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Thread: DUETS 1993 / DUETS II 1994 / CLASSIC DUETS 2002 

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    Well worth the bump for the Frank - Lena Horne Embraceable You duet, one of a handful of truly worthwhile duets there and with a genuine legend.

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    Lena Horne

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_Bradley78 View Post
    Well worth the bump for the Frank - Lena Horne Embraceable You duet, one of a handful of truly worthwhile duets there and with a genuine legend.
    Lena "graduated" with me from college in 1997 - she got an honorary doctorate, while I got a BA.

    My mother was a big Lena Horne fan, and other than seeing her on Sesame Street as a kid, and also on the Cosby Show later on, I wasn't too familiar with her work at that time. That being said, this duet was the first dance for my wife and I at our wedding.

    Lena will be missed.

    But then, this monday morning quarterback never lost a game...

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    Lena's version of "Watch What Happens" is superb.
    As far as solo versions of the Duets, there's one I know would be great and that's "Come Rain or Come Shine."

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    Anniversary bump: October 1993

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    Quote Originally Posted by SinatraFan View Post
    Anniversary bump: October 1993
    Went on to be Frank's biggest selling original album, for better or for worse. Worth quoting a review which Nancy put in the book "Is Sinatra half the singer he was in 1942 or 1956? Actually, he's about three-fifths the singer he was—but that still makes him about twice the singer anyone else is."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oren View Post
    I love the voice on the Duets cd's. There's a sophistication to the older voice that's been around the block. My favorite song is One for My Baby and One more for the road. Maybe because Kenny G is only playing music. It's the way Frank's voice sounds. The guy at the end of the bar who's been around and has stories to tell. I love it. Some nights when I listen to that version I imagine myself sitting at the bar and just soaking it all in.

    I don't listen to them often, because I prefer Frank alone, but I consider them gems.
    I know, old post...but still...

    This is really the only song from either Duets album I still find myself listening to regularly, and actually prefer over the original version! Now granted, the original was beautiful but Frank almost seemed too young to be singing it. In latter years, "One For My Baby" seemed to come so naturally for him on stage, and this recording is the closest thing I have to actual audio from the one time I got to see him perform live in the early '90's.

    When it's November, I'll think of July, where the sunshine will fly through a warm sky, where I'll wander...

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    There are quite a few Duets I & II that I find myself listening to on a regular basis: Gloria Estefan, Lorri Morgan ("How Do You Keep.." & "Funny Valentine" are gorgeous in combo), Steve & Eydie (the great "Where or When" arrangement) and Frank sound wonderful together, Carly Simon, Barbra Nightstand (a terrific "Crush," Anita Baker, Tony Bennett's reverential coupling, Kenny G, Linda Ronstadt (a beautiful "Vermont"), just the idea of hearing Lena Horne & Frank doing her theme song should be thrilling; "Stormy Weather" sounds great! matter the technology; for me, these duets are awesome musical moments in the Sinatra canon!

  8. "My Way"

    I just heard the Paul Anka / FS electronic duet of "My Way," thanks to Pandora radio, and immediately bought the track on iTunes.

    Love it!!! Does anyone know if Frank's vocal is taken from a concert, or is it actually the same vocal we've heard so often, but set to slower music?

    I for one would like to hear more "remixes" of Frank's songs. Not more duets, but his vocals with new instrumentals. I love the reworked version of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" on the CD "Christmas with Sinatra & Friends."

    I think there are some lesser-known songs in the Reprise catalog that would shine with new orchestrations...
    Sam T., Nashville TN
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
    Does anyone know if Frank's vocal is taken from a concert, or is it actually the same vocal we've heard so often, but set to slower music?
    From Additional "Duets" above:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Paul Anka - "My Way"
    CD: A Body Of Work (Epic) September 22, 1998
    FS vocal recorded December 30, 1968, on Reprise LP My Way; PA vocal recorded July, 1998.
    I.e., it's the same vocal we've heard so often. FS's Reprise master take vocal track was digitally manipulated to fit Johnny Mandel's new orchestration and Anka's vocal.

    P.S. Once you reach 50 posts, Sam, you can tackle this thread in the private rooms: Paul Anka. In particular, the following post, titled NOT His Way:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bob View Post
    Just to correct a four-year-old misconception from the very beginning of this thread...

    The electronic "duet" recording of "My Way" with Frank Sinatra did NOT originate from the Duets sessions of 1993–94. Paul Anka overdubbed his vocals, in July 1998, after Sinatra's death (and apparently without family approval?) onto Frank's 1968 Reprise version of the song. This phony, posthumous "duet" was first released on Anka's Epic Records CD, A Body Of Work, September 22, 1998.

    The less said the better, but I thought all should know that FS had absolutely nothing to do with the recording which spawned this thread.

  10. Thanks for your help, Bob. That explains why I haven't heard it on "Siriusly Sinatra."

    Still, I thought they did a fine job with it--and the orchestration being by Johnny Mandel would explain why!

    More relevant to this thread, there are some amazing performances on the Duets albums. "Wee Small Hours / Tears Out to Dry," "One for My Baby," "I've Got a Crush on You," "Moonlight in Vermont," "Embraceable You," "My Funny Valentine"...

    I just read Charles Granata's book "Sessions with Sinatra" and enjoyed learning the whole story behind the albums, the passion of Phil Ramone for the project, and how it almost didn't happen. (So glad it did, if only to have that last recording of "One for My baby.")
    Sam T., Nashville TN
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    I suppose they are amazing performances for someone Sinatra's age, but they aren't amazing performances if that isn't taken into account. A number are put together by fragments of concerts, just doesn't do it for me as an album other than as the end note to Frank's career, so more as a historical curiosity. I can go a year without playing either of them. Will agree about One For My Baby though, that is worth the price of the album.

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    I found the first Duets at a record store today and immediately picked it up. So far, I understand why it was Sinatra's "best-seller." It's amazing to hear a voice like Frank's at an age where a lot of people say he "lost it," because that is simply not the truth.
    "Don't Despair"

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    Duets II, how many where manufactured please?

    I have been collecting Franks vinyl albums from charity stores, car boot sales and on the internet for nearly a year and am now 5 short of completing his original discography ( not including compilations ), most of the albums are laminated sleeves and i love them all, sadly im finding it incredibly difficult to get the Duets II vinyl.
    When i have seen it for sale it says made in Brazil, was this album only manufactured there please and what is the quality of the pressing?

    Thanks wayne

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    I believe only 500 Duets 2 pressings were made, may be wrong, there is a UK version.

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    I thought it must be pretty low and usually they are asking around the above £40 mark for it, other ones which have been hard to come by but got them after paying a premium

    All Alone, Sings Songs From Great Britain and Swinging Brass,

    i must say though that the Columbia 78's recorded in the aarly 50s in boxes of 4 I have yet to see, although ive got everything apart from duets from , sings for young lovers up to Duets 1 so no mean task really.


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    I've got some of those 78 sets from the 40's rather than 50's, pictures in the Columbia Years complete recordings section.

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    Did you buy yours in the Uk?, or did you have to hunt around to complete the set, i get his total original recordings to around 66 albums, including the early ones on columbia which where either 10" or as you say on 78 i have 60 of them many two or three times over, including the twenty something MFSLs i have. But i bet you could suggest more?, as a footnote is the Sinatra album with him stood innfront of a greyhound bus a re issue, think its called sinatra/jobim.

    Thanks wayne

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Wayne C View Post
    i get his total original recordings to around 66 albums
    See: How Many Sinatra Albums?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne C View Post
    is the Sinatra album with him stood in front of a greyhound bus a re issue, think its called sinatra/jobim
    See: Sinatra-Jobim Album Question

    Bob in Boston

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    I guess I still need these ones then


    Columbia (6)

    03/1946: The Voice Of Frank Sinatra (78) (06/1948: 10")
    04/1947: Songs By Sinatra, Volume 1 (78) (01/1950: 10")
    10/1948: Christmas Songs By Sinatra (78, 10")
    06/1949: Frankly Sentimental (78) (07/1949: 10")
    03/1950: Dedicated To You (78, 10")
    10/1950: Sing And Dance With Frank Sinatra (78, 10")

    Capitol (23)

    11/1994: Duets II (Vinyl)

    Reprise (37)

    03/1966: Moonlight Sinatra
    08/1984: L.A. Is My Lady (Qwest label)


    Capitol (3)

    Reprise (9)

    11/1963: Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Finian's Rainbow
    11/1963: Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Guys And Dolls
    11/1963: Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: Kiss Me Kate
    11/1963: Reprise Musical Repertory Theatre: South Pacific
    04/1964: America, I Hear You Singing
    05/1964: Robin And The 7 Hoods Soundtrack
    08/1964: 12 Songs Of Christmas
    01/1968: Movin' With Nancy

  20. The DUETS II vinyl must have been a promotional British release, not exactly in the "original" albums category. All the rest are off-topic in this thread (which is why I supplied some links ).

    Bob in Boston

    P.S. You might want to visit: How much Sinatra do you have?