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Thread: Playing Favorites

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    Playing Favorites

    I always thought that it would be really cool to have special guest on Playing Favorites on Sirius/XM. By special guests I mean fans that live their Sinatra. I personally would love to share my favorites with a vast audience and think it would help introduce some songs others may never get exposed to!!
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  2. I think they used to have fans program Nancy For Frank.
    A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square

    My favorite song.

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    Take a look at this thread. It’s an amazing experience to hear your selections played by Nancy and Chuck.
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    Dina, you're right on the money! I would love to see, if I had my "druthers," one NFF every other month "programmed" by an SFFer. The same holds true with "Playing Favorites!" I think many of us feel that the SFF IS our extended family, and having a "say" in these two great programs would be "amazing and wonderful!"