like Intros) but THIS is lovely!!! Incredible version of "Lady Is A Tramp" and also, finally, I completely "get" and love this performance of "Ol' Man River". Tears every time!

  10. Another Sinatra gift I received over the festive period. Frank has so much energy during this performances making them all a pure joy to hear. The crowds certainly can't get enough and who can blame them! Some nice varied song selections by Frank on the two later gigs as well.

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    I confess I'm not a great fan of Frank in 1974 for various reasons, although the concert here is one of the best ones from that year. But the 1966 an 1987 shows are stunning - and the sound on the 1966 show is truly phenomenal.

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    Yesterday I played “Some Nice Things I Have Missed” for the first time in years and man, it sounds pretty damn good. Circa 1974 I believe.
    When You're Here, It's Family

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    Frank's holding of the last note of "Theme from NY,NY" at the Reunion concert has to be one of the most thrilling moments in all of Frankdom! It never ceases to amaze me! This trio of concerts is a magnificent "marketing" idea! Let's hope that other such trios will follow!

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    The Spectrum show still has me completely captivated. I purchased the set for my uncle and also my aunt. I listened to Ol Man River on the way to work this morning and it had me in tears. It is an incredible masterpiece, and I can't thank those involved for releasing this set enough.

    QUESTION: In the beginning of Ol Man River, Frank says "I didn't just get my second papers you know." Anyone know what that means???
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    We ROCKED a romance to the Castle Rock!

  15. QUESTION: In the beginning of Ol Man River, Frank says "I didn't just get my second papers you know." Anyone know what that means???
    He was also fond of saying. "Do they think I just fell out of a tree?" when people are surprised how well he can sing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watertown View Post

    QUESTION: In the beginning of Ol Man River, Frank says "I didn't just get my second papers you know." Anyone know what that means???
    I found this on the internet:

    "second papers" (before 1952) an official petition for naturalization by a resident alien desiring to become a U.S. citizen, filed two years after his or her first papers and upon having lived in the U.S. for five years.

    So maybe Frank was saying in a humorous way "I didn't just get off the boat you know".

    One minute the audience is laughing out loud and the next minute we all have tears in our eyes!
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    Because sometimes ..... sometimes all you need is Sinatra and a piano.

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    A nice update from my dear friend Nick from Philly about the concert in Philly.

    To those of us who were in the Spectrum in South Philadelphia that night, when we hear Frank singing "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life," FEAR, once again raises it's ugly head in our hearts. When you listen closely, while Frank is singing that song, you'll notice him hesitate a bit. Sinatra says, "Hi." Then says something to the effect, "What do you want to do, dance?" He then makes a reference to Gene Kelly, and then says, "She's too young for me!"

    What actually happened that night, was that, a young lady, possibly, 18, or 19 years old, came running down one of the Spectrum's floor aisles at full speed. She approached the stage, right to the corner where Sinatra was standing, and from a dead run, took a giant leap onto the stage. The height of the square stage platform, where Frank was standing was perhaps 4-5 feet off of the Spectrum's floor. It was the same "boxing ring type" stage setup that can be seen in "Sinatra: The Main Event."

    Pat and I were seated in floor seats right nearby. How this young woman managed to take that tremendous leap and land on her feet, right beside Sinatra, still amazes us to this day. Frank looked surprised, but there was no panic in his face or his demeanor. Jilly Rizzo bounded up the steps to the stage, physically lifted this obvious athlete off her feet, place her over his shoulder, and walked off with her to the delight of the crowd.

    Sinatra's closest circle of fans, here in Philly, talked about this "incident" for years after. We always refer to the young woman as "The Gymnast."
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    Sicilian pride forever