Nice ‘n’ Easy 60th Anniversary Edition
Includes Three Bonus Tracks

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Los Angeles – April 10, 2020 – Capitol/UMe and Frank Sinatra Enterprises celebrate the 60th anniversary of Frank Sinatra’s Nice ‘n’ Easy, another iconic album in a series of collaborations between Sinatra and arranger/conductor Nelson Riddle with a special anniversary edition.

Originally released on Capitol Records in July 1960, the Nice 'n' Easy album topped the charts at #1 for nine weeks. The album was nominated for multiple Grammys, including Album of the Year, Best Male Vocal Performance, and Best Arrangement (Nelson Riddle). Since its original release, Sinatra’s body of work still resonates with fans and critics today.

“By curating his albums with songs that told a story he wanted to tell, and by singing each word as if he wrote it, Sinatra introduced a level of personal expression to the recording process that reached literary heights.”The New Yorker

“Frank would ad-lib something each time he got to the tag line. Remember, the song was new to him at the time; the last take was terrific. Frank got that tune into the American songbook for us. Years later we wrote a second chorus that other singers recorded but, to us, Frank’s version is definitive.” – Alan & Marilyn Bergman

Recorded during the Nelson Riddle session at the Capitol Studios, Room A, “The Nearness of You” was initially intended to be the title track of the planned album. Once “Nice ‘n’ Easy” was delivered, the album title changed, and the track did not appear on the original LP.

Now, the original master of “The Nearness of You” (2020 mix) will be made available on the CD and digital versions of the album for which it was intended. The CD and digital formats add the new stereo mix “The Nearness of You” (2020 mix) and sought-after bonus tracks: previously unreleased session takes of “I’ve Got A Crush On You” and “Nice ‘n’ Easy.”

The vinyl LP is a faithful production of the original Capitol Records ‘Full Dimensional Stereo’ sleeve and features the original 12 songs.

The CD packaging features liner notes with quotes from Frank Sinatra, who offers, “Nelson is the greatest arranger in the world…I have the greatest respect for him,” as well as quotes from Nelson Riddle, Sinatra’s longtime pianist Bill Miller, and others.

Available May 15 digitally and June 5 on CD and LP, pre-order, here.

Frank Sinatra: Nice ‘n’ Easy (60 th Anniversary Edition) [CD; Digital]
1. Nice ‘n’ Easy
2. That Old Feeling
3. How Deep Is The Ocean
4. I’ve Got A Crush On You
5. You Go To My Head
6. Fools Rush In
7. Nevertheless (I’m In Love With You)
8. She’s Funny That Way
9. Try A Little Tenderness
10. Embraceable You
11. Mam’selle
12. Dream
Bonus Tracks, CD and Digital:
13. The Nearness Of You
14. I’ve Got A Crush On You – Session takes – previously unreleased
15. Nice ‘n’ Easy – Session takes – previously unreleased

Frank Sinatra: Nice ‘n’ Easy (60 th Anniversary Edition) [LP; limited edition color LP]
1. Nice ‘n’ Easy
2. That Old Feeling
3. How Deep Is The Ocean
4. I’ve Got A Crush On You
5. You Go To My Head
6. Fools Rush In
7. Nevertheless (I’m In Love With You)
8. She’s Funny That Way
9. Try A Little Tenderness
10. Embraceable You
11. Mam’selle
12. Dream

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Apr 13, 2020 9:15 AM
I love this kind of news !!!

Nancy Sinatra Discography!

June 8, 2019 – We are very excited to present the first two installments of the long-overdue Nancy Sinatra Discography! Nancy’s discography makes use of the same programming that powers the Frank Sinatra Discography and offers identical features.

Nancy Sinatra Discography: Album Covers
- Displays album covers featuring Nancy's Originals, Concepts, Hits, Compilations and Appearances. This is a great introduction to Nancy’s varied body of work.

Nancy Sinatra Discography: Album List
- Displays album listings with options to search, sort, and filter the albums. Researchers will appreciate the high level of functionality provided by this page while non-academics will be amazed by the volume of Nancy’s work.

Spanning six decades and encompassing hundreds of tracks, Nancy's catalog of recordings is vast and complex. Organization is the key to a comprehensive presentation. The Discography is divided into two main areas: Album Covers and Album List. The first provides an overview in five thematic galleries, representing nearly every released NS recording.

The "Originals" page displays Nancy's iconic charted albums which consist of tracks that were expressly and contemporaneously recorded for each release.

The "Concepts" page features albums that were built around unifying ideas by combining, in varying degrees, unreleased and previously released tracks. These collections range from Cherry Smiles: The Rare Singles, with two heretofore unheard songs from the vault, to California Girl, which is almost entirely composed of unreleased tracks from three decades.

The "Hits" page contains domestic and international Best Of/Greatest Hits albums which essentially aggregate singles tracks from the first Nancy-Lee Hazlewood-Billy Strange era, 1965-68.

The "Compilations" page primarily presents unique international albums, the majority of which were issued in Japan. Years before the Boots LP, various editions of Japanese album Nancy collected her early "bubblegum" era singles, both A and B sides. Later compilation albums were typically an amalgam of Reprise singles and album cuts.

The "Appearances" page gathers a diverse array of NS recordings that were not previously issued on Nancy's own albums. They include movie soundtrack songs, collaborations with other artists, alternate mixes, the authorized sampling of Nancy's vocal and instrumental tracks, as well as musical TV performances that have had home video releases.

The far more extensive Album List, which is still a work-in-progress, incorporates the contents of the covers pages along with related releases (alternate formats, international editions and reissues), assorted artists' collections, numerous film and TV soundtracks that have tapped Nancy's catalog, and soundtrack albums without any NS recordings from Nancy's own motion pictures (e.g., songs from Get Yourself A College Girl, Pete King's music from the score of The Last Of The Secret Agents?, Mike Curb's Wild Angels soundtracks).

In appreciation of Nancy's transcendent body of work as a recording artist, great care has been invested in documenting the many aspects of each album. Clicking on gallery images or list entries accesses music; artwork and labels; promotional posters; music industry ads; reviews from Billboard, Cash Box and Record World; tracklists; chart information; credits; liner notes; and links to blog posts, SFF threads and related releases. Hopefully, the NS Discography will be informative, revelatory and ultimately enjoyable.

ADDED August 26, 2019:
Nancy Sinatra Discography: Singles List - This page operates in much the same way as the Album List to allow users the option to search, sort, and filter all of Nancy Sinatra's singles from around the world.

Nancy Sinatra Discography: Single Sleeves - This page highlights the beautiful picture sleeve artwork found on Nancy Sinatra singles and is divided into five distinct eras in her career.

ADDED November 3, 2019:
Nancy Sinatra Discography: EP Sleeves - Displays extended play (EP) sleeves arranged by country of release. Similar in layout to the Album Cover page, this is a wonderful introduction to Nancy's EP collection.

Nancy Sinatra Discography: EP List - Displays extended play (EP) listings with options to search, sort, and filter the albums. Researchers will appreciate the high level of functionality provided by this page.

ADDED March 3, 2020:
Nancy Sinatra Discography: Songography - Nancy's Songography provides detailed information on every song recorded by her, including the arrangers, producers and songwriters that made them possible. Links to Nancy's blog, the Sinatra Family Forum and key releases for each recording are provided as well as photos and videos.

Nancy Sinatra Discography: Song List - The format of the Song List is meant to encourage new visitors to explore Nancy's body of work using a simple interface. By clicking on the song titles one can delve deeper into the related sessions and key releases.

Nancy’s Discography is the result of countless hours of research performed by Andrew Trager. Without his work there would not be a Discography section on this website. Thanks for all the work you do, Andrew!

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Sinatra Bar and Lounge

Icon Entertainment Group Announces Sinatra Bar and Lounge
Early 2020 Opening Slated In Downtown Nashville

Frank Sinatra leaning
In partnership with Frank Sinatra Enterprises, Nashville-based Icon Entertainment Group is pleased to announce Sinatra Bar and Lounge. Slated to open in early 2020, Sinatra Bar and Lounge will be located in the historic Southern Turf building, a spectacular Queen Anne structure built in 1839 in Nashville’s Printer’s Alley.

With a Manhattan meets Palm Springs ambiance, the upscale small plates menu will feature many of the Chairman of the Board’s favorite Italian recipes, complimented by a “set ‘em’ up Joe” old school, standard cocktail menu. Sinatra’s drink of choice Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, or Old No. 7 as he referred to it, will be front and center, along with the new Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select.

“It’s a pleasure and an honor for our family to partner with the Sinatra family to bring what promises to be one of Nashville’s—and the Southeast’s—most notable establishments,” says Bill Miller, founder of Icon Entertainment.

“We are thrilled that our Dad, who loved good songs, good food and good spirits, will now be part of Music City’s creative and vibrant landscape,” says Nancy and Tina Sinatra. Added Tina, “the stately Southern Turf landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and once housed a speak easy and saloon; how cool is that?”

The Southern Turf Building is located in the rapidly redeveloping area of downtown Nashville. The basement level of the building is home to the legendary Skull’s Rainbow Room, which just took the number five spot in TripAdvisor’s Top 40 list of the best restaurants in Nashville.

Updates regarding the Sinatra Bar and Lounge will be published on the following in the coming months:

Twitter: @sinatrabartn

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LargoRon says:
May 14, 2019 10:39 AM
one of my favorite cities gets even better - can't wait!!

mikeg says:
Jun 3, 2019 12:14 PM
It should fit in well with the Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline places already in the area. All the best with this venture.