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Thread: JOHNNY CONCHO - 1956 

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    Johnny Concho - 1956

    A Kent Production - Released by United Artists

    Producer: Frank Sinatra
    Director: Don McGuire
    Screenplay: David P. Harman & Don McGuire
    Music composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle
    Director of Photography: William Mellor

    Frank Sinatra: Johnny Concho
    Keenan Wynn: Barney Clark
    William Conrad: Tallman
    Phyllis Kirk: Mary Dark
    Christopher Dark: Walker

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend")

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    Thumbs up johnny concho

    hi mmm, you're doing a great job on the films.
    this movie is the only feature film by sinatra i don't have, i would love to see it, is it available on video or DVD ???
    keep up the good work, thanks joe....

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    I too would love to have Johnny Concho on Vhs or DVD but unfortunately it is not available in either at this time.I have checked.Perhaps we should start a petition or something?
    love hannah

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    Talking getting close

    just received an early christmas present, a giant "Johnny Concho" movie poster, maybe the movie isen't to far off.
    wishful thinking on my part. joe....

  6. Johnny Concho

    I'm waiting for Johnny Concho and Sergeants Three to be released on DVD! I don't have a copy of these two films in any format ! It seems like these two movies are not shown on television... Many of his other movies that haven't been commercially released on DVD or VHS (like Joker is Wild) are at least available for taping from TV! The Mystery Channel has been showing The Detective, Lady In Cement and Tony Rome in letterbox format! I taped them from TV, and these copies look better than the full screen prerecorded VHS versions (Released by CBS Fox and Magnetic Video) that I bought years ago! The Mystery Channel also occasionally runs a beautiful print of the hard to find TV movie Contract on Cherry Street! I have all of Mr. Sinatra's movies on VHS or DVD except Johnny Concho and Sergeants Three!

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    Ron I agree!

    I too wish Johnny Concho and Sargeants 3 woould be released on DVD! I need to complete my Frank collection!


  8. wish

    Don't we all....

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    William Conrad ( Cannon ) was in Johnny Concho.

    Conrad was also the voice on the Sinatra At The Sands Lp that introduces Sinatra at the beginning of the Lp.

    Conrad was also the radio voice of Marshall Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke.

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    Talking What's the hang-up??

    I'm getting to the point of giving up on those two feature Sinatra movies.......Sinatra produced "Johnny Concho" and his production company shared the making of "Sergeants 3", so what can be holding these movies up from either DVD or shown on the tube so fans can at least tape them......I don't get it..........I don't think there's enough effort on the power's to be to have the movies released to the fans. Is this any way in keeping the flame alive!!!!! Joe.................

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    there was a time when "adult westerns" were a major genre on TV. The tv play that the movie "Johnnny Concho " was based on had a different ending from that of the movie. In the tv version the cowardly anti-hero is forced to have a shootout with the villain, and an old sheriff shows him a trick that allows him a quick draw.(It's different from the trick holster in the movie) The coward shoots and kills the bad guy...and then...HE becomes the fastest draw in town....and takes the place of the now deceased top gun bully.

    I saw the movie when it was released and I expected the same ending....and I'm still not sure which one i like best. Well...i guess it's the movie being our Frank who turns out to be a good guy.

    In one of his tv specials, Sinatra makes fun of some of his own "bad" pictures, and mentions Concho among them.

  12. Is there any hope this movie will be available on DVD one day ?
    "It's nice to go trav'ling..."

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    I hope this movie is released on DVD too... I have never seen it.
    "Could start for the corner... turn up in Spain... why try to change me now..."

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    me neither!

  15. Me either. Interesting cast. I was talking to someone yesterday about William Conrad.

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    "Johnny Concho" used to air now and then but I have not seen it in many years. I wonder why TCM hasn't "discovered" it. Or have they and I just missed it? Like the other posters to this thread I would love to see it again. It is definitely an off beat film.

    Greg, I like William Conrad too. He turns up in a lot of good movies. "The Killers" and "Body and Soul" come to mind.


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    Anniversary bump: January 24th 1956

  18. The song was better than the movie but the movie wasn't as bad as "they" say.

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    I loved this movie, my dad took me to see it when I was 9 years old (well I made him take me to see it because Frank was in it). Wait For Me

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    I still hope I get to see it one day