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    1. I Wouldn't Trade Christmas - Sinatra Family
    2. It's Such a Lonely Time of Year - Nancy Sinatra
    3. Some Children See Him - Frank Sinatra Jr.
    4. O Bambino (One Cold and Blessed Winter) - Nancy and Tina Sinatra
    5. Bells of Christmas [Greensleves] - Sinatra Family
    6. Whatever Happened to Christmas? - Frank Sinatra
    7. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town - Tina Sinatra
    8. Kids - Nancy Sinatra
    9. Christmas Waltz - Frank Sinatra
    10. Twelve Days of Christmas - Sinatra Family

    tracks 1-5 and 7-10 arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle
    track 6 arranged and conducted by Don Costa

    Reprise / Artanis CD

    See also Supplementary thread in Nancy's Recordings Section

    Re-issued through the Universal Music Group 2009


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    Actually, an Artanis CD. For more info and discussion on Frank's Christmas music on Reprise, go to:

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    Sinatra Family Christmas

    A Reprise album re-issued on CD by:

    DCC COMPACT CLASSICS : ARZ-103-2 : US : 1999

    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    Front cover of original Reprise album (FS-1026) 1968.

    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    Back cover

    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    Anyone know a site where they're selling "The Sinatra Family Wish You A Merry Christmas"?? I remember seeing it on one music store site, but I can't remember which one it was!

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    Hi Josh, have it here for $16.99.

    Take time to read the good Amazon reviews for it.
    The Nancy Sinatra UK Fan Page

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    Hi Lea!

    Thanks a bunch! I'm going to buy the CD very soon.

  9. Sinatra Christmas and Sinatra Family Wish you a Merry Christmas(Gold Disc)

    I ordered the two above CDs today...and just wanted to see what feedback everyone here might have about the albums.

    I am looking forward to hearing them!

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    We already have a thread on them - how about posting onto it?

  11. Family Christmas album

    Every time I see this album I have to laugh because of the big bru-ha-ha we had about the title. (I should put this post in the spelling thread as well.)

    Half of us thought it should be called,

    The Sinatra Family Wishes You a Merry Christmas, and the others said it should be The Sinatra Family Wish You a Merry Christmas. I never learned what the rule is but it still makes me smile.

    What a great time we had making this album!

    I'm heading over to the spelling thread with this. Maybe somebody can help.

  12. This is a FANTASTIC Christmas album with GREAT front and back cover artwork!

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    I love this album for its uniqueness. Especially enjoy hearing poor Tina doing her best. But I'm sorry, she is occasionally flat. Everything else is first rate. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a highlight. Also a nice take on "The Christmas Waltz."

    Best of holiday wishes to everyone,

    Russell Kishi
    Glendale, California

  14. I just ordered this and can't wait to get it.

    I have heard feedback from others that Nancy's version of "lonely" is the best track. Can't wait to explore.

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    Regardless of which Sinatra you prefer, I urge you to buy this CD. And even if you're not a Sinatra fan, buy it anyway, since it contains some great holiday music.

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    No Rick

    You're mistaken, it is Reprise- check the labelmark at the center left.

    It just was re-issued on Artanis.


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    Thumbs up IT'S TERIFFIC!

    Love it, and am going to play in Monday when we begin all the decorations. My assistant said "I'll help you put up the tree, only under the condition that you play that Sinatra Family CD." Bribery! Of course I'd play it anyway, even if she didn't request it!

    I especially love "The Twelve Days of Christmas", with the "perfectly lovely lavender tie!"

    Get it guys, Also The Sinatra Christmas Album" is great as well, with just a couple of dups, but A Baby Just Like You which Mr. S. sings to baby Angela is heart-wrenching!

    Happy Hollidays!

  18. Awesome feedback, Lux....I can't wait to hear it!!!!

    Happy Holidays!

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    Warm Album

    This is a top notch Christmas album. You have Frank singing the old July Garland song, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. So moving! Frank does a great job on Little Drummer Boy. Very uplifting. Love Frank & Bing on Go Tell It On the Moutain and We Wish You the Merriest. Whatever Happened to Christmas. Kind of sad. The 12 Days of Christmas is Wonderful with the Sinatra Family. Frank comes in on the end. Another great family rendition on The Bellls of Christmas & I Wouldn't Trade Christmas. And Frank does another version of Christmas Waltz. My personal favorite as only Frank can sing it. Just can't get enough of that song.

    Nancy, you and Frank Jr. sounded wonderful! Your voices were great on this.


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    Great record - also contains a selection suitable for the "what FS song makes you laugh"-section at the other forum section... when FS finally has to sing all those lines about the gifts in "Twelve Days Of Christmas" and utters some well-put "exhaustion" after he's finally done it.

    My all-time favourite from this album: "Whatever Happened To Christmas". Breathtakingly beautiful, and poignant. Who else but Sinatra could do a Christmas torch song... and mix those season feelings of warmth and happiness with the sentimental memories of people lost and better days gone by.


    PS: I've read that while Nancy and Tina were actually in the studio with their dad to do the recordings, Frank jr. overdubbed his vocals a few days later. Is that correct?