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Thread: Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography!

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    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography!

    January 10, 2019 - In honor of Frankie's 75th birthday, we are proud to unveil the new Frank Sinatra Jr Discography! The discography makes use of the same programming that powers the Frank Sinatra Discography and offers the same features. Today, we are presenting the first two installments of the discography:

    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography: Album Covers - Displays album covers featuring Frankie as the Primary Artist, Guest Artist or Conductor. This is a great introduction to Frankie's varied body of work.

    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography: Album List - Displays album listings with options to search, sort, and filter the albums. Researchers will appreciate the high level of functionality provided by this page while non-academics will be amazed by the volume of Frankie's work.

    ADDED February 4, 2019:
    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography: Singles List - This page operates in much the same way as the Album List to allow users the option to search, sort, and filter Frankie's many singles.

    Frank Sinatra Jr. Discography: Single Labels & Sleeves - This page highlights the beautiful label and picture sleeve artwork found on Frank Sinatra Jr. singles issued around the world.

    Frankie's Discography is very much a work in progress and we look forward to adding more functionality to it in the very near future.

    Happy Birthday, Frankie!

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    I am enjoying this immensely. Terrific job by all involved.


  3. Shaping up quite nicely!

  4. Robert, knowing my brother as I did, I wish he could be here to see this, he'd be so humbled and proud.

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    We've added the following to Frankie's Discography:

    Frank SInatra Jr. Singles List

    Frank SInatra Jr. Single Labels & Sleeves

    The bulk of the credit for Frankie's Discography (as well as the Frank Sinatra Discography) goes to Andrew. Without his tireless research there wouldn't be Sinatra discographies on this website. Thank you, Andrew!

  6. Thank you so much, Andrew, and Robert too.