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Thread: COME FLY WITH ME (Capitol) 1957 Billy May/Riddle

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    I think "Moonlight in Vermont" is the best thing on the album, and one of Frank's best, period. However, different things "speak" to different people...

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    Bumping for the discussion of the TWA product endorsement on the cover.
    See separate thread in the Frank Sinatra forum: Come Fly With Me cover.

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    And with that, I'd like to meantin Frank's tour de force from this album, "Brazil". It just really swings. Magnificent vocals, great rythym. Just a favorite of mine as of late.

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    Hi, David!

    I agree with you.

    Brazil is a great song sang by Frank.
    I like it very much.

    By the way, I love this album.

    Frank Sinatra: You will be my music.

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    Has that samba feel to it. There are a select amount of Sinatra songs that have that latin tinge to them, all of which I love. I'm reminded of, "Granada" that pays tribute to habaneras of Spain and "The Moon was Yellow", the single from Capitol.

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    very beautiful

    I like very very much this album

  7. Fantastic Concept Album

    One of my fave Frank albums. I don't have any individual fave songs on this as it needs to be experinced as a 'whole'. Really the flow of the album is just perfect.

    The cover art is my fave of Franks Capitol albums.

    'Empty is a string of dirty days
    Held together by some rain.
    And the cold winds drumming at the trees again.'

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    Come Fly With Me

    I have that album framed, and it's in my upstairs den.
    Don't go through life. Grow through life.

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    I think Frank was in the best voice of his career on this album. Other Sinatra albums touch my heart more. Some make me happier no matter what my original mood.

    But when I listen to this one, my reaction from one song to the next is "Holy ****!, that is the best singin' I've ever heard!"
    David B.

  10. YES! Great album...

    I guess you haven't heard Concert Sinatra? If not, you gotta listen!!

  11. David B.

    [QUOTE=David B.;566503]that is the best singin' I've ever heard!"

    That says it all in not so many words David.
    'Cause he was Sensational....Thats all!

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    Ok, you GOT me.

    The Concert Sinatra is ANOTHER time when Frank was in the best voice of his career! And he brings more depth to it. When I open the trunk on that deserted island, I hope they're both in there...along with an inflatable lifeboat and a couple of oars...
    David B.

  13. Deserted Island....lots Frank CD's......the lifeboat and oars would be the last thing i would want
    'Cause he was Sensational....Thats all!

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    David B.

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    <<the lifeboat and oars would be the last thing i would want>>

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    Replacements for "On The Road To Mandalay"

    Quote Originally Posted by bvo35 View Post
    It should be noted that "On The Road To Mandalay" did not appear on the original album release in the United Kingdom, actually being replaced by "Chicago".
    Bernhard goes on in an early post in this thread to describe the legal entanglements with the estate of Rudyard Kipling which prevented the inclusion of "Mandalay" on the issues of Come Fly With Me in the British Empire. This has been discussed several times in the Forum, as a search for "Mandalay Kipling" will show. However, the above statement is only partly true...

    On the original issue of CFWM in Australia, "On The Road To Mandalay" (last track on side A) was replaced by "Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)," which had been released as a 45 single in the US. But on the MONO issue in Great Britain and some European countries, the replacement track was "It Happened In Monterey" (from the much earlier album, Songs For Swingin' Lovers). Finally, on the STEREO issue in the UK, the replacement was "French Foreign Legion," another US single.

    I was reminded of this by Nick in Toronto due to the mention of "French Foreign Legion" in another thread, and by these album cover images (from Nick's collection). These are from the UK EMI-Middlesex/Capitol LP issue with catalog no. SLCT 6154. The back cover clearly shows the inclusion of "French Foreign Legion" on this version of the album.

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    For comparison with the above, by the time the digitally remastered productions by Alan Dell were issued in the '80s, the CFWM LP had been restored to its original US equivalent. Here are the covers from Nick's version of the UK EMI/Capitol catalog no. ED 26 0095 1, which shows "Road To Mandalay" in the rear liner notes:

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    I love the song "On The Road To Mandalay" makes you wanna March..LOL.. probably my fave on this album..that and "It's Very Nice To Go Trav'ling" ...Brilliant.

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    Tina, I am sure you must be aware that "On The Road To Mandalay" is directly adapted from a famous poem by Rudyard Kipling, one of your national treasures in literature...

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