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Thread: Baseball 2019 & Other Sports

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    Baseball 2019 & Other Sports

    It's time to start the New Year, and I've got to get my two cents on the Bryce Harper situation in DC. For the second time, he's turned down the $300,000,000/ten year offer from the Nationals! This is madness! He hasn't led them to a championship yet, has had a few injuries, hit something like .260 a couple of years ago! Great player, no doubt, and would bring a lot of fannies to the ballparks, but I just can't see another team offering him a better contract! Get this soap opera over with -- it's almost time for pitchers & catchers! I think the White Sox will sign Manny Machado, but Mr. "No-Hustle" better deliver the goods or the Sox fans And he's going to get ONLY $175,000,000 for five years!

    If Willie Howard Mays, Jr., were playing today, he'd be getting $40 million a year, but, remember, he's 88 years old!

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    The Rams and Aaron Donald are going to the Super Bowl! I will now have a real rooting interest, whether they play the Pats or the Chiefs! The Los Angeles Rams never won a SB, despite having some of the greatest players in NFL history -- Merlin Olson, Jack Youngblood, Roosevelt Grier, et al. Hopefully, the young coach, the young qb, and the rest of the team will bring the Supe to LA!

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    The Saints were robbed. One of the worst missed calls in the history of the game. The Rams didn't win, the referees handed the game to them on a silver platter. The lack of accountability of the referees needs to be fixed. This was the worst season for referees blowing calls. Maybe at the start of the game the refs should just say this team is going to win! The NFL needs to fix the problem as they are destroying the integrity of the game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtom55 View Post
    One of the worst missed calls in the history of the game.
    I'd say two of the worst missed calls. Makes ya wonder, doesn't it....
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    The refs have a tough job, and the players seem to get faster every year, Brady and Co. excepted. The Saints had plenty of chances which they failed to exploit, so I have limited sympathy for their griping. The refs are paid a fraction of the players but take infinitely more grief.

    As for Tom, the GOAT just keeps getting GOATier. I'm surprised when I hear of football fans tired of the Pats in the Super Bowl, as we'll never again see such a prolonged run of excellence against the odds as Brady and Belichek have produced. It can't last much longer.

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    File this under the "My, how times have changed" dept.: In yesterday's Baseball Hall of Fame voting, the great Yankee closer Mariano Rivera was listed on 100% of the writer's ballots. Obviously, every writer thought he deserved unanimous acclamation. This is a lot different than when the Ken Griffey, Jrs., Henry Aarons, and Willie Mayses of the world were on the ballot, and some smart-ass writer didn't think that they weren't one of the ten players deemed worthy of being in the HOF in their voting year!

    I don't want to detract one iota from Rivera's 100%! What I do want, and, obviously we don't have a time machine...but if we did...I'd want those writers who didn't have Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson, Bob Gibson, and the other acknowledged "modern" immortal on their ballot THROWN OUT OF THE BASEBALL WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA FOREVER! PERIOD! END OF THOUGHT & SENTENCE. You might be interested in the very 1st voting done by the esteemed members of the press in the late 1930's. The following were elected to the HOF and, except for Christy Mathewson who had died in the 20's, all were on hand in 1939, when the doors of the Hall were first opened. You may have seen the famous photo taken that day. Anyway, here's that list: Grover Cleveland Alexander, Ty Cobb (he got the most votes), Eddie Collins, Walter Johnson, Napoleon Lajoie, Babe Ruth, George Sisler, Tris Speaker, Honus Wagner, and, oh yeah, Denton True "Cy-clone" Young! NOT ONE OF THESE RECEIVED MENTION ON 100% OF THE BALLOTS CAST! Some of the writers must have been smoking those funny-looking cigarettes when they were filling out their ballot!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amicus View Post
    I'm surprised when I hear of football fans tired of the Pats in the Super Bowl, as we'll never again see such a prolonged run of excellence against the odds as Brady and Belichek have produced.
    You can't possibly mean that, Mike. I know you can imagine yourself in the place of all of us who are fans of other football teams. Can I appreciate that Brady and Belichek are very good at what they do? Of course. Do I want to see them in the Super Bowl year after year? Of course not.
    If my favorite team can't be in the biggest game of the year, I'd at least like to see some different teams have that chance. I think my feelings are shared by most people outside of the area of New England that cheers for the Patriots.
    For me, it applies to any sport. I don't like the Yankees (and some other baseball teams) because they are in the playoffs year after year.
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    I'm looking forward to the 2019 Season in the majors of baseball - because I want to see the Cubbies win the Series again - and I do believe this is possible.
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  9. This new L.A. Stadium will be built where Hollywood Park race track stood. It will be home to the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    This new L.A. Stadium will be built where Hollywood Park race track stood. It will be home to the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.
    The renderings of the stadium look fantastic , especially with the palm trees.
    Puts our MetLife stadium here in Jersey to shame.
    I guess that's California living vs New Jersey ....OK
    (insert joke here)

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    I'm in Dina's corner! When it comes to Super Bowl or World Series participants, I want to see teams whose fandom has never tasted the "thrill of victory!" The FANS are the ones who support their teams! I don't care about the networks who only want the Pats, the Yankees, the Warriors. We all know that the reasons behind this thinking are, simply, ratings,advertisers & money! If great teams continually win, that's a sign of excellence. If they get to the SB year after year, it means that their opponents aren't able to beat them, plain and sample. I think if the Lions and Browns, who have never even competed in a SB, were to meet, there would still be high ratings and SB parties! The Bills lost four consecutive SBs! The Falcons should have won two years ago -- who knows when they may have another opportunity? The fans in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Minnesota, and the others who have yet to relish a SB victory, should have that great feeling of victory AT LEAST ONCE! I thought this year might be the perfect LA scenario. If the Pats win, it means the Rams weren't good enough, and the Pats' legend will grow even stronger! But I want LA football fans to be able to celebrate the ultimate NFL victory! just my opinion!

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    For what it is worth -- NFL Quarterback championships
    Bart Starr 5-0
    Sid Luckman 4-0
    Terry Bradshaw 4-0
    Joe Montana 4-0
    Troy Aikman 3-0
    Tom Brady 5-3
    All the quarterbacks above except for Aikman and Brady played when there were fewer teams, thus each team had better players pre-expansion
    If Brady did not have great defenses they would have lost more. He has never really played his best in the playoffs
    Read the following twitter post to see his goatness and come to your own conclusions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dina View Post
    You can't possibly mean that, Mike.
    Poorly expressed by me, and I was a fool even to get into that. I respect the right of every fan to root for the underdog and I generally do that myself, when one of the few teams I really care about isn't playing.

    Some of the flak directed at Brady, in particular, irks me, however. It's absurd to say that Bart Starr's three NFL championships before the first Super Bowl were better than Brady's Super Bowls because there were fewer teams. For one thing, the NFL was just one of two U.S. pro football leagues for those three, and the AFL had some pretty good players from the start, improving steadily each year, hence the merger. For another, it's patently obvious that any team has a better chance of being No. 1 in a 14-team than in a 32-team league. Pro football also exploded in popularity from the late '60s on, and salaries went up accordingly, so the caliber of competition Brady has faced is, to say the very least, at least as good as in Starr's day. To say Brady won thanks to his defenses betrays a certain unfamiliarity with the facts. They did have some strong defenses for the early Super Bowls, but over the past decade they've got there mainly despite defenses that were good but not great. Green Bay's defenses in Starr's era were much stronger, relative to their competition, as I saw many a weekend, since they were a national tV fixture. Starr was great and give him full credit for his two Super Bowl wins, but Tom's stats, if you review them fairly, make quite a case. Of course, as I've heard Tom say more than anyone, it's a team game, so no one player wins any of them.
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    For whatever it's worth...we won't have to run a benefit for Manny Machado. The Padres gave him his THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in a ridiculous 10 year contract! I don't want to be in San Diego when he has a .280, 25 hr, 90 rbi season. Many players would love to produce those numbers, but they're not getting 30 million a year. Willie Mays could probably get 30 million a year if he were playing, but remember, the great #24 is 88 years old (boy, am I feeling my age!)! Now that Manny is in the fold, we just have to get poor Bryce Harper HIS obscene contract!

  15. Based on his performance for the Dodgers, Manny's not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nancy View Post
    Based on his performance for the Dodgers, Manny's not worth it.
    And he's poison in the locker room.
    Pack a small bag....

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    The "problem" with the Dodgers going after Harper -- there would be too many left-handed hitters in the lineup. Historically, very few teams, if any, have succeeded with an overabundance of lefties in the everyday lineup. Right now, I'm more concerned with Kershaw and his arm "problem."

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    Good point, Stanley.

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    We won't have to run a benefit for Mike Trout! A 12-year contract for $430,000,000...and it's all guaranteed! And I'm old enough to remember when Bill Russell signed his $100,000 contract with the Celtics! Please keep in mind that the immortal Mr. William Felton Russell led his Celtics to ELEVEN NBA championships!! Mike Trout has appeared in three playoff games! Trout and Bryce Harper now have contracts that total nearly EIGHT-HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! And neither of them has a world series ring to show for it! I'll never begrudge anyone from making as much money as they can, but I would love to know what #6 is thinking at this moment! All of this reminds me of the famous joke -- "In 1932 or thereabouts, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., gave his sons some new blocks to play with...49th Street, 50th Street, 51st Street, etc."

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    Mets win. They own the best opening day record in any major American sport.

    Scherzer v de Grom was a classic, renewing in one fell swoop the unique seasonal pleasure of this game.

    I love the sights and the sounds of baseball. It's deep in the mind and body of this American boy. Welcome back, baseball. You can't take that away from me.