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Thread: THE WORLD WE KNEW (Reprise) 1967 

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    THE WORLD WE KNEW (Reprise) 1967

    1. The World We Knew (Over and Over)
    2. Somethin' Stupid
    3. This Is My Love
    4. Born Free
    5. Don't Sleep in the Subway
    6. This Town
    7. This Is My Song
    8. You Are There
    9. Drinking Again
    10. Some Enchanted Evening

    track 1 arranged by Ernie Freeman, conducted by Billy Strange
    track 2 arranged by Billy Strange, conducted by Claus Ogerman
    track 3, 4, 8 arranged and conducted by Gordon Jenkins
    track 5, 7 arranged and conducted by Ernie Freeman
    track 6 arranged and conducted by Billy Strange
    track 9 arranged and conducted by Claus Ogerman
    track 10 arranged and conducted by H.B. Barnum

    Reprise CD


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    I think that The World We Knew is a pretty good album, but it has definite downsides. It has great tracks like the title track, Something Stupid (of course), This Is My Song. You Are There, and Drinking Again, but it also has songs that, in my opinion, don't compliment Mr. Sinatra at all. Songs like Born Free, Don't Sleep In The Subway (a nice attempt, but it just doesn't work), This Town, and the butchering of Some Enchanted Evening by turning it into a hard, fast swing. On the whole however, I really enjoyed it.

  3. Breaking new ground in 1967!

    Mr. Sinatra's swingin' 1967 version of Some Enchanted Evening was (to my knowledge) the first time a popular performer ever did the song that way! It works for me! The arrangement and vocal performance are fantastic.

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    indeed it works ("enchanted evening"), one of the two reprise songs that i remember,
    where frank goes for that supernatural last high note.
    (the other song is "you'll never walk alone").

    ("never let her goooouuuuuu" and "you'll neeever walk aalooouuun").

    another great song is "this town", with the great harmonica accompaniment. if there ever has been a "Town"-singer, it has to be sinatra!
    SINATRA : " Standing Room Only " ... new LIVE box 2018

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    I think "This Town" is one of Sinatra's experiments with contemporary sounding '60s pop that worked best for him -- it's got real bite to it. "Drinking Again" is a masterpiece, a somewhat forgotten "saloon song" classic. "Some Enchanted Evening" is a bizarre oddity, supposedly performed with that arrangement to get Richard Rodgers' goat. The rest of the album is, to me, pretty forgettable. Most of it is pleasant pop music, but it's not SINATRA music.

    And in case you're wondering, "The World We Knew" peaked at #23 on Billboard's album charts upon its release in 1967.


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    Yes, it has some enjoyable moments, and Frank always keeps it interesting, but to my mind this is one of Frank's poorest albums (along with That's Life).
    Even the sound here is somewhat muddy; I wish Nelson Riddle had the assignment to write the chart for "Born Free". Gordon Jenkins' arrangement of the song just doesn't work.
    Not coincidentally, both of the albums I mention here were produced by Jimmy Bowen, the only two Sinatra albums that were totally his. (Actually this one isn't all Bowen now that I think about it; Drinking Again, the best song in the album, is from the Jobim sessions and was produced by Sonny Burke)
    Anyone who thinks this and That's Life are good Sinatra albums have only to play one of the truly great ones and compare.

  7. I like This Town, but I have never heard the Subway or Enchanted covers. Thanks for including those comments...they sound like interesting experiments.

    PS..This town is has real bite.

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    ***another great song is "this town", with the great harmonica accompaniment***

    The harmonica on this recording was played by the great Toots Thielemans, of global Jazz fame, who is especially popular in Germany and continental Europe. It was the only time he recorded with Sinatra. In the 90s Thielemans teamed up with one of Germany's hottest young Big Band (Thilo Wolf) and on the occasion when kindly giving a small interview still remembered the session vividly.

    Personally, my view of this album much resembles the one given by Pal Joey.

    It combines tracks ranging from absolutely brilliant excellency (---"Drinking Again", for instance: WHAT ayyy great saloon song, a marvelous recording, done on the evening of the final Sinatra-Jobim session on February 1, 1967 and maybe Sinatra's BEST Saloon song on Reprise---) down to, well, not-so-much-suited-for-FS stuff (in my opinion).
    But that's where personal taste comes in - I personally think the (Sinatra music) world could have done well without "Don't Sleep In The Subway" or "This Town" sung by FS, and that his up-tempo of "Some Enchanted Evening" is kind of a throwaway of a marvelous Rodgers song (check Sinatra's great duet version of this song from 1963 with Rosemary Clooney on Reprise, that's a marvelous, beautiful rendition of this classic!).

    But then again, all of those who like these songs prove that FS made the right decision to record them.


  9. Question

    "done on the eve of the final Sinatra-Jobim session) to, well, not-so-much-suited-for-FS stuff (in my opinion)"

    You don't like the Jobim work too much?

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    Exclamation No No to the contrary

    To the contrary!!! I think Sinatra-Jobim is among the very best Sinatra has ever recorded. Maybe his best on Reprise at all.

    I was thinking that the fact that "Drinking Again" was recorded on the evening of the final Jobim session 1967 somewhat naturally explains why it is such an outstanding song.

    Sorry if my above language sounded misunderstanding in this point, aka 'vat about t'at German's funny English' :-) - I tried to edit it to make the remark clearer.


  11. Ich spreche Deutche, aber es nicht ser gut....

    haha...Sorry, it has been a long time since my high-school German lessons, Bernhard...!

    I was probably just reading it wrong..your posts are always among the most articulate and eloquent on here! I just wanted to clarify, because I completely agree that the Jobim sessions are among the best..and I was surprised to think perhaps you thought differently--only because I usually agree with your observations on Sinatra 99% of the time.--glad I was mistaken!

    Back to this recording, I really like Somethin' Stupid too..I know a lot of people regard that song and Forget Domani as throwaways...but I think there is an innoccence and charm in Somethin' is a cute tune.

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    Mit etwas Übung klappt das Deutsch sicher wieder

    I think "Something Stupid" was a pop-tune of the day, not connected to what FS had build his fame on (what's referred to nowadays as the "Great American Songbook"), but done right on target at the right time. Sinatra never stuck to "just" doing the great songbook, at all periods of his long career he always also had an ear, and a (vocal) shot, at tunes that were modern at the times.

    Many are forgotten by now, some were quite successfull, but few (or maybe none) reached the fame of "Something Stupid", which as you will know was a smash #1 in the charts at the time and also became an evergreen, see Robbie Williams' recent remake. Unlike many classics from the GAS, it was the Sinatras' recording alone that made it an evergreen, I don't think the song itself would have much staying power over the years.

    I would have to lie if I stated that this was one of my favourite FS songs. I suppose "my Sinatra" (and remember, there is an individual Sinatra for everyone of us, that's what makes him such a great recording artist) is more the classical style, Capitol, the Gershwins-Rodgers-Porters-Cahns-van Heusens and so on.

    But by the way, "Something Stupid" also was recorded at the evening of the final 1967 Sinatra-Jobim sesson.


  13. An excellent that really elevates 1967 as one of the PREMIERE years for FS recordings, both in classical regard (Jobim sessions) and pop hits that did well on the charts.

    Frank's legacy certianly can be more closely associated with the "Great American Songbook"-for good reason.--Perhaps, It is almost like comparing it to wine...some bottles/years were better than others...."reserve".....same way with Frank; there were average, decent songs...and then...there were the VINTNER'S RESERVE COLLECTION. i.e., Swingin' Lovers, jobim Sessions etc.

  14. I think "My Sinatra" is pretty much the Riddle arranged 1957-1967 era stuff. All of it.

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    Hmmh, I wouldn't exactly call "Sinatra-Jobim" 'classical' (in terms of American Popular Music), after all the Bossa Nova was quite a recent thing in 1967, if of course already established through Jazz greats like Stan Getz and others.

    What Sinatra brought to this, as a unique thing, was IMO that he included also American Songbook classics on the first Jobim album ("Change Partners", "I Concentrate On You", Berlin and Porter) and not only featured Brazilian songs. Look at what other first-class singers later chose as song material for their Bossa Nova albums (Ella, Clooney, ...) and you will see the influence Sinatra's choice in 1967 had on posterity.
    But hey this belongs to the Jobim thread

    The year 1967 actually was a sequel already... the big smash success was the year before, with his winning a Grammy for the September Of My Years album (recorded 1965) and one of its songs (It Was A Very Good Year), plus an Emmy for the 1965 A Man and His Music Special, plus a rocket #1 hit with Strangers In The Night in spring, and another rocket #1 with That's Life in fall.

    It was Sinatra's most successfull period since Columbia days, and I guess that also made it easy for him and just try some new stuff as heard on "THe World We Knew". The latter (the song I mean, not the album) also was a chart success.

    Compared to the Ernie Freeman- and "the World We Knew"-stuff, Sinatra-Jobim did surprisingly slow in the charts. But that's music, the real gems sometimes only shine as bright as they should do years later, while many top sparklers turn to amber quickly.

    And in the end of 1967 Sinatra recorded his album with Duke Ellington - again, no top-seller, but certainly a landmark grown to deserved fame over the years.


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    Question Franl Sinatra The World We Knew

    I got the CD "Frank Sinatra - The World We Knew".
    1. The World We Knew
    2. Somethin'Stupid
    3. This is My Love
    4. Born Free
    5. Don't Sleep in the Subway
    6. This Town
    7. This is My Song
    8. You are There
    9. Drinking Again
    10. Some Enchanted Evening

    Is this album a collectanea or a true album that was a LP in the past?
    S V Peluzio Jr

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    From what I understand ot was an actual album and the cd is a complete set of tracks from the actual album. If I am wrong someone please correct me


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    SV, Shawn

    How about reading " Welcome, All Ye Who Enter here PLEASE READ"?

    There's already a most informative thread on the album.

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    Thanks Rick

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    Smile Enjoy!

    Welcome to the Forum Shawn - hope you have a great time!