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Thread: FRANCIS A. & EDWARD K. (Reprise) 1968 

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    FRANCIS A. & EDWARD K. (Reprise) 1968

    1. Follow Me
    2. Sunny
    3. All I Need Is The Girl
    4. Indian Summer
    5. I Like The Sunrise
    6. Yellow Days
    7. Poor Butterfly
    8. Come Back To Me

    all tracks arranged and conducted by Billy May

    Originally available on the Reprise label.

    Re-Released 2011 via Universal Music Group
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  2. This is an excellent album. Sinatra's voice is strong, and the mood of the album is one of smooth, ebbullent flow.

    Some of the slower songs roll effortlessly, and songs like poor butterfly take off like a 747 in flight by mid song.

    HIGHLY recommend this to anyone that loves the late 60's Sinatra sound. The arrangements are perfect.

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    One of my favorite Sinatra albums, and one that was sorely overlooked at the time; it only reached #78 on the Billboard album charts when it was released in 1968.

    I wish that Frank and the Duke had gotten together when Billy Strayhorn was alive to write the charts (he died several months before the album was recorded), but Billy May's arrangements are wonderful and show off the classic Ellington sound, even on contemporary pop hits like "Sunny."

    In short, I'd recommend this collaboration as strongly as those with Jobim and Basie.


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    (Code digits: 1&2 = Disc, 3&4 = Track)


    1213 Follow Me
    1211 Sunny
    1206 All I Need Is The Girl
    1208 Indian Summer
    1212 I Like The Sunrise
    1207 Yellow Days
    1210 Poor Butterfly
    1209 Come Back To Me

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    Seem to recall that much work on this album was done on December 12, 1967. Call it the modern equivalent of another "meeting of the minds" that occurred in the 18th century. Franz Josef Haydn gave Beethoven a music lesson on that date when Beethoven was just a kid.

    My favorite track is "I Like the Sunrise." Seems like one of those quintessential Sinatra anthems. Never fails to move me. If I could smuggle one tune into my father's hospital room, this would be it.

    But then everything about this album is priceless.

    With deepest admiration,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Yes, Russell, you are correct, the final recording session fell on his birthday on Dec. 12th, 1967.

    Although I purchased this album several years ago, I have never listened to it much. However, I just put it in this morning and am overwhelmed. How could I have missed that? It's excellent.
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    Just bumping this one up in honor of the late great Billy May, who passed away today. This is not one of his better-known albums with Sinatra -- he was a last-minute replacement for Billy Strayhorn, who died shortly before it was recorded. But May's arrangements are fantastic, and very Ellington-esque. A lost gem.


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    As this message is being posted on a profoundly sad day, it strikes me that this album is perfect for recalling the memory of the late Billy May. I will be playing it before the evening is over. Some of the most powerful and affecting arrangements in the entire Sinatra catalogue can be found here. Such a perfect sendoff for Mr. May.

    I have mentioned in an above post the impossibly beautiful song, "I Like the Sunrise." On a night like this, "Sunrise" takes on an added poignancy. Pardon me if I shed a tear. But it does seem a perfect fit for the circumstances we in the Forum are experiencing tonight.


    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    "...that's why I say: Farewell, you old Indian Summer..."


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    "Weep no more, follow me...."

    "To the tree where our hopes hang high, to the dream that should never die, where our long lost tomorrows still are in the sweet by and by...."

    "Time goes by, or do we? Close your eyes, and you'll see, as we were, we can be... weep no more, follow me... follow me.... follow me...."

    "Get behind me... follow me..."

    These are the emotions that strike me in this hour of mourning for Billy May. The words come from Frank Sinatra, on the opening track of ths most essential album. I am more than ever certain there is a joyful reunion in heaven. Goodbye, Billy.


    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

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    Often overlooked

    but well worth seeking out for those who haven't had the pleasure of hearing this collaboration, I personally like to think of it as Francis, Edward and Billy, as it truly is a work of true synergy between all responsible. May's arrangements allow Ellington's piano to shine yet retain the distinctive Billy May brass punctuation.

    The highlight for me has to be the recording of "Sunny" one of the best Jazz/Pop crossover songs ever performed on record.
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    My favourite from this album has to be "Indian Summer". Just about perfection.

    And yes, May did a great job for this album. While I still wonder what this could have become, if genius Billy Strayhorn had still been around to do the arrangements (he died shortly before this project). I somewhat think that he could have pulled even more from the Ellington 'organisation'.


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    Francis A and Edward K

    They don't come much better than this. What a pity it was only 8 glorious tunes. What a pity it was only one album. This album and also the first FS/Basie album really stand out as great pieces of work.

    I think that much more could have been extracted from this combination but, when you look at all the great projects that never made it, such as the planned album pairings of FS with Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Petersen etc., we just have to thankful for what we do have.

    I love ALL the tracks, but my favourites are :-
    'All I Need Is The Girl'
    'Indian Summer'
    'I Like The Sunrise'
    'Poor Butterfly'

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    Francis A and Edward K

    Francis A and Edward K is a superb album! I'm very partial to Sunny and All I Need Is The Girl.

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    Thumbs up This CD

    This CD, in my estimation, is one of the BEST I have heard from all of Franks's collection. Two talented individuals, respecting each other in sound. It is truly a remarkable piece of work. I know the Bassie & QJ stuff is great, I just happen to notice how the songs on this CD were arranged. Simply outstanding.
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    Francis and Edward

    Had the pleasure of making Mr. Ellington's aquaintance at a "Sacred Concert", what a lovely man.

    My fave here definitely is All I Need Is The Girl - I judge them by which ones I liked to sing along with the most. If I could soft shoe I would do that to this one to.


    "...all I really - REALLY need is the girl."

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    bump up
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Great record..I listened to it yesterday evening after a lot of time this CD was takin dust on the shelf . What can I say ? Great work of art, definitely.
    Frank was at his best and , if may I spend a special word for a particular musician there...well ..Johnny Hodges has been the greatest alto - sax player in history of classical Jazz and he gave as the best examples of how this horn should be played.
    I am an alto sax jazz player, trust me !
    I approve the Berhard choice : Indian Summer is the best tune and , listen to Johnny, too.....marvellous.

    I read a trivia that Sinatra remained really fulgurated by the Hodges solo (may be this time) and forgot to start the final part of the song after Johnny , or somethin similar.

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    Francis A & Edward K

    Francis A & Edward K

    How do people like this album?? Does Frank sound great on the album with the Duke? How are the song choices?