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Thread: ULTIMATE SINATRA (Target Exclusive)

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    ULTIMATE SINATRA (Target Exclusive)

    Target is set to release on 31 May 2019:

    Limited Edition Exclusive 2LP Solid Blue Vinyl

    Check Target & for availability

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    Is this different to other blue vinyl releases of “Ultimate Sinatra”?
    "I Could Have Danced All Night...".

  3. The catalog/barcode number is different, but the track listing appears to be identical to the previous US blue vinyl limited store edition:

    —> Barnes & Noble exclusive vinyl LP
    —> Product image
    —> Catalog numbers

    One foreign website includes the following disclaimer for this new release (translated):

    "Ultimate Sinatra" is a reissue of a double blue vinyl compilation of the early songs of the American singer Frank Sinatra, originally released in 2015.
    Frank Sinatra Recordings thread: —> ULTIMATE SINATRA (Capitol/UMe) 2015

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