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Thread: COME SWING WITH ME! (Capitol) 1961 Billy May, Heine Beau, Riddle, Skip Martin

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    COME SWING WITH ME! (Capitol) 1961 Billy May, Heine Beau, Riddle, Skip Martin

    Capitol Stereo CD, with Monaural Tracks++
    Billy May is arranger/conductor except where noted in tracklist
    Bonus Tracks date from 1953 (2), 1955 & 1960

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    1. Day by Day
    2. Sentimental Journey - arr. Heine Beau
    3. Almost Like Being in Love
    4. Five Minutes More
    5. American Beauty Rose - arr. Heinie Beau
    6. Yes, Indeed!
    7. On the Sunny Side of the Street
    8. Don't Take Your Love from Me - arr Heinie Beau
    9. That Old Black Magic - arr Heinie Beau
    10. Lover - arr Heinie Beau
    11. Paper Doll
    12. I've Heard That Song Before
    13. I Love You[*]
    14. Why Should I Cry over You?[*] ++ arr & cond Nelson Riddle
    15. How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me[*] ++ arr & cond Nelson Riddle
    16. River, Stay 'Way from My Door[*] - arr & cond Nelson Riddle
    17. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues[*]

    * Bonus tracks not on original LP
    ++ Monaural Recording

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    Although I can't say I dislike this album, I can't say I'm in love with
    this one. Maybe it's just me, but on many of the songs it seems that
    Frank isn't really 'feeling' it. There are some gems to be found: (Almost
    Like Being In Love and That Old Black Magic) and the CD allows us
    River Stay 'Way From The Door. But as far as Frank's swinging albums
    go, this one has to ride in the back seat.

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    Come Swing with Me

    It was the end of his Capitol relationship, Reprise had started and he phoned it in compared with his best stuff. One of the bonus tracks on the CD, River Stay Away from my Door, is one of his all time great killer performances. If he had sung such greats as Sunny Side of the Street, I've Heard That Song Before, Yes Indeed and others with comparable involvement, they would have become "Sinatra Staples" on the level of such other Capitol Swingers as At Long Last Love, Night and Day, You Make Me Feel So Young, Learnin' the Blules and Just One of Those Things, to name a few.

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    River Stay Away From the Door is Frank at his swinging best. I can't tell you how many times I have belted out that song myself when driving in my car. The ending of the song is electric as Frank is belting out the lyrics. I also love Almost Like Being In Love. These 2 songs alone make this CD a must for any fan!!!

    We ROCKED a romance to the Castle Rock!

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    River Stay Away From My (the) Door

    The version of this track as presented on the Capitol Concepts box is unbelievably remastered, and I mean great. It's the one track that Bob Norberg has remastered that blows everyone else's remaster away. He doesn't monkey around with it, as far as I can hear. What's so odd is that Come Swing With Me in this set is inferior to the 1991 Larry Walsh job, but this one bonus track that Bob worked on is way superior to any other I've ever heard. It sounds like he had a brand new previously unplayed full track master. Very peculiar.

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    Thumbs up Only Recently discovered this little gem

    shame on me.......But "Yes Indeed" is one of the swinginest tunes I ever heard, love this up beat stuff. "River Stay Away From My Door" does the trick too.....Billy & Nelson respectively swing effortlessly with Mr S.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    One thing

    'I Love You' was arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle, but with a "Billy May sound".

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    Bumping up in honor of the late Billy May, whose arrangements on this album give new meaning to the word "stereo!" It's hard to listen to "Come Swing With Me" on headphones without feeling like I'm in the middle of a musical ping-pong match, with the orchestra zigging and zagging frenetically from one speaker to the other.

    This was one of Sinatra's "contractual obligation" albums recorded at the end of his tenure at Capitol, and some critics feel his vocals here are subpar. I disagree, but even if Frank had phoned in his parts, May's arrangements alone would make this essential listening.


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    Thumbs up

    "Yes Indeed" one of Sinatra's finest swingin' tracks, I challenge anybody to keep their feet from a tappin' and their fingers from a clickin' when they hear this wonderful arrangement by the late great Billy May.

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    my 1st

    A friend burned me a mix and burned me Songs for Swingin' Lovers, and I picked up the Sinatra Reprise "Very Good Years" cd from another friend for two bucks a couple years back, but that was only to help my mobile DJ business.
    So today I picked up Come Swing With Me, and I consider this my first Sinatra disc since I became a "true fan".

    I know it's not his greatest album, but I still think it's great. I borrowed a few old records (including this one) from my work at my radio station, and I've been reading up on all his albums, so I've got a list of "must haves". Today this was the only one from that list that I could find.

    The list includes:

    Come Fly With Me
    Come Dance With Me
    Songs for Swingin' Lovers
    Swing Easy/Songs for Young Lovers
    In The Wee Small Hours
    Swingin' Affair
    Only The Lonely
    Nice n Easy
    No One Cares

    one down, nine to go...


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    Nice listing, indeed, Bobrocks...

    You might want to add WHERE ARE YOU and POINT OF NO RETURN...with the great Axel Stordahl...and don't forget some of those memorable concept albums from the 60's at Reprise. If you like swing..and obviously you do..SWING ALONG WITH ME w/May has to be a must. Originally recorded for Capitol.

    As far as Come Swing goes: Frank sings pretty damn well but the idea of eight trumpets, eight bones with French Horns, Baritones and tuba becomes overbearing to these old ears. There's nothing like saxes and strings to keep things interesting. "Yes Indeed" is superb but my favorite is "American Beauty Rose". Incidentally, when Come Swing was released, as I recall, Sinatra had several albums selling in the top ten. Six, I believe.

    The man could put out popular albums like tee-shirts on a hot day.

    God I miss him,


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    Swing Along & Capitol

    In a preceding post I erroneously indicated this great Sinatra album with the late Billy May was recorded originally for Capitol which the illustrious Munchkin corrected me privately. Although the album was recorded while Sinatra was still under contract with Capitol (early '61) and the title was challenged by Capitol in court which resulted in a subsequent retitle, Reprise was the original and release label. It's one of those albums in label I REMEMBER TOMMY AND RING-A-DING-DING.

    However, wasn't there some scuttle about this particular project being originally conceived for Capitol (in the Sinatra "Come with" concept) and part of the later law suit when the title as litigated? I could well be 'all wet' on this but would appreciate input on the subject. Bernhard maybe??
    Much appreciated.

    Holmes...oh, and "Please be Kind"?!

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    Arrow HEY, BOB. . . .

    Don't forget "Where Are You?" and "Everything Happens to Me."

    Not swingin', but concept none-the-less. Am I right, Tommy TwoTone?

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    All Alone...too...

    w/What'll I DO and A NIGHTGALE like?

    You sure have G O O D taste, Lux..


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    and forgot "She Shot Me Down." We can keep this up for a week!

    Bang, Bang!!!

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    You are the Sunshine of my Life...

    RUFF!! RUFF!!

    ....from Some Nice Things I Missed...

    Did want you to think I was getting forward, Luxie...


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    This cd is great. We all have are own little tastes on the forum. I think this is a fantastic cd. I constantly add this to my cd player in the car.

    This is the greatest version That Old Black Magic ever recorded.

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    Shane, it is a great record. If anyone plans to pick it up, try to get the one pressed in 1991 and not the one released in 2002. Without going into details, it's a much better sounding disc.