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    Capitol/EMI Australia 3 CD Box Set Unremastered

    For the most, the tracks from these 3 best-selling LPs were studio-recorded but marketed as Original Soundtracks

    (SINATRA IN HOLLYWOOD++ includes actual film-only versions of all Frank Sinatra solos and duets from these films)
    ++Go to:

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    HIGH SOCIETY 1956 Stereo recordings - cond. Nelson Riddle, Conrad Salinger, Skip Martin

    1 Overture
    2 "High Society Calypso" - Louis Armstrong
    3 "Little One" - Bing Crosby
    4 "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" - Frank Sinatra & Celeste Holm ++
    5 "True Love" - Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly
    6 "You're Sensational" - Frank Sinatra ++
    7 "I Love You, Samantha" - Bing Crosby
    8 "Now You Has Jazz" - Bing Crosby, Lois Armstrong
    9 "Well, Did You Evah?" - Frank Sinatra & Bing Crosby ++
    10 "Mind If I Make Love to You?" - Frank Sinatra ++

    ++ also on "The Complete Capitol Singles Collection" in much-improved Stereo

    PAL JOEY 1957 Monaural Recordings - cond Nelson Riddle

    Pal Joey
    1. Main Title
    2. That Terrific Rainbow (Trudy Erwin dubbing for Kim Novak)
    3. I Didn't Know What Time It Was (Frank Sinatra)
    4. Do It The Hard Way
    5. Great Big Town (sung by Girls Chorus)
    6. There's A Small Hotel (Frank Sinatra)
    7. Zip (Jo Ann Greer dubbing for Rita Hayworth)
    8. I Could Write A Book (Frank Sinatra)
    9. Bewitched (Jo Ann Greer dubbing Rita Hayworth)
    10. The Lady Is A Tramp (Frank Sinatra)
    11. Plant You Now, Dig You Later
    12. My Funny Valentine (Trudy Erwin dubbing for Kim Novak)
    13. You Musn't Kick It Around
    14. Bewitched (Frank Sinatra)
    15. Strip Number
    16. Dream Sequence & Finale: (Frank, Orchestra and Chorus)
    a. What Do I Care For A Dame?
    b. Bewitched
    c. I Could Write A Book

    CAN-CAN 1960 Stereo Recordings - cond Nelson Riddle

    Entr'acte - Orchestra
    "It's All Right With Me" - Frank Sinatra **
    "Come Along With Me" - Shirley MacLaine
    "Live and Let Live" - Maurice Chevalier & Louis Jourdan
    "You Do Something to Me" Louis Jourdan
    "Let's Do It" [from Paris] - Frank Sinatra & Shirley MacLaine
    Main Title/I Love Paris/Montmart - Orchestra and Cast
    "C'est Magnifique" - Frank Sinatra **
    "Maidens Typical of France" - Chorus
    "Just One of Those Things" Maurice Chevalier
    End Title: "I Love Paris" Frank Sinatra & Maurice Chevalier
    "Can-Can" - Orchestra


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    Help me guys (or girls...or whomever may know this)

    Does anyone know what cd(s) or boxed set (other than the hollywood one) that the songs (all are from paj joey)
    1 I didnt know what time it was
    2. Theres a small hotel
    and the one he sings with kim novak (I think it may be called how to make 2 lovers out of friends)

    Any answers would be GREAT

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    Using the Search Engine...

    The title is currently deleted.

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    Shawn, besides the 3 disc Australian import, you could find I Could Write A Book on one of those Capitol Sinatra discs released in 1995. I think it's on the Select Rodgers and Hart, but I'm not near my collection now, so I can't know for sure.

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    The Complete Capitol Singles - Question

    I recently listened again to The Complete Capitol Singles, which I purchased some years ago. Whilst some tracks sound great, I was concerned that some seemed a little less than their best.

    I was particularly interested to note that, inter alia, the Sinatra cuts from "High Society", ('Your Sensational; Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?; Mind If I Make Love To You; Well Did You Ever?) which tracks appear clear and in beautiful stereo on the High Society soundtrack album (and I know that some of those were not actually from the film soundtrack itself) are represented only in mono here and do not sound anywhere nearly as good. Can anyone please explain why?

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    How about posting your question on one of the appropriate threads?


    It would be nice to be able to create an cohesive and informative archive of the recordings, and that's difficult when duplicate threads keep appearing.


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    Rick in Sydney,

    I am simply going to have to leave it to those in charge and also to others to place some of my responses in more appropriate threads, such as those where you imagine they should be.

    All I can do is respond on a particular thread which I read that interests me where it says " Post Reply" and I really do not have the time to scout about for other threads seeking alternatives. I am afraid there are now too many threads for me to look at, let alone to read at any one time, so I simply do not always know if there is some other thread in which my response might fit more appropriately.

    Since you are in Sydney, do you know some of my old mates who now live there? Michael Grant, Anton Lewis, Alan Jackoby.

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    I know, I asked this over and over again, but as I did not yet get a reply, I'm asking it again: Why are these albums out of print? I see, that Capitol may have some licencing problems with Turner for High Society, but why aren't the others around?
    Stefan Huber

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    Time Warp

    After a much delayed reading of this thread, I'll point out an earlier post relating to Jeffrey's question:

    High Society bonus tracks on Sinatra Sings The Select Cole Porter

    That thread, Sinatra Sings The Select..., discusses also the availability of many of the Frank-only vocal tracks from these Capitol soundtrack albums.

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    << Why are these albums out of print? >>

    Stefan, I have to ask the same question. I can't imagine that Capitol would have licensing problems for its own soundtrack album of High Society.

    It took me years to find the original US Capitol CDs from 1989. (I only just obtained Can-Can this year.) And the 1997 Australian 3-CD import is now impossible to obtain, as well.

    All of these CDs have disappointing sound, by the way. The Australian set's sonics are particularly atrocious. All I know is that the LPs were very popular in their day, and (as Jeffrey has indicated) they had wonderful sound.

    A re-release and proper remastering of these three albums is long overdue.

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    I am listening to my LP of "Pal Joey" right now. It is just beautiful to relax to. It is one of my fave soundtrack albums. The songs are sooo great. Especially
    " There's a small hotel". I love the song " zip" it is a different version than the one used in the movie. I guess they didn't use it because they didn't want to offend Marilyn


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    Bob: I believe the rights to the soundtrack recordings from "High Society" have reverted back to Turner/Rhino.

    They just added some tracks from "High Society" to their new "That's Entertainment" box set.

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    High Society

    I can't think of a better time to reissue the soundtrack than this year when the movie celebrates it's 50th anniversary.

    All the best,


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    Pal Joey

    For more discussion of the soundtrack music from Pal Joey, see these posts in the FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY thread:

    Thursday, May 23, 1957
    Available versions of "The Lady Is A Tramp"
    "I Didn't Know What Time It Was"

    Also, Chuck Granata's post in the thread for the Frank Sinatra In Hollywood box set:

    Pal Joey tracks

  17. Hi Bob,

    I have the Australian 3 CD set and I do agree with you on the sound quality. Not too bad, but could be better. I also do have them on LP, and I have the Japanese CD version of "High Society".

    In your estimation, until we get a decent CD issue of these, which copies have the best sound right now? Original LPs or the 1988/1989 Capitol CD releases?

    It also took me a long time to find a 1988 Capitol issue of "All the Way", although I do have it in my British 21 CD box set.
    Gonzalo Duque "Gonzo"
    1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6L Cobra V8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzalo Duque View Post
    In your estimation, until we get a decent CD issue of these, which copies have the best sound right now?
    Hi Gonzo,

    Without question, the original Capitol LPs have the best sound by far. This is true of all the Capitol albums, but especially the soundtracks.

    When considering the Capitol soundtrack recordings on compact disc, the place to find best sound is Frank Sinatra In Hollywood (for those Capitol tracks which were remastered for the box set). There are many past discussions of this in the thread for that box set, including great contributions from Chuck Granata.

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    I've got the European release of High Society (0777 7 93787 2 2), a pretty uncommon item these days, and the sound quality has always seemed very good to me.

    As for Pal Joey, it is ultra rare on CD, and the only copy I ever managed to secure (after hunting high and low the Paris, London and New York second hand stores) is a Spanish release I bought on eBay (0 7777 91249 2 3), given as simply CD 007 on the spine and CD. Though I am no great expert, the sound quality doesn't sound as good as it should, and the reproduction of the sleeve is also not very good, but I hold on to it dearly until I can find better...

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    These are the catalog numbers of the three individual US compact disc issues:

    Can-Can : CDP 7 91248 2
    Pal Joey: CDP 7 91249 2
    High Society: CDP 0777 7 93787 2 2

    The first two are dated 1989; the third has no printed date but was released about the same time. All were withdrawn very quickly and are extremely rare.

    From long study of eBay offerings, I can confirm Steph's experience: High Society has had a recent European reissue (with different cover art), and it is not hard to obtain; the other two are all but impossible. The best bet for finding these on eBay is the 1997 Australian 3-CD set, but that is also rarely seen and it goes for exhorbitant prices. (There's one up for auction right now.)

    If one is interested only in the Sinatra solo vocal tracks, the Frank Sinatra Sings The Select... (Cole Porter and Rodgers & Hart) are an easier find. The FS vocals from High Society (including the duets with Bing Crosby) may also be found in The Complete Capitol Singles Collection (and elsewhere).

    All of the FS vocals from the three films appear in the Frank Sinatra In Hollywood box set—in much improved remastered sound—although some of these are the film versions which differ from the album studio recreations.

    As I stated much earlier in this thread, it's a shame that the COMPLETE soundtrack albums as originally issued on LPs (including the non-Sinatra material) are no longer readily available to the public.