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    A P-C Productions Picture - Released by Warner Brothers

    Producer: Frank Sinatra
    Director: Gordon Douglas
    Executive Producer: Howard W. Koch
    Screenplay: David R. Schwartz
    Music composed and conducted by Nelson Riddle
    Orchestrations: Gil Grau
    *all songs sung in this film written by Jimmy Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn
    Director of Photography: William H. Daniels
    Choreography: Jack Baker

    Frank Sinatra: Robbo
    Dean Martin: Little John
    Sammy Davis, Jr.: Will
    Peter Falk: Guy Gisborne
    Barbara Rush: Marian
    Victor Buono: Sheriff Potts
    Jack LaRue: Tomatoes
    Edward G. Robinson: Big Jim
    Bing Crosby: Allen A. Dale

    Frank Sinatra sings: "My Kind of Town", "Style", "Mr. Booze", and "Don't Be a Do-Badder"

    (Notes transcribed from Nancy Sinatra's "Frank Sinatra: An American Legend" except for *)

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    Thumbs up last of the sinatra musicals

    hi fans, very good movie during some difficult times for sinatra.
    sadly, this movie "robin and the 7 hoods" was the last musical done by frankie boy, some good songs by sinatra, martin, davis, jr., and crosby. barbara rush was a real looker. thanks, joe....

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    Thumbs up ROBO!

    Can't believe there's only one post to the delightful film!

    Therapy review again: One song that Martin didn't mention, but of course wasn't sung but played as background music was "I LIKE TO LEAD WHEN I DANCE" which I adore! It's on the "Sinatra '65" album.

    Frank, Dean, Sammy & Peter Falk were great. The story was delightful, and the quick-change scene from a gambling establishment to a church was extradordinary! What a task of mechanics!

    This is only the third time I've watched it, and intend to do so again. Love Der Bingo and their trio doing "Ya Gotta Have Style" is unforgetable. Been humming it for two days!

    Get it - it's a keeper, but of course I say that about all of Mr. S.'s films! One of these days I gonna find a bad one, but I doubt it!

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    Lux, actually Sinatra did make a soundtrack recording of "I Like To Lead When I Dance" for the film, but it was cut from the movie - and unfortunately, as Chuck has informed us in the liner notes to the Sinatra In Hollywood 6-CD-Box, that unissued FS recording does no longer survive.

    It's a fine song (somewhat catches your ear to stay for the day, isn't it), luckily we have the re-recording by Sinatra for Reprise.

    My favourite lines because Sinatra simply phrases them in a very irresistable fashion:
    "So if it's dee-cided-uuhh / I'm wearin' the paaaaants:
    Then Eeeeeeeeve I'd say weeeeeee've got rooomaaaance!"

    A mini lesson in clever singing by FS the master.


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    I will be watching this movie for the first time, this weekend. I caught some of it last night on HDNet and it was absolutely beautiful. I am still trying to figure out how they can make a movie from 1964 look better than a dvd of a movie that was shot this year?

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    Thumbs up Love it!!!

    I can't even count how many times I've pressed the rewind button on this movie! No matter how many times I've seen it, it never gets boring.

    This was definitely one of the better Rat Pack movies. And who wouldn't love Peter Falk?

    I love Dean's "...any man who loves his mother.." and Frank's "My Kind of Town"... but my favorite is Mr.Booze. Just too hysterical! Most of my family isn't as into musicals or the rat pack as I am, and yet all the kids in the house know all the words to this one!

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    I love this movie.


  8. Thumbs up

    Definitely one of my favourites too!

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    One reason this movie, and many other Sinatra films, are so much fun is that Frank used great old actors in bit parts. For instance, in this film, he managed to get Edward G. Robinson to play a gang leader in the opening scene, and there are several other great character actors such as Allen Jenkins, who appeared in tons of old Warner Bros. crime movies. And then there are people in Frank's life such as his personal lawyer, Milton "Mickey" Rudin, who plays a judge in this movie.

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    "Robin...." was just a bunch of guys having a lot of fun, with some great music!

    Peter Falk was brilliantly funny in this movie.

    I'm interested in hearing how Derek felt about it, after seeing it for the first time recently.

    Derek? Your review, please.

    PS: "I think there's sumthin wrong wit his troat!"
    "I make a motion somebody open a window!"

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    I'I'm interested in hearing how Derek felt about it, after seeing it for the first time recently.

    Derek? Your review, please.
    Sorry Jim, I missed your request. I thought it was very funny and I could tell the actors were having a blast. I loved the scene when they sang Mr Booze. Peter Faulk and Bing also gave great performances. The High Definition transfer was a real treat. The colors were vibrant and clear and to see Frank in this medium would have bee treat enough. However, I would watch it on a 13 inch black and white TV and still enjoy it!

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    "Robin And The 7 Hoods" will be shown Mon, July 25 at 8:35 at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center as part of the LC Film Society Tribute to Bing Crosby.

    "Robin" and "High Society" will both be screened on Sat. July 23.

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    Robin And The 7 Hoods

    I bought this wonderful film recently and watched it Sunday.

    It was fabulous. I had such a great time. There is a commentary by Frank Sinatra Jr. and I can't tell you what a wonderful time I had listening to it all. I felt spoiled rotten.

    I'm convinced that this should be done with all Frank's films. Either Frankie, Nancy or Tina should do commentary with each of Sinatra films.

    I had seen the film when I was a teen and loved it then, but it was even better than I remembered.

    The tune "Chicago" was written for the film and such a wonderful scene, too. I especially love the way Frank is with the children in this scene, through all the wonderful music, there is Frank smiling with those eyes at first a little Hispanic boy he picks up and then he pushes the hat back of a little black boy and those eyes just flash at the child. You can see the absolute delight coming from the little boy's faces.

    I;ll write more later. If you haven't seen it in a while, pick up a newer copy with Frankie's commentary. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

    Love IS all there is

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    No doubt, a delightful film! Just wish they hadn't cut that marvelous tune I LIKE TO LEAD WHEN I DANCE from the movie. Couldn't you just see Robo & Marian together, doing this bit?

    How much it would have added is indescribable!

    Wish I had a pic from the film, but this will have to do!

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    << Wish I had a pic from the film >>

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    Hey! There's Phil Crosby, standing over his dad!

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    Reprise "Soundtrack" Album Cover

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    Thanks, Bob! Another added to the pictures file!

    You are indeed a kind and considerate gentleman!


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    I so love this movie

    It is one of my favorites. Course I love watching anything these guys did together. Even as a little kid, I was drawn to these guys because they were odviously having so much fun. Such great songs.
    If I were to get a cut on my finger....I'd bleed Dodger Blue!!

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    am just about to watch
    "suddenly" on tv bbc the review says
    "this is an efficient,if slightly dated thriller
    but sinatra does create a fascinating character,
    and upstages hayden's wooden performance with
    relative ease.
    taken as a noir-esque b movie,this is lean,direct
    film making making that eschews frills in favour of pleasingly
    simple story telling."
    lost in the stars