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    Sinatra Bar and Lounge


    Icon Entertainment Group Announces Sinatra Bar and Lounge

    Early 2020 Opening Slated In Downtown Nashville

    In partnership with Frank Sinatra Enterprises, Nashville-based Icon Entertainment Group is pleased to announce Sinatra Bar and Lounge. Slated to open in early 2020, Sinatra Bar and Lounge will be located in the historic Southern Turf building, a spectacular Queen Anne structure built in 1839 in Nashville’s Printer’s Alley.

    With a Manhattan meets Palm Springs ambiance, the upscale small plates menu will feature many of the Chairman of the Board’s favorite Italian recipes, complimented by a “set ‘em’ up Joe” old school, standard cocktail menu. Sinatra’s drink of choice Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, or Old No. 7 as he referred to it, will be front and center, along with the new Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select.

    “It’s a pleasure and an honor for our family to partner with the Sinatra family to bring what promises to be one of Nashville’s—and the Southeast’s—most notable establishments,” says Bill Miller, founder of Icon Entertainment.

    “We are thrilled that our Dad, who loved good songs, good food and good spirits, will now be part of Music City’s creative and vibrant landscape,” says Nancy and Tina Sinatra. Added Tina, “the stately Southern Turf landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and once housed a speak easy and saloon; how cool is that?”

    The Southern Turf Building is located in the rapidly redeveloping area of downtown Nashville. The basement level of the building is home to the legendary Skull’s Rainbow Room, which just took the number five spot in TripAdvisor’s Top 40 list of the best restaurants in Nashville.

    Updates regarding the Sinatra Bar and Lounge will be published on the following in the coming months:

    Twitter: @sinatrabartn

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    Wonderful news !
    This could be the start of something big or bigger...
    Forever Frank ~ Forever Betty ~ Forever Dina ~ Forever Bobbysoxer

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    Cool !!!!
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    Wonderful! I've been talking with a friend about a trip to Nashville. I've never been and now, I just have another reason to go.
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    Could be a good idea for a trip to the US...
    "It's nice to go trav'ling..."

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    Something that England is yearning for.
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

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    Wishing this venture every success. A certain stop for us on our next visit to Nashville.

    Personally, I am very curious to see the Manhattan to Palm Springs ambience, and even more, some of Frank's favorite recipes.

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    I'll drink to that! Nashville is a wonderful city, with plenty to see and do!

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    Very cool. I will take a couple of things off my bucket list to make sure this goes on there.
    let the music play as long as there's a song to sing

  10. How fun! I've been telling my husband that we should visit Nashville and now there's another, even better reason!

    "Frank is just like you. Just like me. Only bigger."

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    Maybe a Forum Family event should be arranged for sometime next year in Nashville...
    Always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
    Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. ~ Ellie Wiesel