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Thread: G'day!

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    Pretzel_Head Guest


    G'day to all you cobbers who reckon' Frank is bonzer! I'm from Tassie myself.

    Tell ya that Franko can sing like a cane toad flat out drinking!

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    gday mate, from over West ere, good to have yer..

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    Pretzel_Head Guest
    Over west hey mate? We lookin' at maybe Perth, Albany way? Heard the Sheilas over there aren't so bad.

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    Thanks Pretzel_Head...

    ...for reinforcing phony, idiotic and moronic "Aussie Bloke" stereotypes - which don't really exist.

    Get real: the site's about Frank Sinatra - not your ego BS.

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    Pretzel_Head Guest
    Well i guess thats all a matter of opinion. This forum in particular does not say International Sinatra Fans to talk About Sinatra. This is, from what i can see, a place for fans from the same region to talk. Now if we (namely me and Mallory) want to talk in Aussie Bloke sterotypes, then i really cant see whats wrong with that.

    So really, this has nothing to do with my ego and i dont understand that reference. Maybe you just dont agree with my sense of humour. If so, im real sorry, and i will discontinue the slang thing.

    Oh, btw, The Matrix has you.

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    Cmon guys loosen up, its only the internet after all, lets not get carried away..

    Ohh and mate the sheilas are ruddy beaut, ohh and im Perth way..

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    Pretzel_Head Guest
    You got the right idea Mr. Ocean!

    As for the Sheilas, ill have to come to Perth sometime.

    Tasmania is a really beautiful place, if you've never been, you should come for a holiday sometime, its really great.

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    You will definatly have to come mate, soo many good chicks round the traps..

    Ohh and i'll be makin my way over to Tassie next year or aroundabouts..

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    Theres only one thing to know about being Aussie, and thats anything thats worth doing like opening parliament or some arts festival can always be improved with a sausage sizzle. Its as simple as that.


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    It's not about opinions, it's about respect.

    "Sheilas" is derogatory to women - don't think you can get away with it in the name of slang. Don't use it here.

    You want to talk your languange on an International Forum? Fine. English is your language. Talk it. It's embarrassing enough that so many of our international friends post so intelligently without English as their first language - they don't need to read half-assed drivel that's embarrassing to most Australians with a brain. And the fact that it's just sexist crap makes it that much worse.

    Most of us have had a gutful of the ratpack swagger rubbish - it's already been done, so we don't need the Aussie wanker's version.

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    i can understand where your coming from Rick, and i suppose first impressions are important, but then you make the point that it may be embarrasing to those of us with a brain and you may be right, but its also a bit of fun for those of us who have a sense of humour, and thats fairly important in the world we live in, seeying as there is very little to smile about in international affairs nowadays...

    Ohh and Dunc very good point there mate..

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    Pretzel_Head Guest
    Hahaha, I like that Gary! A good ol' barbie can turn any boring event into a party.

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    Question Help !

    If i underestood, the word "sheilas" in Australia, means something pejorative to womans, isn't it?

    Today i saw in an Australian restaurant here in Rio (Outback Steak House)
    these words in the toilets doors: Blokes and Scheilas. The first one to man and the other to woman.
    Is it vulgar or unpolished?

    S V Peluzio Jr

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    Yeah i spose it is derogative to women, and in this day and age of political correctness it becomes critical to speak appropriatly, however i merely think its all a bit of fun and all the gals i know dont mind it at all and take it in the spirit its intended..

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    Talking YES S.V.!

    Vulgar & Unpolished!

    "Bloke" = "REAL Man - self-imagined"

    "Sheila" = Perjorative put-down of woman (by above)

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    Thank you guys.
    S V Peluzio Jr

  17. Dear me

    I have only just noticed this hidden gem of a thread.

    '"Sheilas" is derogatory to women - don't think you can get away with it in the name of slang. Don't use it here.'

    Come on Rick baby, loosen up! Its supposed to be the English who are crusty.

    And you already know i despise this political correct tripe.

    But if either of you gentleman mention the word 'Pom' or 'Er Maj' you're going to get it!

    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    Another Aussie to join the ranks haha