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Thread: COME DANCE WITH ME (Capitol) 1958 Billy May

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    COME DANCE WITH ME (Capitol) 1958 Billy May

    Capitol Stereo CD, with 3 Monaural Tracks*

    1959 Grammys for:
    Album of the Year
    Best Male Vocal

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    1. Come Dance With Me
    2. Something's Gotta Give
    3. Just In Time
    4. Dancing In The Dark
    5. Too Close For Comfort
    6. I Could Have Danced All Night
    7. Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)
    8. Day In-Day Out
    9. Cheek To Cheek
    10. Baubles, Bangles & Beads
    11. The Song Is You
    12. The Last Dance
    13. It All Depends On You
    14. Nothing In Common - duet with Keely Smith *
    15. Same Old Song & Dance *
    16. How Are Ya' Fixed For Love? - duet with Keely Smith *

    Tracks 13 - 16 not on original LP

    * Monaural recordings

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    Here's a link for more information / discussion / reviews from older threads for:


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    Come Dance with Me - for sale


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    Look, if you really need the $6.00 really that bad, E-mail me your address & I'll send it to you. Stop degrading yourself by these posts.


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    Now to discuss the album!

    Billy May's arrangements really smoke in this album. For the first time, we hear Day In -Day Out as a swinging ballad. And also, The Song Is You is in a much faster tempo. This album contains many great standards, such as only Frank, as usual, can sing them.

    And how about that great duet with Keely Smith, How Are Ya
    Fixed For Love? Now, that's a duet!!



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    "Come Dance With Me" could very well be my favorite Sinatra album. The Billy May Orchestra is at its swinging best in this one.

    I always turn on "Same Old Song and Dance" after a relationship fails!!! What a great song. It makes me feel better because even though its basically about getting dumped, there is something so cool about it!

    The horns in Cheek to Cheek, and The Song is You are phenomonal. I get goosebumps when I hear them. I do love a lot of Sinatra's slow songs, but man, do I love the ones that really swing!!! Too Close For Comfort is another underated recording. The Billy May Orchestra compliments Frank perfectly.

    I LOVE this CD!!!!!

    We ROCKED a romance to the Castle Rock!

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    Talking <<I always turn on "Same Old Song and Dance" after a relationship fails!!! >>

    Under the circumstances then, wouldn't "How Ya Fixed For Love" be kindofa slap in the face?

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    If anyone is interested in owning this album, I still have the cd for sale. Thanks a lot!

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    My favorite Billy May album, hands down! Really cooks -- from start to finish. I could never listen to any other "I Could Have Danced All Night" after hearing this one.

    But, what's the story with Baubles, Bangles & Beads? Why are the words different on the Reprise version? There was a Reprise version, wasn't there? I think I like that one better...

    I thought it was Neal Hefti but just checked the Swingin' Brass thread here and couldn't find it. Was it Jobim?

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    Smile B, B & B

    Certainly was Freni - it's from the Jobim sessions.

    You can locate any song recorded by Frank using our Search Engine:

    Search > keyword/s > (Scroll up from) "All open forums" to Frank's Recordings >Search. You'll get a page of threads which carry your keyword/s. Just click on the likely thread & you're there.

    Happy searching!

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    ***But, what's the story with Baubles, Bangles & Beads? Why are the words different on the Reprise version? There was a Reprise version, wasn't there?***

    Yes - Sinatra recorded it again on Jan.30, 1967, as a ballad (for the Reprise album "Sinatra-Jobim", arranged by Clkaus Ogerman).

    The lyrical differences come from the song itself... in fact, the 1958 version with Billy May (as heard on Capitol's "Come Dance With Me") takes more liberties with the original lyrics as does the 1967 Reprise version.

    The song was written by Robert Wright and George Forrest, in 1953, for the Musical "Kismet". But it was not a newly conceived song, but an adaption of a classical tune, i.e. some schemes from Alexander Borodin's String Quartet in D. The Reprise recording is more close to the original "mood" of the music as Borodin wrote it.

    Sinatra himself, by the way, found more joy in transforming it into a jazzy swing tune. He never performed the 1958 Capitol Billy May arrangement nor the 1967 ballad chart by Claus Ogerman live, but rather, didn't sing it at all but when reviving it in 1978, he chose a new Jazz arrangement for Quartet by Vincent Falcone jr, which is very uptempo (and thrilling!). He sang that chart through 1978, but then dropped it and never came back to it again.


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    Moderater Request

    Please delete this guy's posts. This is too great of an album to have degraded by a jerk.
    We ROCKED a romance to the Castle Rock!

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    Baubles, Bangles and Beads was a chart hit for The Kirby Stone Four in 1957 or 58. They did it in "shuffle" style with the addition of a wordless girl chorus.

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    Below is a excerpt from the album notes by Pete Welding.

    "It's clear that in Come Dance With Me, there was more than enough stimulus for the singer. Certaintly the spirited invigorating performances he turned in throughout this appealing collection of what big band singers of his generation used to describe as "rhythm tunes," bright, zesty, rhythmically resilient, offer the best proof of that. And the mixture of songs is as satisfying as it is imaginative, juxtaposing the tried and true classics of the past-Schwartz and Dietz's imperishable Dancing In The Dark, Irving Berlin's breezy Cheek to Cheek, Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's lovely The Song Is you, and Rube Bloom and Johnny Mercer's Day n-Day Out - with a number of more recent but no less imperishable examples of the best of the song-writers' art - Johnny Mercer's marvellously insouciant Something's Gotta Give, for example, or Lerner and Loewe's fetching I Could Have Danced All Night (from My Fair Lady). Robert Wright and George Forrest's equally delicious Baubles, Bangles And Beads (from Kismet) and Jerry Bock, Larry Holofcner and George Weiss' bracing Too Close For Comfort. Then, there are several of the fine compositions from the writing team of Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen - Come Dance With Me and The Last Dance - and Cahn and Julie Styne - Saturday Night (Is The Lonliest Night In the Week) - who enjoyed a special, close relationship with the singer and who wrote for him a number of his greatest hits. The mix was magical, the older songs sitting very comfortably with the newer ones, all united by Sinatra's effortless interpretive savvy, breathtakingly beautiful singing and easy-sounding rhythmic mastery and May's equally masterly imaginatively resourceful and surprise-filled orchestrations. Music just doesn't get any better than this." (You aint kidding)

    THE BOTTOM LINE: This album really swings, jumps, smokes. WOW! First rate songs, written by first rate writers, with a first rate arranger and singer who is in a league of his own. And how do you like that album cover? It's something, isn't it?


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    Bumping up in honor of the late Billy May.

    This is one of the finest hours of the Sinatra-May collaboration, and perhaps the most driving, all-out swinging album Sinatra ever recorded. If you can stay in your seat while listening to this one, you're either dead or heavily sedated.


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    I am posting this message on the night we have learned of Billy May's passing. Here is another track I must revisit before the night is over. I am not certain I can deal with the exuberance of the other tracks. Perhaps some other night, any other night but this one.

    Rest in peace, Billy. Thank you for the many enjoyable moments you have given me, both on record and in person. May I say it one more time? You are one of my real life heroes.


    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, Califofnia