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Thread: Cornball jokes

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    I ordered a chicken and an egg on Amazon this morning. I'll let you know.
    The enemy of truth is distortion.

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    The awkward teenage years at school become more awkward when it comes to health classes and the inevitable sex education.
    The subject of diseases is raised and little Johnny bursts into laughter.
    "There's nothing funny about syphilis" said the teacher.
    Johnny replies "there is if your doctor has a lisp!"

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    Hear the one about the lawyer who always gave out a "piece of his mind?" Well, one day he gave out the last piece. Now they call him "Your Honor."
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    At a 'Bring your child to work day' all was going well until about 11am when a little girl started crying. More and more staff gathered around to see what was wrong.
    "What's the matter?" Said her father
    Sobbing the little girl said "Daddy where are all the clowns you said you work with?"

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    There was a race related shooting near us. The guy was shot with a starters pistol!

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    At golf today I finally broke 80. Then I thought I'm going home, I can't do anything 17 holes like that

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    A cop knocked on my door and said my dog was chasing people on bikes.
    "Wasn't my dog mate" I said. "My dog can't even ride a bike"

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    You have to hand it to the Scots for efficiency and multi-tasking. Take golf...…...a game + anger management.
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    People have to be specific when they speak to me Joe. When I play golf and someone asks, "How many strokes?" I always answer "just the one" they look at me very strange and I ask "you mean golf or medically? Because it's 1 medically but 7 for golf!"

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    Can 2 vegans have a beef with one another?

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    Have you ever wondered why so many funeral homes and cemeteries are located close to medical centers and doctors' offices?
    Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a plum