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Thread: musical statues and plates

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    collector Guest

    Cool musical statues and plates

    i have sinatra musical plates/statues. the plates play ny.ny and the other one plays my way. i think they are from the hamilton mint. the statues play the christmas waltz, i got the world on a string, and i can't remember now. the third one.. one of the statues is really well made, again i think it's from the hamilton mint,or something like that... does any member want them ( free ,of course), e-mail me, but please don't accept them if you intend on selling them... you could give them as a gift..that's ok,,, i must secure them ,so they don't break during shipping. i don't have any of the original packing boxes, vinny

  2. Dont know

    I think statues are tastefull.

    But plates, playing music?

    I find them tacky.

    Frank himself said, i believe, that he didnt wish to end up on a coffee mug.

    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    well made

    i personally can't stand all this plate/statue/picture stuff. these were gifts given to me by girlfriends/friends wives/family. i'm totally not into any of this.. some of them are well made and the musical tone is very good. i think the plates could have been from when sinatra was alive and approved by his family. the picture of a early forties frank in a frame is at least 30 years old, when i receive it.. i want to get rid of this merchandise. i became a miminalist , after my home was robbed....i'm only interested in the songs... vinny

  4. Yes

    One does tend to get clogged up in buying anything and everything Sinatra.

    But i think a tasteful figurine is quite a good addition to a Sinatra fans drawing room.

    But singing plates?

    I just dont get it.

    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    pal joey Guest
    The family members no doubt have their reasons for licensing items like these, but I find things like musical plates to be simply tacky. I can't imagine Mr. Sinatra, a paragon of taste, feeling differently.


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    i agree , one figurine is good. my aunt has a 18 " sinatra that is unbeleivable from the suit to the orange pocket square, to the coins in his pockets, coat over the shouder and tilted hat. it is a gem... i was bombarded with e-mails... i think that i will send out just one item( the one that could break the least),,, i know who it will go to... if you don't get an e-mail from me ,then you are not getting the item...p.s. it is a lady who gets it,,, caio vinny

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    also agree

    paljoey, i also agree.. somehow ,many women love to collect plates... elvis plates/gone with the wind, historical plates,( they are well made), i 'm not sure if it's hamilton,rockwell or smithsonian plates.. i guess that's why when they are issued, they sell pretty well... but i hate them( dust collectors and they take up space), but to each his own,,,vinny

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    Cool frisbee contest

    hey adam, pj.. what about an international frisbee contest( with plates), or a target practice ( adam ,we could use our holland & holland shotguns), ( just trying to keep it quite british and proper in a sporting way), vinny

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    I like plates and statues of Frank!
    I have a stautue of Frank it plays LUCK BE A LADY! I have never seen a Frank Sinatra plate however!

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    Sinatra plates are nice but also dangerous. A former girlfriend just broke one over my head. Her idea of dinner was not a frank and orange drink at Nedicks.

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    Smile why not

    where is the sinatra school of the arts, please reply with the address and who, i should note attention to, vinny p.s. my girlfriend hates this type of music, she likes christian music and hot club dance music ( strange mix) i just want to get rid of this stuff...there is no romantic ritual, thanks