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Thread: Frank Sinatra Jr. Filmography!

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    Frank Sinatra Jr. Filmography!

    I am happy to announce that a new Frank Sinatra Jr. Filmography section has been added to the navigation bar of this website that takes you to:

    Film List

    Film Posters

    Either of these pages can be used to click through to a film detail page with much more information.

    We are also working on a list of TV appearances by Frankie, but that is much more involved and will be released later.

    As always, tremendous thanks is due to Andrew Trager for his unrelenting research effort. Thank you, Andrew!


  2. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive, Andrew and Robert. It means so much.

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    Frank Sinatra Jr. TV Appearances!

    We have now added to the Frank Sinatra Jr. Filmography with a list of Frankie’s television appearances and a gallery:

    TV List

    TV Gallery

    As with the Film pages, either of these new TV web pages can be used to click through to a detail page which provides more information.

    While Andew is still working his research mojo to add more information, he has already catalogued over 200 entries in Frankie’s TV database. It’s quite entertaining to peruse through the listings as Andrew’s work is very detailed.

  4. Thanks so much for keeping his flame burning.