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Thread: Right what are you listening? (formerly the CD Thread)

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    Question Right what are you listening? (formerly the CD Thread)

    Currently loaded in my car's 10-disc CD changer:

    1. "In the Wee Small Hours"
    2. "1" - The Beatles
    3. "Brainwashed" - George Harrison
    4. "Let It Bleed" - Rolling Stones
    5. "Greatest Hits" - Santana
    6. "Sounds of Summer" - Beach Boys
    7. "Ghost in the Machine" - The Police
    8. "Francis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim"
    9. "Sinatra at the Sands"
    10. "Leaving Las Vegas" - Original Soundtrack

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    Beatles - Let It Be

    was in and then my husband drove the car and put in Creedence Clearwater

    before the Beatles - Frank - of course!

    my daughter gets mad at me when I put anything else on

    I bought the Coyote Ugly soundtrack (for Remember Me) and she keeps making me put Frank back in the cd player!

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    The original sound track from the Broadway musical "Company."

  4. Thumbs up Sinatra

    Classic Masters - Frank Sinatra

    A gift

    "Enjoy The Day"

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    Arrow Not right this INSTANT, but

    I'm watching the Dodgers - they aren't losing yet - and I always take the CDs out of the car when I come in.

    But sunday coming back from the Dodgers-Angels game down in Anaheim, I made my son-in-law listen to Nancy Sinatra's CD, Sheet Music. Each time a new song started, I'd nudge him and say "Oh, man! This is a GREAT song!"

    I shouldn't make it sound like I had to threaten him or anything. He doesn't know Nancy's work, but he was OK with it and says she is terrific.

    And by the way: The last time I drove up to Oakland to visit a couple of old squadron buddies, I had SIX Nancy CDs in the car player, and when I revealed this, they promptly dubbed my new car "The Nancymobile".

    Works for me!

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    "Rumours" by Fleetwood Mac.

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    Post Right now...what CD is in your hoe or car CD player?

    Good gotta go play golf and pack boxes morning from OHIO-USA:

    In my barge, there's

    4 disc set of

    4 disc set of
    FRANK SINATRA The Complete
    CAPITOL Singles Collection

    4 disc set of

    I just set the controls to RANDOM and I'm amazed at the new songs I keep hearing.....and I was dumb enough to think I knew them all.......

    When I change discs I sometimes put the sound tracks to CLINT EASTWOOD MOVIES and GORKY PARK and CONTACT and then I sometimes put in FALCO and ERROL GARNER and PEGGY LEE and CHET BAKER and SARA VAUGHAN and of course, NAT "KING" COLE......

    My barge is a LINCOLN TOWN CAR turned in to a musical paradise when I'm on my way to the first tee.....

    Sometimes in the house I put in the Reprise Suitcase or the Columbia sometimes I even put in the CLEVELAND ORCHESTRA, ......I love music....
    The journey's long, much longer that I reckoned, in any throng, I'd know her in a second......

  8. Christina Aguilera, 'Stripped'.

    She's great.


    Be Aware & Don't Despair

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    Smile Listening to

    In my car Frank's new Duets, and in my home this minute Peggy Lee's The Man I love conducted by Frank Sinatra.
    LEATRICE (LEE) Fort Myers, Florida, USA
    Sinatra, Sinatra,Sinatra! Pray for Robin!

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    Norah Jones's CD is in my CD player!! She is great!!


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    Ihave Frank sinatra,Frank Sinatra,Frank sinatra

    Hey guys
    the onely CD's that work in my player are Frank Sinatra
    at home or in my car

    Old Man Music
    Old Man Music

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    Cool 5 CDs I'm listening to at the moment:

    Tony Bennett & k d Lang: Wonderful World

    Ella Fitzgerald: At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975

    Ella Fitzgerald: Montreux '77

    Montreux Jam Sessions 1977

    Cleo Laine: Jazz
    ...said Duncan

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    LE MIZ - Broadway Cast Recording.

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    This is a fun thread....

    FRANK SINATRA - Romance (2CD Australia compilation)
    DJ QUIK-The Best Of DJ QUIK
    BLASTERS-The Complete Slash Recordings
    SIMPSONS-Songs In The Key Of Springfield
    HOLLY COLE-Romantically Helpless

    ...can we do this again sometime?

    P.S. Doug, I sure hope you mean in your home.

    Peace, Dean
    Support Live Music

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    I bring my cd's in the house too. This is what I had in my car earlier:
    Frank Sinatra - Trilogy (Future)
    Elton John - Greatest Hits
    Bob Seger - Like A Rock
    Beatles - Let It Be
    Gene Harris - Tribute to Count Basie
    "Here's to trouble-free tomorrows. May your sorrows all be small."

  16. Strangers in the Night
    Jack Jones: New Jack Swing
    George Bugatti

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    Smile my car cd player

    Tuesday, July 1 the new 4 cd Elvis box set came out. I'm slowly getting to each cd as I haven't been in the car much. It's made up of alternate versions and is very good. They do a much better job with him now.

    Normally I have at least one FS, Tony Bennett and Elvis. The others are Nancy, ( Sheet Music most often)and whatever strikes me. The new Beach Boys hits cd helped get me past that month of rain!

    The box sets get plenty of rotation.

    I love talk radio on long drives.

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    This Week I have mostly been

    listening to Robbie Williams' Swing When You're Winning. not at all bad for a young lad, Billy May's piano never sounded so good, and lovely use of "It was A Very Good Year" makes a fine duet that song.
    sooner or later we all make the little flowers grow

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    Ive got plenty of cds in the car but play Luck Be A Lady over and
    over very loud, great track.

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    in my cd players I've got Nellyville-Nelly and Meteora-Linkin Park

    Great CDs!