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Thread: NICE 'N' EASY (Capitol) 1960 Riddle

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    NICE 'N' EASY (Capitol) 1960 Riddle

    Capitol Stereo CD, with 3 Monaural Tracks ++

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    1. Nice 'N' Easy
    2. That Old Feeling
    3. How Deep Is the Ocean?
    4. I've Got a Crush on You
    5. You Got to My Head
    6. Fools Rush In
    7. Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You)
    8. She's Funny That Way
    9. Try a Little Tenderness
    10. Embraceable You
    11. Mam'selle
    12. Dream
    13. Nearness of You *
    14. Someone to Watch Over Me *++
    15. Day In - Day Out *++
    16. My One and Only Love *++

    * Bonus Tracks not on Original LP

    ++ Monaural Recording

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    I just found this "Nice n Easy" CD, 12 cuts, but from 1988, and NONE of the same songs you mention above! Same cover!

    How's come? This is a Capitol CD, manufactured by Capitol Records, Inc, CD P 7 91149-2, DIDX 3860, copywright 1988.

    Mine has the following:

    1. Nice 'n' Easy
    2. That Old Feeling
    3. How Deep is the Ocean
    4. Ive Got a Crush on You
    5. You Go to my Head
    6. Fools Rush In
    7. Nevertheless
    8. She's funny that way
    9. Try a little Tenderness
    10. Embraceable You
    11. Mam'selle
    12. Dream

    Liner notes: "Nice 'n' easy is not only the name of a song & an album title, it's an attitude of mind, a kind of romantic relaxation that, when used to expore a song, can have the most delightful results.

    This exploration, this nice 'n' easy appraoch, is a talent held by few, and by none so firmly as Frank Sinatra. Many are his talents, broad his singing capabilities, but it is pure mystery and magic when he takes a song and gives it his own caressive, unstrained interpretation.

    As for these songs, one (the title tune) is a new one--a gently swinging tune that gets Frank's session off to a bright start, then eases lightly into the ballad mood. The others are indeed all ballads--favorite ones that have been closely identified w/Sinatra down thru the years. They are popular classics, made more popular and more classic by his definitive performances--masterful, yet nice 'n' easy." Produced by DAVE CAVANAUGH

    O.K., my pro gerus, why the difference? This ain't bootlegged for sure. This ia an original. If it were from the original vinyl, why doesn't it have at least the same tunes? Obviously, it a re-release, but why not at least some of the same tunes? Did I get hood-winked by Capital or was this one of their typical stunts?

    Thanks for the explanations!

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    Just a bit of a cunfusion - I think Rick by mistake simply posted the track list for "No One Cares" instead of the one for "Nice'n'Easy".


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    Smile ONCE AGAIN,

    Bernard to the rescue! Danke, dear heart! I thought perhaps I was going more blond-batty than usual.

    Hope Rick catches this prior to its being moved to the special new "Home".


    P.S. What are "rails" in your profile? Like riding rails? That here in the US means an out-of-work guy hitching rides on trains! I know better than that for you!


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    Talking Oops!

    Sorry 'bout the confusion! Tracklist edited accordingly.

    Mary, ANY version of Nice'N'Easy with "A Cottage For Sale" on it would have to be EXTREMELY rare - it aint on my copy!

    Thanks for the input, folks - very much appreciated.

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    Playing nice & easy now
    Its a very underreated album from a time when FS was putting out albums like there was no tomorrow

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    The CD is quite a bargain. Twelve regular songs, plus four bonus tracks. Every song on here is top notch. Nice 'N" Easy is one of the coolest songs every done. And this was done in 1960. No wonder why Sinatra appeals to people of so many different ages. Timeless classics.


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    Lux quoted from the liner notes:

    ***Nice 'n' easy is not only the name of a song & an album title, it's an attitude of mind, a kind of romantic relaxation that, when used to expore a song, can have the most delightful results.***

    I like the notes to this album, they describe it well.

    It might be interesting to note, however, that "Nice'n'Easy" was a kind of last-minute adjustment, both the song itself being included, and it becoming the title song.

    Sinatra recorded twelve songs, all of them ballads, in March 1960 (=tracks 2-13 on the CD Issue), and the title song of the album would have been "The Nearness Of You" (track 13).

    "Nice and Easy" (the song) was done in April and then substituted for "Nearness" as title song, while "Nearness" was dropped from the album completely when the LP was released.

    For completeness sake, the other two extra tracks on the CD issue (tracks 14-16) have nothing to do with the original album sessions, they come from 1953 and 1954, respectively.

    But one of them is particularly noteworthy: "Day In Day Out" (track 15) is the rarely heard Nelson Riddle ballad arrangement that Sinatra recorded in 1954. It is only available here on CD. (It should not be confused with the Axel Stordahl ballad version that Sinatra had recorded in 1953 during his first Capitol session).


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    Nice 'n' Easy

    The song is just that - Nice 'n' Easy. This is a very romantic album, and Franks voice is supurb on all songs - especially My One And Only Love.(sigh)
    "Here's to trouble-free tomorrows. May your sorrows all be small."

  11. Nice album. Well recorded, with quality sound.

    some very smooth and lovely tunes on this one.

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    The CD Mary Todd has must be the 1988 US issue, which has no bonus tracks. It has better artwork on the rear than the 1991 and 2002 CD issues. The 1991 and 2002 US issues have the 4 bonus tracks Rick listed. I don't own the 1988 CD (though I've seen it), but I was told that the original album tracks on the 1991 CD sound just as they do on the 1988 CD. IMO, "The Nearness Of You", though cut from the original album, was the best song recorded at these sessions and one of Frank's finest performances ever. The "feel" and passion in this song is just incredible, even for Frank.

    Recorded March 1, 2, 3, and April 12th, 1960 at the Capitol Tower (likely Studio A)
    Production credit given to Dave Cavanaugh
    Recording originally engineered (superbly) by John Kraus

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    I began collecting Sinatra albums at the age of 13 and the first ones were all what I call upbeat albums...A Swingin' Affair, Come Dance With Me....
    When Reprise came into existence, it and Capitol basically had a war between their Sinatra albums. Reprise tried to name an album with Billy May "Come Swing With Me" the same year Sinatra and May recorded "Swing Along With Me" on Capitol. The issue went to court and Reprise had to change the name of the album (maybe I should put a *see Nice N Easy reference on those other two albums). Getting back to the point, Capitol also responded by a national Sinatra sale where you could buy two Sinatra albums for the price of one. I bought "All the Way" a fine album of late Capitol singles, and this one, Nice N Easy. The two of them and, particularly this one, were my introduction to Sinatra ballads and it was a good one for that with its bluesy charts to "That Old Feeling" and "Nevertheless" and then working into more string-heavy backgrounds for such songs as the fine version here of "Fools Rush In". If you don't own a Sinatra ballad album, this is the one I'd still recommend as your first taste of that wonderful world still ahead of you.

  14. i just listened to this Lp, "Nice and Easy" and let me say this is an enjoyable Lp to listen to.
    Truly a magnificant piece, I hope you all enjoy it.
    You know, Life is so short. Folks, I try not to critize anyone what they're so strong about whether it be this LP or some other...Point is...enjoy your life, and let Frank do the singing.
    God Bless you and by the way .take it "Nice N Easy"

    "You gotta love livin, Cuz dyin's a pain in the a**" - Francis Albert Sinatra.

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    Our resident adorable grouch member, Phil Sands, was making nasty comments about Watertown. He finally had to listen to "Nice 'n' Easy" to get it out of his mind! So I thought I'd get it out again and take a listen.

    It is, indeed, another one of Mr. S.'s jewels in his crown! Yes, Martin, I have the '88 Capitol CD. Were all these 12 recorded in 1960?

    "Man'selle" IMHO, is a gem amongst gems, being performed w/Mr. S's beautiful voice and a single violin, w/the exception of the entire orchestra as a very subtle background and then upon the conclusion, conducted by Nelson, naturally. I don't know the arrangers--the notes are very slim as stated above but to the point. It is hauntingly elegant and a glowing performance, done with such ease!

    Also, very knowledgeable ones, was it Bobby Hackett on the trumpet and other brass solos?

    I remember most of these tunes being popular when I was in college, especially "Nevertheless" , Tenderness" and "Embracable You." Ahh....the most unforgetable memories our Mr. S. recalled this album!

    What's the old FAS phenomenon ~ how many babies were conceived listening to a Sinatra record? This one certainly is one of them!!! "So don't you be a naughty baby, come to papa, come to papa, do. . . . my sweet embracable, you!!" (yes-yes-yes!)

    Thank you, Phil, for reminding me, you old crusty sweetheart!

    and hugs!


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    Mr. Cool

    On the song, Nice 'N Easy, Frank is Mr. Cool. What a Sinatra vehicle this song is - tailored-made for Frank.

    "Like the Man Says, One More Time."

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    As stated, Nice 'N Easy was a singles hit and they bumped "The Nearness of You" to include it. The album is actually a bunch of ballads he made at Columbia Records re-done with Nelson. N&E really doesn't fit into the mood. Nice cover photo of Mr. Sinatra. Notice his name is missing on the front!

  18. why do you always post the word BUMP?

    Just curious Rick

    "You gotta love livin, Cuz dyin's a pain in the a**" - Francis Albert Sinatra.

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    Smile speaking of romance

    I think this album is one of Frank's most romantic ones.

    The songs make you swoon.

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    Looking Back At Columbia Ballads

    The album was really a tribute to the ballads he recorded at Columbia. The "Nice 'N Easy" track, as stated above was substituted for "The Nearness Of You". By the way this is one of the greatest love songs ever written even though the word "love" is never sung! Also, the "Nice 'N Easy" track has the left and right channels reversed for the album so as to match (somewhat) the other 11 tracks. One other thing. "Nice 'N Easy" has a bit of peak distortion on it. I listened to the master and several copies and it was always present.