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Thread: ALL ALONE (Reprise) 1962 

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    ALL ALONE (Reprise) 1962

    1. All Alone
    2. The Girl Next Door
    3. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
    4. Charmaine
    5. What'll I Do?
    6. When I Lost You
    7. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
    8. Indiscreet
    9. Remember
    10. Together
    11. The Song Is Ended
    12. Come Waltz With Me

    all tracks arranged and conducted by Gordon Jenkins

    track 12 is a bonus track.

    Reprise CD

    Re-released through Universal Music Group 2011


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    While it has been argued on other forums back and forth who was the best arranger and not everyone was a fan of Gordon Jenkins, I think if you listen to this album, some of the negativity about Jenkins might change. Just listen, for example, to What'll I Do, written by Irving Berlin. If this song doesn't get to you, I don't know what will.

    I loved all of Sinatra's arrangers, but when it comes to that emotional depth, I think Jenkins brought it out the most in Frank's interpretation of lyrics.


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    obscure + quality

    first: i love the cover. it looks like frank.

    this might be the most obscure "quality material" album of sinatra. i mean this is not kiddy pop, but an honest try for a concept album. the songs complement each other. yet i never listen to those songs. i actually will do now, and see if they did grow on me.

    i think it is similiar to "songs from great britain". sinatra sounds a bit tired in spots. it helps "britain" that i like the songs much and adore farnons unusual orchestrations.

    i coupled both to fill one CD, i think it makes sense sound wise. in this context i hiope to listen to the less favourtie songs more often.

    (i just listened to the first song "all alone", and it is perfect.)
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    0308 All Alone
    0313 The Girl Next Door
    0317 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
    0309 Charmaine
    0315 What'll I Do?
    0310 When I Lost You
    0316 Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
    0314 Indiscreet
    0311 Remember
    0312 Together
    0307 The Song Is Ended
    0318 Come Waltz With Me

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    first: i love the cover. it looks like frank.>>

    Thats so funny because I have always disliked this cover, I think it looks like Tommy Smothers. Love the album, though..


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    Just rec'd. this as a gift and what a wonderful addition to my collection. The title song ALL ALONE literally sent goosebumps up my arms! It is so lush, and the background soprano at the ending is so, so unique! I get all "bumpy" just thinking about it!

    All the cuts are the best. INDISCREET is the first time for me, and quite nice. I just wanted to go hug sweet Mr. S. for being so "All Alone!" He certainly put across the image, that's for sure.

    And speaking of images, I, as well Phil, don't care for it. And now that you mention it, it DOES look like Tommy Smothers! But you can overlook the cover for the insides. During "All Alone", I just knew it was Gordon Jenkins even before reading the info - you can just tell by all those lush strings.

    It's simply marvelous--once again a must for an avid FAS collector!

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    For me, 'The Song Is Ended' is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard. Just like Lois said, there's a "lady soprano" here as well, and her singing almost makes me cry.


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    Thumbs up ALL ALONE

    Listen to "When I Lost You" -- if you're not moved by that one, you're made of stone. Heart-wrenching. Someone at the forum turned me on to this song, and told me the story behind it. It is an Irving Berlin song, written by Mr. Berlin about the loss of his beloved wife. According to Leonard Mustazza's "Ol Blue Eyes: A Frank Sinatra Encyclopedia," on the day Frank recorded the song (1/15/62) he "too, felt and sang out Berlin's sense of loss, since it was on that day that he served as a pallbearer at the funeral of his friend Ernie Kovaks." Perhaps the melancholy of losing a friend touched the sensitive heart of Sinatra and impacted his recording of the song.

    Surprisingly, this album was not a big performer on the charts. However, it is definitely a winner. Sinatra was so adept at making his listeners feel the emotions behind a lyric; he was a poet, himself, in his ability to make you feel what the lyricist was trying to express. In ALL ALONE, Sinatra expresses loneliness and a nostalgic sorrow for what was and what is. Listen to "What'll I Do" -- indeed, what will he do? That song reeks of loneliness. Beautifully done.

    For another nice turn on "What'll I Do," listen to Nancy Sinatra's version of the song. Very lovely, although she disparagingly referred to her performance of it as the duck song. In fact, she's wrong; it's quite lovely in its loneliness and its beautiful diction. Give a listen.

    ALL ALONE consists of songs primarily by Irving Berlin. Wonderful songs. Wonderful cd.

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    When I Lost You


    When I Lost You is so heart wrenching. Only a person who lost someone so special could write a song like this and only a person like Frank could sing it and bring out exactly how the writer felt. Forget about popularity of a song. The novelty songs will sell like gangbusters and die out quickly. These type of songs sometimes are slow to catch on, but once they do, they never leave us. Though I must say that when Frank sings songs like When I Lost You, it definitely gives me a lump in my throat.


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    Kathy, my sweet friend. . .

    Just listened to that again. The last time I was in bed, about to drift off and did so! Tonight I listened to it completely.

    Stone? Putty, maybe. Such emotion, he literally makes me cry! What other singer in the twentieth century ever did such an insiteful reading of such a song? No one. No one. No one but our Francis.

    Thank you for bringing this back to me. Perhaps I was way too tired to appreciate it last night. However, I will again take it with me into retirement (bed,that is!) and see if I can stay awake long enough to appreciate the emotions and the feelings.

    And you know what, my sweet friend. . .perhaps you and Bernard need to go into partnership. . ..what a pair of FAS feelings and knowledge. . . .could be called K&B Productions!

    I U and :frank, as we all do!


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    ALL ALONE literally sent goosebumps up my arms!>>

    Aren't all the songs waltz's? I listened to it 5 times last week, the woman on the album is a wonder..


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    Yes, Phil -- all the songs are waltzes. They had thought about calling the lp "Come Waltz With Me," I believe.

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    Lois -- you honor me... but I'm afraid Bernhard is in a class by himself. Enjoy ALL ALONE!

    Dennis -- what you say about songs such as those written by Berlin is so true. They have a universality to them -- people can relate to the story being told; which is why they never go out of fashion.

  14. All Alone

    Does anyone own this album?

    What exactly does it entail?

    Is it literally just vocal?


    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    hi adam, "all alone" is a ballad album from 1962 with complete orchestration.

    i think it was planned to be titled "come waltz with me", that's also one of the songs on it, in waltz tempo.

    it contains sinstra's version of "are you lonesome tonight", made famous by elvis (later i think).

    i am sure the album is listed in the recordings section.
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  16. Thanks Steffen. I did a search but couldnt find it in there.

    On amazon, it is billed as 'Sinatra unaccompanied'.

    Which made me look twice.

    I would love to hear Sinatra with no orchestra, would sound wonderful - on the right songs naturally.

    'One For My Baby' for instance, would be magical.

    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    i think there is an a-capella song on the hollywood set ... forget which. maybe "ever homeward"?
    the early columbia tracks were without orchestra, but with a vocal choir for example.
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    by the way, how is gordon jenkins supposed to arrange and conduct frank sinatras' voice?
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    I can't believe that's Frank on the cover of that album. Looks like Bing to me.
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  20. Thats exactly what i thought Steffen!

    Sorry, it wasnt amazon i saw it, i searched for it on google and found this site which stated it :


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