View Poll Results: Favorite Frank Sinatra Recording Era by Label

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  • RCA - early recodings mostly with Tommy Dorsey

    0 0%
  • Columbia - 1940s recodings by "The Voice"

    3 14.29%
  • Capitol - 1950s classic albums

    12 57.14%
  • Reprise - longest substantive period of recording by "Old Blue Eyes"

    6 28.57%
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Thread: Sinatra Recordings: Favorite Era/Label

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    Thanks to your vote Joe, Reprise is putting some pressure on Capitol.

    Although I still think the Capitol years mark the best pop singing ever recorded by anyone, if I could vote again I might switch to Columbia considering how often I find myself listening to the Columbia material over all else. And speaking of Sinatra re-recording a lot of his songs at Reprise, more often than not, when I ask Alexa to play Sinatra songs from the 1940s she begins with "All or Nothing at All" not from the original but from the version he recorded at Reprise.

    Also, if I could edit this little poll I would have allowed for the option of "undecided" for those among us who like it all.


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    Good morning Frank Sinatra fans wherever you are....... I've been rethinking this thread since Sunday when I asked Angela or Agnes or what's her name to play some Sinatra from the 1940s for me on my Echo device. I specifically asked her to play songs from the complete Sinatra on Columbia 12 cd album to avoid having to listen to the 1960s version of "All or Nothing at All". And it worked. She played the complete first cd from that set and then to my surprise went into a set of songs he'd sung from "The Hit Parade" days; songs that Sinatra never recorded, some that are so obscure that they've disappeared forever.

    And I loved it! There is something so very pure about the Sinatra sound from the 1940s that just sends me. As I ask myself why, it does occur to me that as the songs themselves could not have changed in the 70+ years that have passed since they were recorded and also that I was not around during the 1940s, then I could only conclude that I have changed. I am looking for something that the 1940s voice of Frank Sinatra provides. And I'm loving it. Soooo, with that in mind can I change my vote?

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